Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Dear Readers, as I've neglected to write poems of late I shall write some now.

Towering Tree's
Tree's stretching to skies
Majestic in its towering beauty
I tremble as I look up high
And cannot hide a contented sigh

Look at the amazing world around us
Could we have crafted something so fine
Nay tis not so, for we are weak powerless so thus
The wonderful creator is revealed to us.
 ~Poem Girl

Fall a time of crisp air                                          
A time for autumn leaves
A time to sing songs sweet and fair
A time when summer and winter weaves.

Fall a time for cider and cinnamon pie
A time for strolls never to be bored
A time when sunsets are nigh
A time to give thanks to the Lord.
~Poem Girl

With Kindest Regards
Poem Girl