Thursday, December 26, 2013

Writer, write for the night

For lack of more idea's... I'll just post this short
Post to hold you till later first of all I had a wonderful Chrisrmas
My brother, his wife, and my new niece all came as 
Well as my awesome grandparents, we talked, ate, sang, 
Exchanged gifts and over all had a great time, we even got
A call from my far away oldest sis and her husband,
That was really special ❤ 

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas as well, tell me about it in comments :)


"Silence is its own language."
"What does that mean?"
"I don't know, I just thought it sounded deep."
(Random funny thing between me and Liz)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

a Niece for Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!
By now some of you are probably thinking...yay Christmas it took forever, or maybe you're thinking that came fast.
For me I'm barely conscious of the fact that tomorrow is Christmas since we've beeeeeeen reeeeeeeeeeeeally crazy busy again...thought we were done with home stuff, I was wrong...we had the wood floor put in, a door and piece of wall ripped out and put back in reverse stairs taken out a and moved farther down,  (Long story involving a fridge), No internet for a few days and we still aren't done most likely the house won't be done till sometime late in January of 2014 (we've like up'ed the whole house!) I'm pining for normal...we haven't even decorated yet...we've had our Christmas tree since December first but it's been bare up to this very day....(we don't usually wait so long to decorate but all the remodeling...) I think mom just really wants to get this stuff done because before she was just doing 1 project a year...I had no idea we had so much stuff to be done! 

Anyways you want to know what's with my title right? Well my first ever niece was expected on Christmas day....and she was born a week early (exactly a week early, like last Wednesday) Cutest, sweetest, most adorable, baby girl you've ever seen.....however that may just be because she's niece :) I won't be posting any pictures of her because her parents want her to be able to decide that on her own when she's a whooooooooooole lost older...she wouldn't want her whole life on the interenet I'm sure. So on here I'll refer to her as Cuddles because she's so cuddly :) cute baby..sorry new aunt here who's totally crazy about her niece (all of us are) 

Soooooo on an unrelated note to kinda  get the feel for the coming Holiday we've been reading Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol" the first few nights I even made egg nog for it!

Here's the recipe if you want to make it 

Egg Nog


  • 4 Eggs
  • 1/2 cup of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla
  • Milk (enough to fill up the blender)
  • Nutmeg 

First crack your eggs and put them in...than put your sugar, vanilla, and milk.....blend until nice and fluffy....

Serve with nutmeg sprinkled on top :) 

Well that's it for now let me send you off with Peppermint Winter by Owl City and have a Merry Christmas!
v-Video Below -v

Friday, December 13, 2013

Updates Past, Present, and Future

*note when I say us, we, our, ecetera....I mean me and my sisters, love my sisters :) 

Wednesday, me and Ani were in a small Christmas play, it was very very fun :) I was playing Ester, a somewhat nice girl who plays an Angel in the Negativity play, I say somewhat nice girl because it's a small role and I didn't really get to know my character, my only lines were "What was that for!" and "Why You!" So yeah....but it was a fun role :D I'm really glad I got to be in the play.

We're going shopping and such with my aunts, cousins, grandma, I'm sure it's going to be a lot of fun :) 

It's our churches Night of Christmas music, and me and Liz will be singing :) I'm super excited, I couldn't get my sisters to do this last year so I'm glad to be able to do it with Liz this year...also we'll be singing in the Worship service, I've never done anything like this before so I'm very excited.....
overall I want to sing to Gods glory :) 

Now for some stuff I really enjoyed this week :) 

Heard this song by the Piano Guys and loved it, makes me excited for our viewing of the Hobbit this Monday! (We originally found out about the Piano Guys from some friends of ours) 
the video "is" on here so if you can't see it come over to my blog and you can watch it.

Another from the Piano Guys, A great song to get that Christmastime feel...oh, and by the way it has snowed down here but just a little...for which I'm glad hard to skate on snow covered ice...yeah me and Liz went skating together it was really fun! Funny how we have a lake in our backyard but I hardly ever skate on it every winter, it's the cold I just know I don't like it. 

Oh, yeah here's the video (almost forgot) 

Oh, Almost forgot, we went and saw Frozen last Monday it was super awesome! And we all really enjoyed it! Have any of you seen Frozen or are planning too, if you have seen it what did you think of it? If you haven't you should go :)

 Speaking of movies, are any of you going to see the Hobbit soon? 

Thanks for Reading :)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Just Something :)

(Picture by me)

So yep just me with another post for you. 
Soooo not much is up of late, just kidding somethings always up but I just don't always feel like posting about it, lets just leave it at I had a very very fun and fantastic Thanksgiving filled with skits, songs, and cousin times :) Love my cousins!

I know I said  was going to do a Thanksgiving post last week but I just didn't know how to put to words all the wonderful things I'm thankful for, (I did try) so don't think I wasn't serious, haha sometimes even I'm at a loss for words...okay a lot of times.

You can kinda look at this post as a late messy what I'm thankful for post.

 So last Sunday at a bridal shower I was reunited with a cousin I hadn't seen in years she's awesome and we were talking like the years had only been a few months she's awesome, and I found out we have much in common, so we decided to get each others email address so as to keep in contact :) I'm so thankful I got to meet her again as well. 

Ani's been practicing a lot and recently she's taken up learning Once Upon a December, let me tell you I'm so glad she is I love that song and she plays it really well, even if I don't play anymore I'm glad she's still playing right on I love listening to her music, haha if you're reading this Ani, Love ya and I'm glad you're my sister.

Liz has been super sweet as of late too, love chatting with you sis even if it sometimes seems like I don't (not sure why I pretend otherwise) She puts up with my silliness a lot. 

There's so much more to say as well, like I'm thankful for my little niece or nephew that'll be born soon awwwwww this first time aunt's going to really spoil and love on that little kid :D 
My super cool married siblings and their spouses,
 My super awesome encouraging parents, 
Of course you guys my faithful friends, and readers,
And my amazing Savior who's blessed me in more ways than I can say (the one who's really at the top of this list!) 
and a whole bunch of other things! But I just couldn't fit it all into this post so I guess this is it :) 

ANYWAYS, how was your thanksgiving's I got to read about a couple of them and it sounds like you guys had fun too, I just love Thanksgiving and always find myself with an abundance of things to be thankful for, God has blessed me so much :) 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


My dad was reading off some haiku so I told him I'd write two about tonight, (but it's really like few word stories) 

Mom made homemade hot chocolate, my sisters had just come in from skating on the lake, had pork chop sandwiches whilst sharing haiku and funny things :)  

Hot Chocolate on the table
rosy cheeked sisters 
Skates at the door

Family round the table
Stories shared

What do you think? Did I do alright?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Please Look At...

I've got a new page for art suggestions <3 
You can still make suggestions in comments on here but can also do it there (my official place for it) and make me very happy, so when finished they'll be posted on my other blog mostly and I'll just leave links to them on this blog or if you want on your blog in your comment box :) Go over there it kinda explains things with making it sound like I want to do them because I'm "something special" blah, yeah I don't do it for that so yeah, check that page out :) 

Oh, and Thanksgiving it coming up yay! I'll be posting thanksgiving posts soon yay! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay...yaya! :D

Pegasus for S.

Okay so me and Growly have finally completed S.'s second request...also if you follow my other blog "The Artistic Writer" than you can skip this post because it's virtually the same :) 

*Hers* {Growly}
NAME: Emberwing
TYPE: Caelestis (rare)
SKILL: Warrior

GENDER: Female
NAME: Lorelei 
TYPE:  Cloudsdale 
(In the Clydesdale family of horses, slightly stockier, don't fly for long periods of time and make their homes in hidden fields far away from roadsides and populated villages and towns.)
SKILL:  Unknown 

What are your idea's? What would your Pegasus be like? This'll kinda be like Storyteller's Dragonmaster Linkup. So you can make up a story to go along with it if you like (COOL PEGASUS STORY LINKUP) ....and if you guys do this send me the link and I'll....maybe make my own little story

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Slipper Socks

For lack of a better title.
No I haven't done anything to fix the lappy all I did was give it some many days of rest...which seems to have paid off, I thought I'd let you know that was going good and than I thought I'd just share some things I've been enjoying recently.


1. My thinking spot (AKA the backyard swing) it's a great place to relax, listen to music, think, and plot out stories. 

2. My cozy slipper socks

3. The Autumn Sunsets *sigh*

4. Future Photo Shoots! (we haven't done them yet but we're planning to)

5. Pilgrims Progress (part 2 Christiana) study (is that spelled right?)

6. Beautiful Eulogy songs like this one :)
and this one
Listen to them they're awesome! Its free on noisetrade right now :) 

Annnnnnnnd that's all. What have you guys been up to?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


So you guys aware that I've been having technical difficulties with the laptop (rather serious difficulties) 
which means it's an unpredictable mess and I can't be sure it won't suddenly turn off...and if that happens while I'm writing a story well....I won't be very happy so as you can see we are at an impass here, me and Ani are looking at buying a new one but well it will take some time to raise the necessary amount, especially with baby showers, Christmas, and Operation Christmas Child coming up. So I'm writing this to tell you that you probably won't be seeing stories on here for awhile at least not until I the big computer get's plugged back in and maybe I can get that done soon. So basically just be patient and don't expect a lot of posts as much as I'm in a real writing mood I can't quite quench it yet, not until the mac gets plugged I guess we'll see how things turn out. I will try to post as much as I can even if I can only do it on my iPod :] so there you have it :) 

hope to write you all again soon :D


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dragon Battle!

Per request by S. thanks we really had fun with it :D I hope you like them :)

Mine :)
My knights name is Derrik, Derrik is a young knight so the elder knights sent him on a long quest to prove that his skills were beyond his youth (he was young for a graduated knight), Derrik accepted heartily since he had very much wanted to go out and have adventures and slaying dragons was by no means the only thing on his to do list :D the dragon's name is Salaven the red, and he was known for burning down villages and stealing cattle and sheep. In this picture Derrik has caught the dragon on his way to pillage another town and hoping to take him by surprise he silently lept from the ground bringing his bow out to shoot the creature unfortunately the bow made a slight noise while he was putting the arrow to it and Salaven heard him...and so the battle ensues :)

Growley's :) 
This mysterious knight is often known by the alias Shattering Sword.  Shattering Sword is often silent, receiving mockery from opponents without reaction.  Shattering Sword's true identity is almost always hidden by the helm.  Whenever the helm is off, no one is around to see.  However, this Shattering Sword has a surprising identity:  Shattering Sword is actually a girl!  Her real name is Ethelgyth.  Ethelgyth is fairly strong and is a formidable knight.  However, she has one problem: she is easily frightened.  Because of her cowardice, she wanted to become a brave warrior, rather than a frightened little girl.  But, she had a better reason to become a knight:  Darkness spreads over her home, and an evil named Hyrytth is the source.  Evil creatures like dragons, wraiths, and hobgoblins appear suddenly throughout the land.  The darkness devours those who she cares about--her friends and her uncle--and thus she thought that the pains her home was suffering from was enough.  So, she sought out the wisdom of an old hero named Peter and was mentored by him.  Ethelgyth is shown in the picture battling the evil dragon Morrtroff, a dark servant of Hyrytth.  

So what do you guys think? Any more requests for our future challenges?

Friday, November 1, 2013

New Polls :)

Well guys here I am again...well actually not really...I'm just
Here for a second to say I've some new polls up for you guys
I also thought I'd let you know I have a new post ready there have just
Been a few hiccups along the way hindering it's progress...mainly an old
Computer not doing what it's supposed to, oh well we'll have it up when we can
In the meanwhile Growley (Samantha) should be posting soon on "the Artistic Writer"
So if you get impatient for me to post go over there she should have some nice stuff coming :)

Au Revoir

Monday, October 28, 2013


Hello everyone, here I am again bringing you another post because of course I have to write when the weather's like this! (it's so gorgeous out!) and I'm all fall leaves and brisk breeze XD 

Yep the fall is quite obvious right now, and as I'm feeling particularly nice right now I've decided to follow the string of bloggers and write a "Currently" post :) kind of like what Kelli Taylor of Blimey Cow does, so without further ado!


Listening to: 
Lost and Found by Tessa Rose Jackson 

The eighth book of the Rangers Apprentice series

About stories and art options (since me and Samantha are going to do the knight fighting a dragon drawing I need to figure out the movements)

The quietness of having the house to myself 

For sisters to get back (I miss the noise now) 

Why the dogs haven't been going crazy (because they always go crazy when Liz and Ani are gone)

Wanting to Read:
Crazy Busy, Wordsmithy

Pumpkin spiced latte's and pies 

Crazy adventurous stuff! (my dreams are very enjoyable of late)

My lovely friends who have been so encouraging in their comments :) (thanks guys)

Sweaters, pants, and carmel colored boots boots.

Annnnd that's all for now be assured I have more interesting posts coming later I think I need more poetry, stories, and creativity on here so let's see if it can be acquired shall we?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

More Updates :)

Hey Guys, here I am with more updates for you :) 
these will be abstract updates meaning they'll be small, random and fun for me to write :) 

We recently watched Chitty Bang Bang which is one of my all time favorite movies movies and one I'd hadn't seen since I was 10 and that was sooo long ago *sigh* memories, Me and Liz had fun reminiscing about our favorite parts and were surprised to find that we shared a favorite among the songs, the song being, "Doll on a Music Box" "scene posted below"
v-------        V          ------v

Yesterday I ordered my 'iPod Touch, after some searching my brother recommended a very nice refurbished one :) thanks Josh. 

And also yesterday I finished my entry to me and Samantha's latest challenge :) 
we were doing Mermaids next is elves I believe (The Lord of the Rings Kind) 
(Guys if you have a challenge for me and Samantha to do next please put it in comments and I'll post both mine and hers on here and also on The Artistic Writer, noting who challenged us)

I used another of Mark Crilley's tutorial videos to do this mermaid and than personalized her :) 

And today I was designing the wallpaper for my iPod :) 

I had a lot of fun I made a bunch of others but I figured I'd just show one :) 
(I can make you guys some too if you want) 

Aaaand here's a special Challies post that got me thinking about how much I 'Humblebrag'

That's all guys please drop me a comment and let me know what you think and how you've all been doing it's been awhile since I had a good chat with you guys :)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Yay Updates!

(picture by me)

Nothing can be said now that hasn't been said or written or before and so I’ll try to change the way I approach this particular piece of typed singularity.

BUT let me just say….Hey, how you doing?

Translation: What can I say about not posting in a really long time that other bloggers haven’t already said so I guess I’ll just say something totally unrelated, How are you?

  That’s right it’s me, I’m back and hopefully to stay for awhile.

So you guys remember how this Summer all throughout this very day I've been saying that the reason for my not writing has to do with the fact that I've either been busy or been uninspired because of not being able to leave the house very much because of house renovations and stuff. Well I'm happy to say that today we finally finished applying the primer and the first coat of paint to the house! Though we might apply the second coat to the front of the house this year...the rest of the painting should be left until sometime next Spring or that means for now we can have a time of rest and somewhat normality :) I'm still happy about all of this upgrading and such I'm just not so ecstatic about all the time it's taken to complete these long do renovations it really felt like we were moving not just fixing up some things... so much more than just painting…um…so yeah we’re done and I can no longer bore you with updates on progress so I’ll just end work updates here and save you the annoyingness of having to deal with more of my rather uneventful Summer…don’t get me wrong we had a lot of great things happening and I’ll love this Summer forever I just well yeah you get the picture.

(the house after painting. It still has some green tape on it but doesn't it look nice)
(picture also by me)

To paint our home, we did endeavor 
Though it did seem like forever
We kept hard at it until it was done
Till the completion was won 
(poem requested by my dad)

So yesterday after we’d finished we went out to eat and celebrated our completion of the long “Never Ending Adventure” as I called it.
We were happy it was done but….then it started to rain and paint can’t dry when it’s raining we could only hope that the paint had, had enough time to dry before the rain came…and today we found out that we still had more days of endless rain coming...we were worried it would never have a chance to dry if it hadn't had enough time…but then while we were worrying I happened to notice I was a little hungry so I picked up a fortune cookie from the night before that was lying close by, I cracked it open and pulled out the little slip of paper it read, “The job is well done.” If ever there was a time we needed to hear that it was then…and wow I showed mom and she was just all smiles, thanking God for this strange way of letting us know it was okay we didn't have to worry, my stomach was in knots and was just thanking God over and over again sooo happy…cause you know how amazing it feels when you know God’s spoken two you I've only felt that a few times is my life and it’s so special! :D

Now to less amazing topics, you guys who follow The Artistic Writer know I’ve been drawing a lot recently in fact I’ve been doing a back to back series of Challenging with my friend Samantha…who might I add is Awesome!
And as a result I’ve been pumping more and more creativeness into my drawings…yes this distracts from my writings but I hope with time I’ll be able to refuel that little part of my life that’s still running on empty haha yes I’m writing despite a severe case of writers block, I feel like lately my life has been taking a different turn art is becoming more and more my favorite hobby and it’s very distracting though my character creations do help replenish idea’s for my already in progress stories…even so please bare with me I don’t usually have writers block this bad…please help if you can, maybe provide some idea’s or something how do you guys work with this I keep writing but yeah, it isn’t going so well.

Schools been fine but sleeping hasn’t, I stay up waaaaaay to late. I know I need to remedy that and I have been working on it but still if you guys could please pray I would appreciate it a lot, I’m really moody when I don’t get enough sleep and as a result I’m rude to my sisters and parents and I hate it, also it doesn’t help with school. I’m starting to worry about that….I really care about how much I pay attention and learn I want to take things in, I’m going to need to remember these things if I ever want to be a writer or even to just make it through day to day life so please pray for that too, pray that I am a diligent scholar and take in what I learn J right now I’m enjoying it but I want to be able to remember too.

Sooooo thanks for reading J

Sunday, October 13, 2013


(Awesome Pic by Liz) 

I'll stand there,
No place else is nowhere,
I'll retreat into my mind
I want to see what I'll find 

And I'd like to sit in my thinking spot
To ponder, why else, why not?

I'd like to cling to memories 
Reclaim my imagination 
And write into my world of stories 

And I'd like to sit in my thinking spot
To ponder, why else, why not?

I'd like to color my minds creations
To add to the formations 
Build upon a dream, higher and higher
Creating something to inspire 

I want to plant them so they grow,
Into something pretty I can show
I'll frame them with little careful thoughts
And tie it with a bow of my best story plots

And I'd like to sit in my thinking spot
To ponder, why else, why not?

Yes I had to retreat to the land of nowhere and scrounge around till I found this for you guys, see what I do for you...haha just kidding but I had a small spurt of inspiration which was discouraged when I had to struggle for rhymes...which happened three times...but I had fun with it anyways...but I thought you guys should know the best and most natural parts of the poem is the first three stanza's :)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Tirz - Music

Hey guys today we have some poetry from my friend a young poet, Tirz. She's going to send me some of her poems and I'm going to post them on here for her :) 

What is this sound,
That I have found?
This beautiful melody,
Of perfect harmony.
It is music!

Whether a deep drum,
Or a calm harp strum.
Whether a bird that sings,
Or violin strings.
It is music!

What is this the stars sing all day,
And the whales hum in the ocean bay.
Perhaps a huge orchestra?
Something with almost no flaw.
It is music!

All the music in the world is like a symphony.
I could listen to it for an eternity.
It can pull you into a musical dream,
And like a whole new world it will seem.
It is music!

It can go up and down.
It can make you smile and frown
It can go on and on and on,
And never seem to be gone.
It is music!

There are thousands of tunes.
Every time music starts, it blooms.
It even comes from the crickets that chirp.
Whatever the  happy sound is, it gives us a jolly, new perk.
It is music!

It is merry and bright.
Sometimes it seems to shed a kind and warm light.
It cheers us up lots of times,
With it's cheery chimes.
It is music!

I love to listen to it,
Whether I lay or sit.
It can be peaceful.
It can be graceful.
It is music!


Friday, October 4, 2013

You know you have to write when...

Stories keep building up inside your head until their spilling out
Rhymes start popping into your speech unbidden 
You start talking to yourself and/or your story characters 
Thinking spots become your favorite place 

{Anyone else experiencing these symptoms?}

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sorry I'm Staller

Hey guys, been awhile hasn't it. I can't say I've been too busy just really, really uninspired so whenever that happens you're supposed to just keep writing right? Keep writing until you're back in the swing of things. I mean writer's block will never get me down...I can write I just don't seem to want to no what I mean...yeah so that's just me I guess. But hey I have stories coming if you guys would only tell me the ones  you want to see. Okay yep, I was actually writing something not that long ago...thing was I felt like a copy cat and then some of it just felt to drawn out so I abandoned that.

 I'm trying to make certain stories work and they're sooo on their way, I'm not going to tell  you what they are, so you're just going to have to be surprised and if you like that then you should probably subscribe to my other blog, "The Artistic Writer" you know my overflow blog, so you know these stories will be ones you've never seen before. I'm also working on Cathrine Weatherbane and hope to have that done soon, if I manage to work on it today it's practically guaranteed! 

Can't think what else to write right now so I guess I'll see you guys later :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall is coming on!

(photo by Ani)

Fall is coming on the calendar may say it isn't until the 22'nd but it is, I woke up this morning and I could feel the was cool, breezy, and fresh. I went on a bike ride with Liz this afternoon and I could feel my limbs coming to life and I thought, "This is fall!" I really felt alive and refreshed. I wasn't tired or worn, I just felt full of energy and I was ready to take fall on at full force! Fall is definitely poetry in my eyes. thank  your Lord for this gorgeous weather!

Does anybody else feel this when fall comes on? Tell me in comments.

Liebster Award

I was tagged the Liebster Award by Abilaine
Abilaine's Questions
1.  Do you have any hobbies or things you really love to do?
Art, Reading, Writing, Hanging out with my friends, Shopping (occasionally), Music

2. How do you feel about British accents? =D
I love them...and it's so fun to speak in them 

3. If you could go anywhere right now ... where would it be?

4. Do you enjoy a certain type of book (do tell!)?
Oh, Adventure, Major Discoveries, and it's got to have secrets lots of secrets! 

5.  Quick! who is your all-time favorite character from any book you have read?
Mabel from the Grandma's Attic Series 
(16 and away from home, 18 and on her Own, 19 and Wedding Bells Ahead) 
You should read it!

6. What are some of your talents?
Listening, Writing, Reading, Art

7. Would you rather go to a ball or driving in the countryside?
A ball hands down

8. How many siblings are in your family?
5 including me 
Josh, Rachel, Liz, Me, Ani

9. Share with us some of your loves (books, sites, pictures etc. ) are opening a book with no ending!....Hey that's actually sounded cool....
Writing and Watercolours! 
(didn't draw that picture) 

Vintage Photo Shoots
(picture by Ani)

Art Contests 

This awesome picture I found on Google Images

Abilaine's Artsy Abilaine blog 

My Reading Nook and Computer Zone

10. What do you do on days when you have nothing to do?
(I vacuum and sing loudly ... hey, it works! LOL!)
I clean my room...if it needs to be cleaned 
I read, draw, or paint (with watercolours)

and I tag... you can answer my questions :)

My Questions

1. Are you interested in art?
2. What's your favorite song?
If you were a book character:
3.  what kind of world would you live in?
4. What would your clothes be?
5. What kind of pet would you have?
6. How would your current skills be used in the book?
End of If you were a book character 
7. Favorite Pinterest Picture
8. What is something you've always wanted to do
9. Mechanical pencil or regular wood pencil 
10. What kind of sunglasses suit you?
11. Quick make up a quote!

Thanks again for tagging me Abilaine!
 can't wait to see your answers girls!

Friday, September 13, 2013

All Done

So The Author's Club is now.....The Artistic Writer.
I assure you this change was completely necessary it should help me manage things a little more neatly plus I was already going over what to do with a blog and no writers I wasn't sure I could even maintain two blogs but now I've found an alternative route to tossing it. I'll use it for the overflow of stories from here and go ahead and do all my art contests, commissions, and just plain art pieces over there, it's perfect. 
Though all my art related things will be centered around "The Artistic Writer" I'll still accept commissions on here and leave a message for you with a link to your piece on "The Artistic Writer" oh, yeah and from this point on we can refer to it here as "The sister blog" or "TheAW" just to shorten and simplify things. 
Well what do you think :D

Thursday, September 12, 2013

In Which I Randomly Ramble On

I can't say that this is going to be a very organized post...but then I don't always know what I'm going to post when I press the 'new post' icon sometimes I get stuck deciding what to write . If it was just art I could have endless posts but art isn't exactly what you guys like to see everyday on here right? And if...I were to convert The Author's Club into an art blog...would you guys follow?

Anyways back on topic, I....have one weight off my shoulders and that is the contest results for The make a postcard and Book cover contest I the Summer, sorry for being so late on it! And you guys remember the header contest thingy I had going up earlier this year....I'm sorry I had to call that one off do to not to many entries and total extreme busyness, I feel pretty bad about the unreliable way I've been lately I feel pretty bad...The poetry contest....I think I'll have to drop that one off too, I haven't had a single entry for it and I've decided if I don't get at least one by Monday I'm going to pull it off...if you want to enter here's the link --->

Now I know you guys love the "My Life Posts" and the reason I haven't been posting them as much is because my life has slowed considerably to a rather uninteresting pace that I didn't think it worth writing to you about but...I figure letting you guys know whats been going on down here will clear up a bit of why I haven't been posting so much.

So here it is...We've been so busy with painting, and all those other Home fixing good stuff that I haven't gotten out as much and we still have the whole upstairs to finish painting plus we have to paint the outside of the house (it's sorely in need of it!) and not getting out means not so inspired and while I have been on the computer quite often and made several attempts to post something I never feel like it's....well inspired, it felt dry and uncreative and I deleted at least 40% of the ones I started and another 50% was nothing at all so that leaves the 10% which was the stuff that actually made on my blog. 
Hmm not quite interesting is it? 
Well now you're probably wondering why I never said anything about my vacations...truth is once they were over...I was so mentally and physically exhausted that I never got around to putting the pictures on the computer or taking the time to post about it and by the time I was back to my usual, perky writing self it was long past the time we'd been gone and the vacation was no longer fresh in my mind.

The one you guys know most about took place in gorgeous South Dakota! I haven't been there in ages since it's such a long time to get there, we hiked up Mount Harney (Which I promptly dubbed Mt. Hernia before even hiking...because they said it would take three hours...I was both exited and unsure...of what to feel, I mean three hours is a lot of time to be hiking!) My first reaction upon arriving was sheer awe...the gorgeous tall tree's, the hills and mountains, the shimmering lakes! It was breath taking!

(Pictures by Ani)

She took a lot more later on (these are just the first day) but she never got them on the computer. 
I believe when we were first driving up threw Custer Park I said, "It's so beautiful I could cry!" and I was just staring out in awe drinking it all in whilst my ears were popping from high altitudes. 

Of course we had to see Mt Rushmore and all those other wonderful sites and we tried to do everything we could in the time we had it was fantastic...well except for towards the end of the trip I got sick...sour throat, headache, dizziness, cough, that sort of thing and mom was sick too but we didn't let it get us down...too bad... :) it was fun!

Soooo, we got home, we recovered we got back into routine and two weeks later... *BAM*Church Retreat! And wow was it the warmest and funnest one ever, I got to know some of the people from our church better and work my way ever so slightly a little more out of my shyness, I mean those girls I was with the whole time were so nice and easy to talk to, M was the sweetest and kindest, and Katie, well Katie's awesome! Bella continued to be a wonderful true friend and was there to talk to me when I was by myself, I must say I have some pretty great friends and I thank the Lord for them. 

God has really been working in my life lately and thinking about him makes me so happy I could sing, he's constantly there and I feel him in my life, I am learning things I didn't know before, understanding in a way that is so different from before. 

So there you go a very long post to make up for the lack of other posts :)

P.S. If you have any suggestions for drawings I'd appreciate it a lot...and if you;d like me to do a commission for you I'd be very happy,  also check out Abilaine's new Art Blog if you haven't already it's full of great drawings! --->