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The Daring Do Gooder Lisbeth Danielle

Here's another sample for you since Lisbeth Danielle is winning in the polls, she became our daring heroine!

           The Daring Do-Gooder Lisbeth Danielle sample (2012 Adventure)
I rushed speedily away from my pursuer but I just couldn’t get away…. What would it take to loose this guy! I knew he’d never turn tail and run as long as I had what he wanted.

“Hey you!” I yelled as loud as I could running backwards. “Catch!” I’d pulled my heavy as lead back pack from my shoulders and tossed it at him. He collapsed to ground, sputtering threats at me as I made a face at him, and disappeared round the corner. I could hear him yelling after me… “I’ll get it yet Lisbeth Danielle just you wait and when I do I’ll have my revenge!”

Yeah right he would. Villain after villain has yelled that as me but they never did. I could hear sirens in the distance and then…. No screams no protests? Did the police miss him? I just didn’t know and I couldn’t go back because…well the police didn’t exactly approve of me either, I don’t mean they’d arrest me but they would hold me for a long time saying it was for questioning but we’d both know it was because they just wanted to annoy me like I annoy them. *Grin* well who knows maybe one day they would actually manage to catch me or maybe one of those criminals would get me who knows.

Hope you all enjoyed this :)

A Careful Bound Tale Sample

Dear Readers here's a word sample of one the possibilities for my next book also I have some stand in pictures to be replaced later by actual drawings :)

A Careful Bound Tale Sample

Gwen woke up once again in Sherwood but she could still remember vaguely what she’d written down before she fell asleep “Lady Gwendolyn went once again to Maid Marien to discuss plans for the raid on the sheriff, Robin Hood stood off in the distance stating a similar plan to the Men.”
Whatever is a writer to do when she accidentally writes herself into her own book!
Gwendolyn sighed and followed the pull of the plot to Maid Marien and they greeted one another and began at once to lay out the plan… 

Here are some Pictures to give you an idea of what Gwen looks like
Lady Gwendolyn as a Child

 Lady Gwen in Sherwood 

                                                                     Gwen Writing her Book 

                                                                        Thanks For Reading

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I was Awarded :)

I was awarded the scrumptious Blog award by Abilaine thanks so much I really appreciate it.

Okay so here are the rules
1:  When you receive the award you must post about it on your blog and leave a link to my blog.
2:  Answer all the questions to the tag below.
3:  Do not award anyone who has more than one hundred followers.
4:  Come up with ten questions for the tag.
5:  Keep your questions clean and refrain from using bad language.
6:  Tag 5 to 10 people.

Abilaine's questions

 1) Do you prefer your blog to have a rustic Victorian look or a more modern fun look - or does it really matter to you?
       I like Victorian rustic a lot  but it's also fun to try different stuff.

 2) Tea (or coffee) or coke?
     Coffee definately coffee 

3) Would you rather attend a masquerade ball or just have your friend over for a sleep over?
Oh, a masquerade ball so elegant.

4) When you think about the word "scrumptious" what comes to mind first?
Scrumptious, Delicious, Moist, Tiramisu

5) Would you rather go to England or New York City?
England, because it's in Europe

6) A bun or a simple ponytail (do not answer this if you are a boy)?
A fancy, formal bun with curls dripping down :)
7) What do you think you look like (just give a quick summary of yourself)?
Um... I'm going to be secretive with this one, heh heh heh.
8) What kind of books and movies do you like best?
    Adventure, Historical, Fantasy, Time Travel.
9) A ten-course meal or a hamburger?   
     Neither a simple bowl of soup suits me.

10)  Do you like tags?
         I haven't quite formed an opinion on them yet but I definitely approve of awards more. 

 My Questions

1) What kind of house do you think I live in?

2)  What is your dream home?

3) Where in Europe would you like to travel? 

4) Orange, Yellow, or Scarlet?

 5) Would you like cherry blossoms on your house or hanging vines?

 6) Do you like brick Fire places or stone ones?

7) Would you like to live on a lake or in a vast forest?

8)  Castle or Cottage?

9) Do you like skating on ice or swimming in a pool

10)   What do you think of when you see this picture?

Now I Award

Thanks for Reading 

More Winter Stuff

Poem Girl: I'm switching over since Winter is most like me she's who I'll be :)

Hello, Me again your bundle of Winter :) I just couldn't let myself leave off any more I mean I kinda left out part of Marissa's story and how mean is that! Anyways here's the rest of her part....

Ice Skating Dreamer ~ Marissa
Beginning where I left off last time. I forgot to tell you that I'm the leader of our little group though you may have guessed that by now. Now lets dive down into my story.

We all met at my house one pleasantly cold winter afternoon each girl had a shiny pair of ice skates slung over her shoulder and her hair carefully braided. they greeted me one by one and I handed them there cups of cocoa as they sat down. I announced what we would read and each girl opened her bible to Romans 8. We continued the study for an hour taking time to make remarks and comments on what we read,
we always started out little get togethers with a bible study. When we'd finished Margret  took our cups and shewed us out of course Bella was out more on her later... we went into the gazebo and  slipped on our skates, Karina grabbed my arm eagerly and pulled me onto the ice.

"Come on Lissa we need to practice."

"Practice? What for I thought we just did this for fun?" I nearly toppled over when she shoved me laughing,
 "well duh, but we need to practice for the town skate off you said we'd do it."

"I..I didn't say that, I said it sounded interesting, Karina you didn't sign us up did you?"

She smiled "Of course but you'll probably be the only winner." I stared at her aghast.

"Rina! I can't believe you we're not ready for this."

"Of course we are especially you" she did a wonderful Camel Spin that impressed even me.

"You may not know this but yours are even better." I had to laugh a little at that and copied her Camel Spin to which she they all applauded and I did a little curtsy. "Okay, I guess we could try it"

"Atta girl!" Karina patted my back hard I whirled around towards her.

"You gotta stop that Rina I almost fell again." We all laughed and well that was just the beginning.

Thanks for reading love it if you'd leave a comment :)

Don't forget to read the previous post.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winter Stuff

 Poem Girl: I'm going to be Winter White for now but I hope to have a special guest blogger for her soon.

Hello Dear Readers,  This is Winter, Winter White but you can call me Snow White or just Winter I have lots of other nicknames too and I'll tell you them if you want to know, but that's not really what this post is about. I thought I'd just post a story today there's going to be four of these by the way one for each character. Here's ya are...
                                                          The Ice Skating Dreamer ~ Marissa
My name is Malissa Ann, Snow and I'm an Ice Skating Dreamer Perhaps you haven't heard of us we're a small group of figure skaters veerrryyy private but we like it best that way.  We only live were it's cold year round and skate practically all day but we always find time to sit round the fire with a glass of Hot Chocolate for our Bible study :) There are four of us Maria Penn, Bella Frost, and Karina Joy besides myself of course.

Here's me :) ....

My other skill besides Skating:  is Baking I can cook all kinds of things and I usually provide the snacks and such for our get togethers.

I live in: a cozy little cottage with a lovely stone fireplace my sister Margret Rose also resides there

My Favorite Food: is French Soups (absolutely love em')

My Favorite Place: is the gazebo next to the lake we skate on

That's just about as much me as I can give I have a meeting with the girls now gotta fly.

Thank you tons for reading and I'd just love it if you left me a comment

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Autumn is Posting

My name is Autumn Brown. Poem Girl asked me if I wanted to write a guest post, so here I am. =) 
I thought for this post I would share a drawing I did this week. : ) 
I got the idea to draw this picture when I was looking at books on amazon. I really loved the front cover, so I thought I would try to draw it. 
                               It didn't exactly turn out how I thought it would, but that's okay. :-)



Summer Here

Hello Readers, It's me Summer Green! Poem Girl thought it would be sooo cool if I posted on here today and then Autumn and then Winter (That's Snow Whites real name but she doesn't like being called Winter White says it corny) :) Sooo Poem Girl requested a poem from me. I know it should be a winter one but winter's not my season ya know? Anyways here's a poem on Summer ;)

I sit one pleasant afternoon
beneath my favorite tree
A book upon my lap
Resting on my knee.

Wind blows a gentle breeze
Sweeping against the page 
I sigh content and read thus
For a moment I cease to age.

My eyes grow heavy
With the passing of time
The summer sun beats down
And I sleep till nine. 
~Summer Green 

   Thanks soooo much for reading :D

Note: Summer, Autumn, and Winter (the Characters) are all fictional in case you haven't already guessed yet  :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Article Issue #1

The writers at the article would like to ask apologies for not being able to post this yesterday we hope that you'll forgive us and enjoy it today.

 Poetic-Meditations Update (Update by Autumn Brown)
Poem Girl author of Poetic-Meditations has recently opened up some polls at the bottom of her blog she asks for readers to please vote. Polls include...
Which story should she write next? 
and Which name is your favorite the latter is possible names for future book characters she says while A Careful Bound Tale and Tales of The Wandering Forest Princess already have decided names she would like more name idea's for pop up characters or other main character she may like to add.

InTveIws (Interviews by Summer Green)
Hello, Hello, Hey! Hi Article readers! I'm Summer Green as it says above :) Poem Girls got some interviews and she'd like to share them with you lets begin with.....Abilaine

1. What do you want to be when you grow up and if you're already grown up what do you do?

I have always thought being a lone librarian was cool. But I would love to be a writer.

2. What inspires you?

People, paintings, drawings, coffee mugs, trees, weepy music, anything!

3. Hobbies?

Too many to count. But one has to be writing.

4. You're favorite kind of story/book?

Mystery and Romance stories are great.

5. Favorite Food?

Pizza! Pizza is the ultimate food.

6. What do you think I look like?

I think you are a brunette. Pretty and charming. :)

8. What are a few of your dreams?

To be a writer!

9. Are you writing anything if so what's it about? And if not what would you like to write?

I am writing a book about a girl and her life after the civil war.

10. If you were a book character who would be and how would the plot go?

I would be a secret agent or a princess in need of saving. :) LOL!

11. You're ideal pet, down to the last detail.

I already have my pet. He is a pure white kitty, why ice blue eyes.

12. You're favorite book so far. (besides the Bible)

I love Boston Jane. But I do not have a favorite.

13. Favorite Bible Verse.

I don't know ... I have to many I know that I love!! ;)

14. Favorite hairstyle. (only answer this if you're a girl)

I really love updos!

15. What is the coolest name you can make up?

Lavender. That is a very cool girls name.

16. How did you like this interview?

I think it is really cool. I loved it!

This was really neat. Really did love it.


Now we move on to.... Storyteller (Requested by our very own Poem Girl) 

1. What do you want to be when you grow up and if you're already grown up what do you do?

Writer and graphic designer. Maybe a librarian.

2. What inspires you?

God, my friends, my family, and everything around me.

3. Hobbies?

Writing, reading, designing, doing all kinds of things on computers, playing piano, and drawing.

4. You're favorite kind of story/book?

I love fantasy stories about girls, and historical fictions. Mostly I pretty much like "I" stories like "I went to the park..." ;D

5. Favorite Food?

Hmm... I don't know. But I like spaghetti a lot. =D

6. What do you think I look like?

I think that you have blue eyes and blonde hair, are just a little over five foot, skinny, and really pretty.

8. What are a few of your dreams?

OK, this is a little over the top, but what would be NICE is to become the most popular and famous author. EVER.

9. Are you writing anything if so what's it about? And if not what would you like to write?

I'm currently writing several stories, and I can't even start to name them all. I like to write about lots of different things, just throwing a girl who's basically the same but looks different and has a different name into each of them.

10. If you were a book character who would be and how would the plot go?

Who would I be? I'd probably this sarcastic girl who can kill spiders but shrieks when she constantly keeps on running into things. The plot would probably go something along the lines of my life and how I bumble through situations all the time. =P

11. You're ideal pet, down to the last detail.

A horse that I would feel safe on. It would be a dappled gray, and look like an Arabian.

12. You're favorite book so far. (besides the Bible)

I don't know. I actually happen to like a lot of my own books... =D I'm also currently really enjoying a book series called The Shakespeare Stealer Series.

13. Favorite Bible Verse.

John 15:12 My command is this: love each other as I have loved you.

14. Favorite hairstyle. (only answer this if you're a girl)

lol yes, I'm a girl. ;D I would have to say it's a ponytail, because it's the only thing it ever ends up in....

15. What is the coolest name you can make up?

Coolest name? I'm not quite sure. I happen to like Arawyn and Eowen, but I also happen to love the name Jessie....

16. How did you like this interview?

I LOVE it and hope maybe to do some more interviews in the future!! =D

Thanks so much for doing this, Poem Girl!! I had tons of fun!!!!!! :)

Thank you girls for writing you can pull off one of these and post it on your blog ;D

 Thanks girls for letting Poem Girl interview you. If you'd like to be interviewed by Poem Girl click on the Want to be Interviewed page at the top of the blog.

Fun stuff (Fun Stuff by Snow White not the princess)
This whole thing is getting kinda long so for now I'll just write up a challenge for ya'll :)

My challenge: Write up your thought and opinions on the Aritcle in comments...and Vote in the polls.

      Thanks for Reading 

And the Winner is...

Dear Readers, yes it is time to announce the winner of the Wittiest Writer Contest and that winner is...
                                                            Abilaine with her chapter from Lavender Girl
If you'd like to read Abilaine's story click on the link here ----> Lavender Girl

Congratulations Abilaine here is your prize you can pull it off if you'd like :D

Thank you Brittney Ann for writing a story as well you did a great job! :) if you'd like to read Brittney's story click here -----> Ancestors of the Forest

                                                                             Thanks for Reading


Entry for Storytellers Contest

Yeah I entered a a story contest and here's my entry :)

                                                             The Wandering Forest Princess                                             
                       This is the first tale of the daring Princess Akira Rose, as told by the witness:                                                                       Mallory Satchel
This is what I witnessed while sitting up in a tree so thick with leaves that I was never seen…but I, I saw quite a lot.
“It’s only a little farther.”  She told herself as she journeyed through the mossy forest.
She picked up the long train of her glossy green dress and hurried farther her eyes glued forward.  Her name was Akira. She was a wondering forest princess she’d always wandered as long as anyone could remember going from one place to another.
Akira stopped suddenly and smoothed her gown. Sighing she pulled a bow from her shoulder and let an arrow fly it landed with a *thud* into a branch near the head of the enemy, and before he could turn around and see her she had grabbed hold of a branch and swung herself up into the trees. His face was white as sheet he gestured for more men to come to him.
“It’s…it’s her!” he stammered excitedly a taller man stepped forward he seemed to be the commander. “You did well boy.” He called more soldiers to him. For a moment Akira felt a trill of fear (I could see it in her eyes) but it quickly subsided, after all hadn’t she meant to miss him? Hadn’t she meant to alert them of her presence so she could get away? She nodded to herself and secured her bow once again. Meanwhile the soldier she had missed was examining the arrow that he had so narrowly escaped from. Akira climbed down from the tree behind him and picked up a small smooth stone and with one quick thrust she tossed it off far into the distance. It landed echoing in the abyss. The man dropped the arrow and shakily headed off in that direction. She grabbed it again and headed away.

I watched for awhile but she did not return though the soldiers did, and I quickly scurried away looking back, but if I was to see her again it wouldn’t be that day.

Note: Mallory Satchel was only seven when she witnessed this and as she grew older she saw Akira many more times. She spent many afternoons telling tales of the princess. 

                                                                              that's all for now

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Dear Readers, Just thought I write a little something before I signed out today. Okay so there's a special entry from the Article coming up tomorrow I've decided I can't wait any longer. Yesterday was loads of fun we went shopping with my aunt and cousin and then we came home and played apples to apple had an acting contest and a "DO NOT LAUGH" contest and today we went and had Thanksgiving at my other Grandparents house that's all for now.      Blog to ya later :)

Friday, November 23, 2012

How I spent my Thanksgiving

Dear Reader's, Ariella and I were talking this morning and she thinks I should write a little about how I spent my Thanksgiving she said "Since I wrote about how I spent my Thanksgiving yesterday (well sorta spent it anyways) then you should write about yours too. Fair's fair." and so here I am and here it goes.

My Thanksgiving
I spent my Thanksgiving at my Grandparents. We started out chatting and helping to get ready to eat and then...well we ate, lots and lots. I helped myself to a little of everything, afterwards my sisters and I began drawing (we all like drawing) and we did that for about twenty minutes I think? Then we played two rounds of Apples to Apples (lots of laughs erupted from many of the answers) In case you were wondering I never won :) When that was finished we watched some super funny Bored Shorts or Kid History/Kid Snippets such as Kid History: Healthy Food. Then there was something about Nerts but it never took off, all that was left was chatting and departure. And that was my Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

In which my name is Elisabeth?

To: The Readers
From: Ariella Corden
How is or was your thanksgiving mine was....well mine was strange, weird and actually didn't take place in 2012. Anyways here is how I spent my Thanksgiving.

       Time Travel and Turkey

Morning 8:00 AM
It happened again I woke up this morning when someone started calling out a name in my ear “Elisabeth, Elisabeth wake up dear” I opened my eyes instinctively though I never usually do especially when someone else’s name is called
“Huh? Mom?” I sat up, the woman looked down at me and frowned.

 “Elisabeth aren’t you awake yet? The men folk will be back from hunting soon and we’ll have to start cooking.”

“Cooking” I said questionably.

“Yes cooking. Elisabeth please collect yourself, there’s much to do.”

I sat up suddenly, startling her.

“What year is it!”

“Elisabeth are you feeling all right?”

“Yes of course but what year is it”

“1621 now get up we have pies to back and turkeys to pluck before the Indians arrive”
She laid out a bright red dress and yellow apron on a chair near me and motioned for me to put them on, and then she left.

I jumped up and threw the clothes on. They fit perfectly?

“1621? Did I just… Travel through time?”

Afternoon 12:45 PM
We cooked and cooked all morning. I thank mom for teaching me how to pluck a turkey and bake pies it would have been absolutely humiliating to burn a pie on this day the… the thanksgiving with the Native Americans.

 I barely even have time to write, as I speak Laurabelle is calling me to help her (Laurabelle is supposedly my older sister.)

it’s warm today the sun shines through the window where the pies are cooling it’s nice, but imagine what it would be like to be out here when they had the fever or when it’s terribly cold… I’m sorry Laurabelle is loosing her head screaming for me I should go.

Evening 7:50 PM 2012
It’s not fair all the Pilgrims, Indians, Laurabelle and my fake family got to go to the feast but me?… I return to my own time where we’re just returning from Grandpa and Grandma’s already finished the who meal so I just slaved all day and missed Thanksgiving meal in both times! Not only that, but my family seems to have no recollection that I wasn’t there. Mom says I ate twice as much as anyone so why should I be hungry? Why should I be hungry? She asks well I did just cook all day with only a bowl of oatmeal to sustain me so why shouldn’t I be?

Well Thanksgiving is ending now I suppose I’m thankful to be home.

Ariella Corden 
  Here's a picture I found in a magazine in an article about The Pilgrims and Thanksgiving in my time travel I was surprised to see that the clothing wasn't black and white as I was led to believe, but quite colorful.

Thank you for reading :)


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving...What are you thankful for?

Dear Readers, as Thanksgiving draws near we should think about what we're thankful for. The first thing that popped into my head when I asked myself this was "what is there not to be thankful for?" I have wonderful  parents, siblings who are practically  my best friends, That I'm not forced to stay behind a wall keeping me from ever hearing the gospel, the fact that I can be a Christian and not be persecuted! Truth is I have so very, very much to be thankful for and I am, I'm so very happy this thanksgiving *shines with smiles* Thank you for reading now enjoy some pictures....

                                                                    Razzelberry Pie yum!

                                                       Cranberry Cider way better than Apple Cider
                                                                              I edited this pick!
                                                                              That's all for now :)

Just your average "normal" day

To: Poem Girls Awesome Readers
From: Ariella Corden
In case you didn't get the title, read my entries for today...

                                                                     November 21, 2012
                                                   Strange, Curious, and Confusing Events

Wednesday Afternoon 1:20 PM
I woke up at 7:00 precisely and ate breakfast. Pencil and paper at my side as you’d probably guessed if you noticed how much I like to write in the last entry.
Afterwards I started my school, and yet later when I was done I washed my hair.

We had Corn Chowder for lunch a particular favorite of mine but not so much of Rosy’s who mostly picked at it (she doesn’t like corn and I haven’t the faintest idea why.) I went outside for an afternoon walk, with journal held tightly under my arm. Suddenly I had a strange feeling, the wind picked up, the weather grew colder, sun disappeared, and… something else really weird happened.

Later (I don’t know the time or the year even. Explanation to follow)
Sorry I dropped journal and in all the crowds I couldn’t find it for awhile. 

I’m completely disoriented right now my brown hair suddenly turned a pale blond and I’m wearing a plain green dress with a heavy hoopskirt and white apron, my shoes are black and pinch painfully. I don’t know what happened at all but I feel all wrong and I find myself looking over my shoulder every moment expecting something ultra strange to happen to prove to me that this is all just a dream, but it’s not. This is all too real! Sorry I have to go people are eyeing me strangely and I think I’m going to find somewhere quiet were I can sort out my thoughts.

Wednesday Evening 7:40 PM
Well I…I don’t really know what happened earlier but I’m home now and I don’t really want to think about it but I know I should so here I am. I found a small wooden bench close to the edge of town where it wasn’t so crowded and sat down staring at my lap the next thing I knew I was tramping around the whole town like I was born there, but when I reached a house I came to myself again closing my eyes in an effort the block everything out and then I had that weird feeling again and when I opened my eyes I was home. Strange I just can’t figure it out it makes my head hurt I think I shall lay down a bit. More tomorrow I think.

Ariella Corden 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Caption Contest

Yep you saw right it's a caption contest. Now I'm not going to do another one of these for awhile yet so those interested should participate. Contest starts today and ends 12/12/12. Pick two pictures and post the link to your blog post with your caption entries in comments and I'll look them over. Remember the judging is 12/12/12. Here's the pictures...

 With Kindest Regards
Poem Girl