Thursday, November 29, 2012

More Winter Stuff

Poem Girl: I'm switching over since Winter is most like me she's who I'll be :)

Hello, Me again your bundle of Winter :) I just couldn't let myself leave off any more I mean I kinda left out part of Marissa's story and how mean is that! Anyways here's the rest of her part....

Ice Skating Dreamer ~ Marissa
Beginning where I left off last time. I forgot to tell you that I'm the leader of our little group though you may have guessed that by now. Now lets dive down into my story.

We all met at my house one pleasantly cold winter afternoon each girl had a shiny pair of ice skates slung over her shoulder and her hair carefully braided. they greeted me one by one and I handed them there cups of cocoa as they sat down. I announced what we would read and each girl opened her bible to Romans 8. We continued the study for an hour taking time to make remarks and comments on what we read,
we always started out little get togethers with a bible study. When we'd finished Margret  took our cups and shewed us out of course Bella was out more on her later... we went into the gazebo and  slipped on our skates, Karina grabbed my arm eagerly and pulled me onto the ice.

"Come on Lissa we need to practice."

"Practice? What for I thought we just did this for fun?" I nearly toppled over when she shoved me laughing,
 "well duh, but we need to practice for the town skate off you said we'd do it."

"I..I didn't say that, I said it sounded interesting, Karina you didn't sign us up did you?"

She smiled "Of course but you'll probably be the only winner." I stared at her aghast.

"Rina! I can't believe you we're not ready for this."

"Of course we are especially you" she did a wonderful Camel Spin that impressed even me.

"You may not know this but yours are even better." I had to laugh a little at that and copied her Camel Spin to which she they all applauded and I did a little curtsy. "Okay, I guess we could try it"

"Atta girl!" Karina patted my back hard I whirled around towards her.

"You gotta stop that Rina I almost fell again." We all laughed and well that was just the beginning.

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  1. Good stuff, my dear. I kind of picture it on a certain lake I know very well with an imagined gazebo right down by the shore. and so I'm Hoping for nice smooth ice.

  2. Yes that's kinda the lake I was imagining.
    If we do get good ice this year you've got to
    come out skating with us because you haven't done that
    in a long time :)
    Your Daughter
    Poem Girl

  3. I love your new design:) totally cute!

  4. Thanks Brittney,
    Britt designed the header and I did the rest :D
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl