Friday, November 2, 2012


Dear Readers, Another poem I wrote awhile back and forgot about.
This one wasn't even in drafts but I liked it and thought you guys might too.

I'm lost, left, abandoned
No one wants me no one cares
Onto the street I was flung
Left to watchers unfriendly stares
They stand and look for awhile
Dropping hideous expressions cruel snares
And all the time I'm trying to smile
But they just go that's why I say nobody cares
I sit along the street hiding in the shadows
A little girl hands me a treat and says goodbye
In the wind a small leaf blows
It's just like me flung away no home and why
Are little children cast away and left
Just because they aren't so pretty as others
Then I wonder does someone care that I sit adrift
That I have no family, sisters, brothers
Two years later I have a home
And I know that as others didn't care some one did
He sits up high he created the world, the earth, and the stone
And he always cared even when in darkness I hid
He loved me so he wanted me and now I'm his
I have a mother, father, sister, and brother too
I have God's love  
~Poem Girl

With Kindest Regards
Poem Girl


  1. This brought tears to my eyes! :)

  2. Dear Abilaine,
    Thank you I posted it for Orphan Sunday
    Poem Girl