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The Contests!

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For Maddie May

This is the picture you can use for the guest post .
P.S. Thanks so much for allowing me to do this :D

Tagged Again :D

By Lena Elisabeth  Thanks Lena for tagging me! check out both of her blogs at Love of a Lifetime and The Flight of Music 

Answer Eleven Questions
Write Eleven Questions 
Tag Eleven People 
Lena's Questions
 1.  What is your favorite book(s)?
Nick of Time, The Last Dragon, Pilgrims Progress, ect...

2.  Have you ever gone swimming in the Atlantic, Pacific, or any of the great lakes?
No I don't think so.
3.  Have you ever flown (commercially, privately)?
I flew in a helicopter once. It was incrediable the guy even did some tricks for us while we were in it.

4.  How old were you when you had your first crush?
Oh, I never ever had a crush.

5.  Do you have any kind of Apple or Mac?
Weellll, I might be getting an apple Ipod soon.

6.  What's your favorite animated Disney movie?
How To Train Your Dragon

7.  Have you seen "The Hobbit" yet, or do you not plan to see it at all?
Yes I saw it, it was awesome.

8.  Who's your favorite author?
I don't think I have one probably the author's of the books I mentioned above.

9.  What national land marks have you been to?
Mount Rushmore and probably a few other I can't remember right now.

10.  What amusement parks have you gone to?
I went to one when I was very young but all I remember about it was riding on the Merry Go Round

11.  Have you ever seen (or read) Jurassic Park?
Nope but I suppose I might have seen it once before sounds kinda famillar.
My Questions
1. What is the craziest dream you've ever had that you can remember?
2. What would you name a princess in a story?
3. What's the most exciting thing you've ever done?
4. What do you want to do someday?
5. Do you have any pets?
6. Would you like to have an adventure in a  book?
7. Would you like to be a character in one of my books?
8. Do you like art and if you do, do you consider yourself a good artist?
9.What's your dream job?
10. Your Favorite Hairstyle?
11. Do you play anything on the Wii? (Ending with a Random Question again ;P) 

Now I'm tagging the first eleven commenter on here and you can enter your answers in comments either one of the questions or all of them.


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Entry For Storytellers Contest

Photography by Ani

I'm entering Storyteller's Contest here's the link to the story if you want to read it:

I'd like it to be known it's not my finest work but if you do like it let me know.

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Contest Updates and an I Got Tagged Twice Post

Sorry about not getting back to guys about what the contest was going to be I just never got around to it I suppose; well your answer is...Header Contest and a Photo Edit Contest, however these contests are not to be launched yet but hopefully soon. Thank you for your patience.

Photography by Ani

Yep Tagged again hehehehe anyways here are the rules...
1. Answer the 11 questions
2. Write 11 questions
3. Tag 11 people

Here we go we'll start with

Laura Ashley's Questions

1. Favorite Movie?
I think my favorite movie would be How to Train Your Dragon but I really don't know.

2. Would you rather go back in time, or go to the future?
To the past I'm not yet sure which part of it though.

3. What is your favorite Blog?
Storyteller of Weston Country but I also like Kevin De Young's

4.What's your favorite thing to cook?
Brownies Mmmm 

5. Which is better pink or purple?
Pink, Pink, Pink

6. Favorite Musical
The Music Man

7. Favorite Disney Princess?

8. Nancy Drew Fans who would you rather be, George or Bess?
Bess I think 

 9. What do you do when your bored?
Read, Write, Chat with my sisters, Mess around on the computer, Play on the Wii

10. Favorite TV show character?
Don't have one I think.

11. Would you rather wear a clown suit or giant bananna constume?
Neither, never, not at all, not a chance. Probably Bananna Costume but only if I absolutely had to or something bad would happen.

Okay moving on to Brittney Ann's questions

1) How many siblings do you have?

2) What is your favorite TV show?
(a show I used to watch when I was younger but it got canceled after the third season. I like it though)

3) What is your favorite store?
Wet Seal

4) What is your favorite holiday?

5) would you prefer to go snow mobiling or Jet Skiing?
Snow Mobiling, Jet skiing sounds frightening

6) Do you want to go to College?
No but I was thinking maybe I's go to Wit and take writing lessons.

7) If you would live in a different time era, what would it be and why?
I haven't decided yet I used to know.

8) what is your dream vacation?
A tour through Europe

9) What is your favorite animal?

10) What is your favorite thing to do?
To many to list I don't have a favorite.

11) who is your role model ,and why?
My parents, they're incredibly awesome and everyday they teach me new things. 

Hashamime Missapreme Kavoad El  translation: The Heavens Declare the Glory of God.

Now My Questions (Since I was tagged twice I'll only write these out once)
1.Do you like to wear dresses or T-shirt and pants?
2. If you were a book character and your name was Geranium what would you look like?
3. If you were stuck in a locked closet and your family was out what would you do?
4. Are you listening to music right now and if so what?
5. If you could do one of the following which would you do? Ride in a Helicopter, Be in a Movie, or Attend a Royal Ball?
 6. If you were suddenly plunged into your own story what would you do first?
7.  Who would you like to meet Cathrine Weatherbane, Ariella Svane, or Rolic?
8. What is your opinion of a room that glows pink because of the curtains? 
9. Do you wear jewelry?
10. Are you learning any languages 
11. And finally do you like brownies (random question :P)

Who I'm tagging
Ani (my sister)

and that's all I'm going to do because I'm pressed for time thanks for reading.



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Two Contests

I'm entering two contests on two different blogs the first...
Brittney Ann's Header Contest on Designed to Inspire

The Second
Ireland's Caption Contest on A Pearl of Great Price

my entry 
 Parents, don't give your kids scissors.
(Sorry I just had to edit this stuff in)

These two are just for fun (I couldn't resist) 

Please Don't Eat Me.

Who put this here?

My Contest will be announced tomorrow  so if you haven't already commented on what kind of Contest you'd like I urge you to do so now --->

Thanks for Reading


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I was wondering if I had a contest which would you be likeliest to enter I saw on Storytellers blog that most people like designing contests but I thought since Storyteller will probably be doing one
you guys might want something else...but if you do want a designing contest what kind do you want...

1. A book cover design contest
2. A header design contest
3. A picture edit contest 

Please tell me in comments it would be greatly appreciated.

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Entry for Jessica's Book Cover Contest

Yeah another contest, as you can see I really like entering contest's *smiles* 
The Contest is over at Jessica's blog Whispers of the Wind.

Here's my entry....

The two girls are wearing what was currently fashionable in the 1911's the year that the titanic set out.

That's all for now.

Note to the Winners of The Cover Contest

I forgot to mention that Storyteller and Ani must choose which story they want to be in and what their name is to be.


Cathrine Weatherbane
The Journal of Ariella Corden
Tales of a Wandering Forest Princess
The Traveling Red Umbrella Girl

Make your pick and let me know ASAP

Book Cover Contest Results

And the winner of the Cathrine Weatherbane Cover is!

here's her entry:

Congratulations Storyteller you can pull off your award!

 and now the Winner of The Traveling Red Umbrella Girl is....

And here's her entry:

Here's your award Ani

Special thanks to Brittney Ann for entering as well I really enjoyed looking at your covers too.

Thanks for entering girls!

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Randomoldgy - Poems

Pink Roses
I walked into a house of green 
My eyes slowly scanned the scene
I sighed finding not
What it was that I had sought.

But looking twice and there it was
A porcelain vase of pink roses
I smiled, my eyes blue and bright
At the gardener who was closest in sight.

She hurried hastily over to me
 And asked what it was that I wanted to see
I pointed to the pink roses tidy and neat
And she plucked the ones that were fragrant and sweet.

She  prepared for me a vintage bouquet 
And I proclaimed it better than okay
I walked out the door feeling pleasant and fine
Knowing that those pink roses were mine.
~Poem Girl

Just a random poem tell me if you liked it :)


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Entry for a Contest

I'm entering Brittney Ann's header contest  and here's my entry.

I believe if you click on it and copy it then it will be the proper size.

So what do you guys think of it, let me know in comments.

List of Cathrine Weatherbane Characters Thus Far

Main Characters
Cathrine: The main character who's annoyed with all the mysteries surrounding her companions, life, and the country she was born in. She's very kind but often times to curious for her own good which gets her into trouble multiple times.

Rolic: He's the second main character and is a mystery to everyone but Lissie who somehow knows him. Rolic tries to be funny and humorous to prevent questions he'd rather not answer, he's skilled with a sword and shield but prefers not to use them unless completely necessary.

Other Main Characters
Ariella: The dark haired, dark skinned farm girl whom Cathrine suspects of being a thief.
Ariella is outgoing and mysterious she tells very little about herself but seems interested in the stories of her fellow travelers, a great listener and adores her Arabian horse Jotsies. 

Lissie: The kidnapped daughter of a Lord in Perlusha  who knows more about Rolic than she lets on. She comes off as being a selfish rude person, but isn't really she's just very nervous and homesick.

The Villain
Fredric: The cold selfish Regent of Perlusha who assumed responsibility of the country when the King and Queen disappeared. He's a cruel man who cares for nothing other than gold and power. Rolic calls him "His Richness"

The Villains Cronies 
The Serpants: A gang of big and burly men, who do Fredric's dirty work. They keep in contact through a snake pendant close to there necks to which Fredric sends messages.

The Protectors: Seemingly the countries royal guard, protectors of the people, but in truth they're Fredrics tax men, slave collectors, and spies.

Other Characters
Anastasia: Cathrine's mother who is leaving clues so that her daughter may find her.

Amelia Gerome (Nana): The woman who raised Cathrine elderly and kind, she thinks of Cathrine as a daughter.

Aunt Prune: Cathrine's great aunt, who lives a secluded life deep in a forest in Bren. She's generous and helpful to those who get lost.

Gran-ma: A woman living in Perlusha who takes care of her second daughters children. She fears for her granddaughter and plans on taking her to her eldest daughter, Cathrine's mom.

Rainy: A little girl who lives with "Gran-ma" her mother was taken away when she was a baby and now her brother, The Protectors want to take her away as well but she knows they won't because Gran-ma is taking her to her aunt.

Puddles: Currently we know very little about this boy. He was taken away from his little sister and Gran-ma to who knows where. He's Rainy's brother, Gran-ma's grandson, Anastasia's nephew, and Cathrine's cousin.

That's everyone I think, let me know if I missed anybody.
If you liked this leave a comment :D

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Photography by Ani
 Dear Wonderful, Fantastic, and Lovely  Readers,
I would like to know if any of you are interested in seeing some of the art I made on the laptop if you are please tell me in comments I would love to share some.
Also it would be incredibly awesome if you have any character drawing requests.
Also what do you think of my new blog look Storyteller designed?

Cathrine Likes Pomegranates

Chapter 11
Town on the border of Bren

We'd  traveled for a day before we reached the final town on the Border of Bren once we passed it we'd be in Perlusha and than on to Misty Glade. The town of Greenlay was dotted with stalls of fruit, fine clothes, richly woven rugs, tapestries, and many other fine things, my eyes were darting from one thing to the next, this was by far the nicest town in all of Bren, Rolic leaned near me and whispered, "A large clash this is to Perlusha except where the rich are housed Bren is a far pleasanter country to live in."
I couldn't believe what he was saying surely Perlusha was not as bad as he was making it out to be.

Lissie frowned at Rolic. "No it's not Perlusha is a far nicer place then this and you should know because you're......nevermind." There it was again what were those two hiding they obviously knew each other but how?

Rolic rolled his eyes and walked over to the farthest stall. "What are you doing!" I yelled over to Rolic. "We need to stick together and we don't have time to go shopping."

"Just a second you won't regret this."  He handed the merchant a few gold pieces the man eagerly accepted them and gave Rolic a large bag; Rolic picked it up and headed back over to me. "These are pomegranates. Try one I assure you, you won't be disappointed."

I raised my eyebrows. "where'd you get that money." Rolic blushed.

"It was the money the men who took you gave me...all of it."

I frowned at him.

"Just try it." he said tossing one to me.  "The pomegranate didn't kidnap you did it?"

I shrugged. "Yeah well..."

"Just try it."

I gave him a look, Ariella handed me one of her daggers I cut a chunk and and cautiously took popped a juice covered seed into my mouth, it was delicious so delicious actually that I continued to snack on it as we began to move on.

"Told you so." I rolled my eyes.

 Well we took our time in the town enjoying the sights all excited that we were so close to Perlusha, when suddenly Ariella gasped and trotted Jotsies away into a dark corner, dismounted, and rushed away leading her horse behind her.


I looked ahead and saw what had made her so nervous. It was the Guard of Bren and they were asking about Ariella.


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Meanwhile in Perlusha

Chapter 10
Fredric and the people of Perlusha
a big man entered the castle throne room and kneeled to the tall figure in black who was seated there.
"My Lord  Regent, we were unable to apprehend  her." the man mumbled shakily.

Fredric bore his blazing eyes angrily into his servant. "I see, you were unable to capture one little girl and bring her to me. I must say I'm disappointed in you, you shall receive your punishment directly. Now go." the man was dragged away fear etched in his eyes. 
"You!" Fredric yelled towards one of his attendants. "Fetch me Zane I need someone more trained to handle this...shall we say delicate matter." he grinned evilly and the attendant scampered quickly away. 
We leave Fredric making plans for the apprehension of one Cathrine and her mother Anastasia.
Now we move to another part of Perlusha a poorer unprotected, dirty place. We enter a small broken down home where an old woman stands hunched over a crying child.
"Oh, please quiet up darling or the protectors with hear you and be angry."
The little girl ceased to cry and wiped the tears from her dirty face. "But, but gran-ma they took Puddles." 

Tears were now streaming into the old woman's eyes and she fought to keep them in. "I know dear, but I'm sure they won't hurt your brother." 

"But gran-ma." She whimpered. "They said they were coming back for me." 
The old woman held the child close and the tears dripped down her cheeks. "They won't take you heart, because we won't be here when they come back." She flung away the sorrow and prodded the child to stand. "Get your things Rainy we need to leave quickly."

Rainy looked up at her gran-ma and asked, "where are we going."

The old woman glanced at the locket around the little girls neck and answered, "To your aunt Anastacia she's in danger too but she's in hiding so it's safer with her than here." 

Rainy smiled a little bit. "Will Puddles be there?"

"No child, but we might be able to get him back soon."

She nodded and rushed off to collect her things (which wasn't a great many) 

The old woman looked up at the ceiling and closed her eyes. "Please let this work. That little girl doesn't need and more trouble."

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Don't Trust Him.

Chapter 9
Rolic proves his cleverness

"Please stop arguing." I begged for the one hundredth time that day, Lissie and Ariella glared at each other and I wondered if my Aunt Prune had really known what she was doing pairing up these two. Ariella quickened Jotsies pace so that he was trotting up close to Newinta and whispered quite loudly in my ear, "If I have to endure one more second of this repulsive girls complaints I'm going to die." Lissie started up at this and was about to say something about Ariella but I quickly stepped in, "Ariella I'm sure if you just didn't ride so close to her you wouldn't have a problem." 

Lissie nodded approvingly at me and continued to complain silently to herself. I glanced at Rolic who was riding on a dusty pack horse that he said he'd been GIVEN from his mother so he could find me.

I couldn't help my curiosity and asked him why he had followed me and how he'd found me he answered thus, "Why I told my mother and she said it was the only thing to do and it was quite easy finding you all I had to do was ask if anyone had seen a pale skinned blonde girl." I glared secretly but suspiciously at him, how come all the sudden he was speaking so well and why didn't he say "me mum" like usual? Rolic was a complete puzzle to me how could he speak so like a poorly bred country boy one minute and a gentleman's son the next I was almost certain he was secretly the son of some noble lord or something like that, but why wouldn't he want me to know? And what was with Lissie? So many puzzles and to little answers and I felt I had squeezed all I was going to get from the boy and despite my best attempts to hide it I knew Rolic knew I didn't trust him and he quite clammed up. 

I tossed a curly  bunch of hair behind my shoulder and felt Ariella leaning over to me again and before she'd even said anything I already knew what it was...
a man was in the shadows just a short distance from us his big burly body with the crest of a snake assured me he was one of that man Fredrics cronies (I forgot to mention they had snakes on there clothing didn't I? Oh well can't be helped you know now) I ordered our group to halt and slowly descended from my horse and asked her if she'd mind if I borrowed the short sword aunt Prune had given her, she shrugged and handed it to me. "It's not really my kind of weapon anyways she opened her cape a bit to reveal two shiny silver daggers with some strange green mettle forged into them. "Another gift from the wealthy Lord?" I asked, she shrugged and I gave one suspicious glance than moved over to Rolic. "Do you think you could sneak up behind that guy and give him a conk with the hilt of this?" he smiled sneakily and hopped of his horse grasping the sword with amazing quickness and expertise, this was more of a test if him than of a necessary thing for I could have conked the guy out myself only I'd wanted to see how Rolic would preform.

He'd climbed up the nearest tree almost at quickly as he'd taken the sword  and jumped quietly from it to the next and then the next after it until he was only a short distance from the unsuspecting man in the shadows,
then he slowly climbed down snuck up behind the man raised his arms and...tapped the guy lightly on the shoulder; he whirled around shaking from head to foot Cathrine could hear him spilling out something nervously but couldn't catch what it was, Rolic said something to him and the man shook his head, gave one final shiver, and then quickly trotted off into the forest. 

When Rolic was near again I asked him what it had been about, he handed me the sword and began, "Weellll I knew right away that this man wasn't really one of Fredrics I know there look and apparently I'd been right. The mans name is Wiggy funny name I know but that's not important, he was in his field this morning when he saw these nice clothes hidden in some tall grass and as no one was there who could possibly lay claim to them he collected them so that he could sell in market when he went but he grew so attracted to them that he put them on when he got home then strangely enough he felt the urge to come to this byway and see if anyone came along. He said, when he saw me it was like coming out of a trance and he hastily explained to me that he hadn't any idea what had made him go and put those clothes on and leave his field to watch the roads than he begged me to take the clothes away and I told him he should go home and burn them immediately to which he made all haste to do." 

"That's quite a strange story, and you believed it?"

"Of course, didn't I tell you that Fredric is also an inventor and he sends a sort of message command through the crests on his men's suits?"

"No you didn't."

He shrugged and then smiled mischievously at me. "Must have slipped my mind."

"Sure." I replied sarcasticallly streching the "Ure" so that he knew I didn't believe him. About the slipping his mind I mean, at this point I didn't doubt Fredics evilness er' what's the word, nevermind.

I looked at all my companions and nearly screamed, I knew hardly anything about any of them.

Chatty Catty

This is my new page which can be found under my header right after "Wanna be Interviewed", if any of you are interested in having a conversation with one of my book gals about anything at all then you should come over and have a look oh, and if you want to chat with Rolic that's fine too I'm sure he'd be happy to talk.

If you have any modern or time travel related stuff I recommend you speak with Ariella as she's the only one who's living in the present...well at least most of the time.

I'd like to remind those who haven't entered my "Cathrine Weatherbane" and "Traveling Red Umbrella Girl" cover contest that it's not to late to enter and a reminder of the winners prize (in case you didn't know or just forgot) is it's a spot in one of my stories you choose your name and a quick background and you'll pop up shortly remember the due date is this coming Tuesday so if you're interested in entering click on this link

Thanks for reading

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Do You Trust Me?

 Chapter 8 
Rolic Speaks About Perlusha, Girls Reunite, and Lissie Gasps
"As I said before my names Rolic, I don't know my last name I never heard it. Bren isn't really my country me family came from Purlusha." he scraped away a little of the dirt that smeared his face to reveal a pale complexion then pulled his hat up a little to show a mess of blonde hair.  "We moved here come spring because me mum said she could find a job easier here than there Perlusha bein' a poor place." he began again, pulling his hat down over his hair again. "It's dressed up to look grand for rich folk as Lord Regent Fredric would have it, he's a bad un' he is keeps the poor in poverty so the rich can live comfy like. Me mum she used to work at the castle as cook she knew everyone. Your mum she came from my town so I know who you are but your mum gone missing and me mum be tossed out of the castle since and the matters been getting worse and worse but hushed up by order of his richness Fredic.
Them men wanted you so's they could get at your mum, I'd explain more but....I can't I can't becuase for you to know more would be dangerous."

I stared at him all this information was bursting my head and I still didn't know what was going on, and this boy knew who I was?!

Suddenly Rolic's who disposition changed he actually started to look noble and like he'd been through a lot then all of a sudden he asked, "Do you trust me?" 

I looked at him strangely "What?"

"Do you trust me?" he asked again.

 I hesitated for a moment before replying, "Yes." actually contrary to what I just said I didn't trust him in fact I trusted him very little I really didn't believe he was as poor as he made himself to be and why was he faking being poor anyways?
The only reason I said yes was because I had to trust him, I had to believe that what he said was the truth because he was the only person who actually knew who I was and I knew he'd never tell me until he was certain I trusted him and so Rolic had to think I did.


I turned around and then.... "Oh dear I forgot you guys I am so sorry I forgot you were back there."

"What do you mean what was that all just took off." Ariella looking accusingly at me "We've got to stick together."

"Sorry, Sorry I..."

"Who's this?" asked Lissie coming forward eying the dirty very dirty Rolic critically.

"This? This is Rolic." 

"He looks famillar?" She stepped closer and he stepped back."

"He's from Perlusha." I replied.

"Uh huh, OHHHHHHH!"

"What is it!" I jumped in, Lissie's eyes were so big they were practically popping out of her head.

"You're Rolic Li....."

Rolic began making weird gestures to her and she calmed down considerably.

"Nevermind I thought he was someone else." she shrugged her shoulders and moved on, very peculiar for miss talks a lot, very peculiar indeed?


Cathrine Doesn't Like Betrayers

Finally we get to meet our second main character again! Bet ya didn't see him popping up again did'ja?
Chapter 7

I couldn't believe that little betrayer would dare to show his face outside of our village, I was seriously peeved here and I thought I might just chase him down and get some answers! Which is exactly what I did.

Thinking back I probably should have snuck up on him it would have produced more favorable results as it was though he heard my rapidly approaching footsteps (should say foot flies) and when he saw my face 
he turned tail and ran as fast as his betraying feet could carry him. He slipped into a narrow alley and I lost some distance trying to angle myself from a straight line to curved however my eyes never left him and strangely when he reached the widest part of the alley he made one more turn and stopped it was weird I knew he knew I'd seen him so why had he stopped?

I turned into his corner so I could ask, but immediately he covered my mouth and dragged me right against the wall. "Let go of me you little scamp!" I yelled at him angrily getting my mouth free from his grasp and jabbed my elbow into his gut to which he let go of me and heaved large heavy breaths clutching his chest in pain. "N-no some...someones coming please be... be quiet." he wheezed trying to grab me again.

"No!" I shouted at him. "Why should I?! What are you hiding?"

He pointed a shaky finger towards a few big guys who I recognized as being my former captives. the boy put him finger to his lips and motioned for me to get my back, back against the wall to which I of course did. When the men had disappeared again the boy began to speak, "My name is Rolic and I didn't want to betray you but they threatened me mum and sisters me father is dead and I'm supposed take care of them."

"But they paid you  I saw it, threatened people don't get paid?"

"Yes and I suppose that's why they did so's I couldn't rat them out, they could say I was an accomplice and I'd get taken with them scoundrels and then who'd take care of me family?"  the tanned boy Rolic shuffled his feet nervously. "You aren't going to, to turn me in are you?"

" I won't. Do you know anything else?"

He looked at me seriously and grinned. "Plenty."

"Then Rolic we are friends, now explain."

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Chapter 6 CW Doesn't Like this Knickname

Note: The Name of the Country is Bren the name of the town in this chapter is Lancaster

Chapter 6
The Betrayer 

I rubbed Newinta behind the ears she neighed contentedly, we'd been riding since sun rise and it was already the afternoon, only Sweets showed signs of weariness I supposed it was because of all the flounces in Lissies huge dress. She had insisted on wearing it though it was hardly proper traveling clothes and I had even borrowed a dress from my aunt as to Ariella well her clothes were quite suited to adventuring she assured me it was what she wanted to do the reason she'd left the farm in fact. 

I decided we should take a break for Sweets sake, Lissie consented immediately and Ariella slightly lessquickly and while we were unsaddling the horses she was constantly glancing at the road longingly. Why does Ariella want to leave Bren so much anyways? I wondered as I took my place on the soft grass.

We breaked for half an hour before I called us out to ride again only Lissie complained that she hadn't had a long enough rest. 

Finally we made it to our first town the town of Lancaster or The Town of Clay as it had come to be known since they made so much with the Matter. My eyes darted around I could feel a familiar and unpleasant presence near I whirled was him! The betrayer!


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Dreamyness Continued

Today I feel almost as dreamy as yesterday only I suppose in a different way; today I would very much like to be in a place like the picture above with a lovely tree swing...but I don't know any places like this in the middle of the snow melty muddy ground that is the weather right now, aw well I'll be able to do all kinds of things like that with my sisters come spring maybe we'll even try for another picnic.

More news for today we've got two new polls at the bottom of the blog for you to vote in I highly recommend you to vote in the new design look poll as I need to know very soon thanks you.
On other topics we've got... well nothing I suppose it slipped my mind.

A few questions, Do you think I use to many of these (...)
also I'd like to know what the best blogging setting would be for you.
 Challenge, I just thought this would be fun for a few of my readers so I thought I'd give it a go
(Read as Follows)
Make up your best form of classic formal (you can pick pictures from your favorite online stores or use Pintrest or Google images whatever you prefer) and post it on your blog than paste the link  in comments I'll announce my favorite next Friday so put it on your calendars :) I'd like at least three entries but like always I'll be pleased with at least one.

As always all comments and votes are appreciated
Your Authoress 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Day For Thoughts

On lovely days like this I like to curl up with a cup of coffee and book (not a tea person) on a big comfy chair surrounded by wonderful books...well that's what I'd like to be doing it sounds so picturesque doesn't it awwwww, another thing is to sit in a coffee shop with a latte a book on my side and a computer at my fingertips...that really has never happened but I want to do it someday perhaps with a tablet or something instead of a laptop (much easier to carry.)  Sorry if I seem terribly dreamy today it's just that I have the feeling that you get when everything is peaceful and quiet and cozy and naturally at get dreamy at those times some may even call it random but I don't feel I ever really post random things on here they always seem to belong when I post them. Tell me seems this question has been going around a lot lately, what can you gather about my personality and likes from my blog and comments I leave (my blog "design" doesn't really reflect my likes but I do think it's cool) also what do you think of this blog what posts would you like to see, whats your favorite of my current stories, and how should my next design look based in what you can gather from me?

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