Friday, November 9, 2012

Picture/Post Week Post #1

Dear Readers, Today I have a special treat post one of my new pet project Picture/Post week and this is my first drawing now Picture post week will go as follows...

1. I will post 1 picture along with either a poem, story, book review etc...
2. When I annouce the end of picture/post week and you can vote on the picture you liked the best.
3. If you'd like feel free to request something and I'll try to draw it.

That's the long and short of it now for the review!

The Mysterious Benedict Society Series:

Author: Trenton Lee Stewart

About: Four Orphans who possess extraordinary abilities (not super powers) that help them solve the mysterious happenings going on around them.

Fun Stuff: There's hidden mystery's you can try to solve as well such as Milligains name etc..

Main Characters: Reynie Muldoon, Kate Weatherall, Constance Contaire, Sticky Washington, Mr. Curtain, and of course Mr. Benedict

Overall Opinion: I loved it Trenton Lee Stewart has superb skills I enjoyed each book thoroughly
they're excellent books for all ages.

Rating: Four and a Half Stars

That's it for now
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  1. From the First book:

    Hope this is not a spoiler: Solving the puzzles the society must solve before they solve them is a lot of fun. Even more fun, finding hidden puzzles and then possibly solving them as well. What is the secret meaning of Mr. Curtain's name, or the secret meaning of name of the island on which his evil empire resides? There are two helpers who also prove to be a puzzle themselves. The helper puzzle eluded me, I never even saw it, but when it was explained to me. I found it a very cool puzzle. How about Mr. Benedicts first name - what's that? Of course you have to know the code. Oh, and What's with Constance?

    If you don't like puzzles, it's no problem either, the story is good even if you care not to consider a single puzzle.

    Hey, could you give a list of your five star books? Maybe in a future post? Or maybe you could make a poem out of them???

  2. oops maybe they weren't helpers - but executives or messengers I forget.

  3. Dear Jess,
    Yeahhhhhhhh they're awesome!
    Your Friend