Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Yay, Whoo hoo, Awwwwwwww, Yippe!

Toodles 2012 you were a great year and welcome 2013 may you bring many more blessings and teach me many more lessons. 

My 2012

1. I got to know some really cool blogger girls
2. I restarted my blog
3. Got serious about writing
4. Saw the Hobbit
5. Learned Badminton
6. Reopened old projects
7. Got a purity ring

that's all I could think of but I know there's lots more I just can't think very well right now.

Now lets celebrate in the new year 

Starting with a poem

Tick Tock goes the clock counting down the hours
Time flies by
So do I 
wrapping up this year
Tick Tock goes the clock counting down the minutes 
I'm jumping
and smiling 
And getting ready
Tick Tock goes the clock counting down the seconds
It's time it's time
To sing and rhyme
 In a moment the we'll be there
Ding Dong goes the clock it is now the new year
No longer wait
We celebrate
Happy new year to you all! 

And now a 2013 challenge 

I challenge you all to write a short piece (part of a story) about a girl who writes herself into her book and after you've done that make a collage that best represents your story.

Winner of the 40's/50's chapter writing contest 

You can have whatever you would like for an award just ask :) of course if you don't want an award that's fine too.

Thank you all for reading it's been a great year!



 Moon beams weaving through my hair
Star light shines through the dark
Blue night dreams hang heavily in the air 
Singing like a lark 

The night envelopes
And sleep developes 
Goodbye for now sweet serenade of night
I go to rest until the daytime light.
~Poem Girl

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Stories Coming Soon!

Coming to a blog near you meaning this one. :)
Annalea has been kept in the town of Garnet since she was a child, until she gets invited to visit her wealthy uncle in a far away kingdom, but on the way strange things happen. 

Coming after Princess of Pearl

Release to be determined at a later date.


I've decided to cancel The Article until changes can be made, however I'm still going to post interviews and as a matter of fact I have one for you today....My wonderful friend Becca who is also my new guest blogger filled out one for me so that you can all get to know her.

1. What do you want to be when you grow up and if you're already grown up what do you do? 
I want to be a lot of things but one of my great desires it to be a missionary of the Lord.

2. What inspires you? 
God, my family and friends.. and life ;)

3. Hobbies? 
sports, singing, laughing, dancing, umm.. that's all I can think of for now :P

4. You're favorite kind of story/book? 
story book? Um I don't know if this is what you mean but I love the series of unfortunate events.. :)

5. Favorite Food? 
Fruit! :) and.. nacho dip (Not together) :P

6. What do you think I look like? 
Oh I know what you look like :)

8. What are a few of your dreams? 
Um... to glorify God in everything I do.. and learn to love everyone no matter what

9. Are you writing anything if so what's it about? And if not what would you like to write? 
no.. I am not the best writer sadly

10. If you were a book character who would be and how would the plot go?

11. You're ideal pet, down to the last detail.

12. You're favorite book so far. (besides the Bible)
actually.. If I had to decide I'd have to choose between Geronimo Stilton books :P I know... or The series of unfortunate events :) Oh and you should check out the geronimo stiltons I've liked em' ever since I was like 7 :P so maybe you shouldn't haha

13. Favorite Bible Verse.
 I can't decide so many to choose from I like every one even If they aren't my favorite :)

14. Favorite hairstyle. (only answer this if you're a girl) 
Oh hairstyle.. I have to say down and wavey.. I like mine best that way so far :)

15. What is the coolest name you can make up? 
Oh... I don't know... I can't think now! of course..

16. How did you like this interview? 
I loved it thank you Sarah <3

Another Post in a Bit

Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Contest

Dear Readers I'm having a book cover contest for
 "Cathrine Weatherbane" and "The Traveling Red Umbrella Girl"
I hope at least a few of you will enter.

I want the cover of The Traveling Red Umbrella Girl to be of a girl with a red umbrella...yeah I know that's hardly inventive but it's what I want.

You can do whatever you want with the Cathrine Weatherbane book cover.
Both Books must say "by Antoinette Epaulette" which is going to be my pen name for now :) 

Post the Cover on your blog along with a link to this post.
When you've finished the cover and posted it on your blog leave a link to it in comments on this post otherwise it won't be counted.

The Due Date is...

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Travels of the Red Umbrella Girl

My entry  to Maddie May's story contest go check it out and maybe enter!

Chapter 1
I walk low I walk high
I'm the Red Umbrella girl
One step forward, destination nigh
I'm the Red Umbrella Girl
I travel from England, to Italy, and Paris
I'm the Red Umbrella Girl
I've walked the beaches below the golden Terrace
I'm the Red Umbrella Girl
Follow me on my travels through Europe 
For I'm the Traveling Red Umbrella Girl

It is snowing, and snowing hard in London  this chilly afternoon and I feel glad of my red umbrella. It seems almost that I am the only one out this chilling afternoon and I am rather upset about it for I had wanted to report the happenings to you jolly good people. Yes indeed today my travels take me to London England and my fingers are so frozen that I can barely write, oh haha no actually it isn't very cold but it is snowing dreadfully hard so I can barely see the white paper I am writing on *smile*  I've just ordered a steaming cup of coffee  and am now setting down my pen to drink it.

The Girl With the Red Umbrella

The Closed Forest

It was the forest, and it was closed. No one could enter and no one leave, you wouldn't expect there to be anyone  there "to" leave but there was one girl, a girl named Akira Rose and she was a Princess the Wandering Forest Princess.

I closed my eyes and took in the morning air, everything was sweet and fresh and new. My orangish hair was damp with morning dew and I could see drops clinging to my long lashes, exactly how I liked it. Up above the sky was still darkish and an owl hooted from the trees things were silent...and lonely but I couldn't leave I had to wander forever  and ever it was in my blood or so that's what Aggy had said but then again you couldn't believe everything an old tree woman says. (when I say tree woman I mean a woman who lives in a tree not a woman who is a tree or even a woman who lives high in a tree Aggy literally lived inside of a tree.)

I kicked away the dry leaves under my feet and adjusted the moss covered reef that rested on my head then very suddenly a light flashed, at first I had no idea what had happened but then I knew..."The Forest was no longer closed."

Just thought I would post that cause it's winning in the polls.
Hope ya liked it let me know what you thought.
Until Next Time

New Blogger

For those of you who were wondering what that previous post was all good friend Becca is now a guest blogger on here and she made her first post today! This will be the first time ever she's ever blogged so those of you who would like to offer her tips and idea's for posts or to just give her a hearty welcome leave a comment. Thanks so much for blogging on here Becca!

I am a blogger now :P maybe :P lol

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Finally Here

Merry Christmas from Me, Ani, the Family, Summer, Autumn, and especially Winter Merry Christmas to everyone!

Don't forget to remember the true reason 
We celebrate this joyous season.

Merry Christmas Everyone, Have a Good One!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Maria Penn

Hello, Hello it's me Winter and I've got another part of my story Ice Skating Dreamers for you!

Ice Skating Dreamers ~ Maria 
Before I write my little part of this story I'll give a sort of summary of me like Marissa did okay...okay.

My Other Skill Besides Skating: is writing poetry and stories but I also like to edit stuff

I Live in: A slightly large home with a living room with large windows that looks onto a little lake. I live here with my two siblings and parents

My Favorite Food: is Italian pasta's 

My Favorite Place:  The huge old fashioned library in the center of town (they have so many good books!) 

Now onto my part of this story...

I tightened the strings of my skates as me and the rest of girls stepped out onto the ice instantly Karina announced that she'd signed us up for the town skating contest, I smiled and skated out to the center of the lake laughing out "Marissa is sure to win." but Marissa didn't look so eager in fact she looked like she wanted to get out of it, but after much convincing it was settles that we'd all be in it and try our hardest and whether we won or not wouldn't matter we'd make this a fun event not just a contest to get all competitive.
I rubbed my cold rosy cheeks as I thought about how talented the other girls were I knew I was probably the least talented of all of us but I was going to practice anyways.

The day seemed to speed by and I thought forever about the skating contest but I couldn't think all day about it because we all needed to get back home and wrap the rest of the presents we'd gotten for family and friends and I needed to prepare for the Christmas program we were putting on over at my house (it had been agreed that the girls would spend Christmas with me cause all they're families were way out of town and we'd all decided at the last minute to do a Christmas program for my parents and sisters Ana and Larisa)
anyways I had to get home so I said my goodbyes and rushed off towards home.

With a Merry Christmas Eve I Bid You All Ado.


Answer to the Riddle

And the answer is wood or tree wood if you will so everyone who guessed was right!

Treebeard is mostly for my brother, he doesn't really apply to this cause Treebeard can talk and attack and hug Orks to deaths hahaha 
Until Next Time

And Yet Another Contest Entry

I'm entering Brittney Ann's Christmas photo contest and here's my entry 
It's a picture of me on the lake in my Christmas Dress and Hockey Skates

Merry Christmas Eve everyone and prepare to be bombarded with Christmas posts!!!

Until Next Time (meaning in a few minutes) 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Here is a Puzzle Dear Solve it and Do Not Fear

For The Riddle Lovers
 here is another riddle this one may be easier than the last 
so you're more likely to get it but then again maybe you won't,
but it can't hurt to try can it? 

What can be hugged but never hugs back 
Can be hurt but can't attack 
Can be consumed but never consumes 
Can be a home with many rooms
 Stands but can't walk
Squeaks but can't talk 
 Has a bark and can bite

Now solve this Riddle 
Guess, yes please do
It would make so happy 
To hear from you
~Poem Girl

You're friend



Another Contest Entry :D

That's right, I'm entering yet another contest, Storyteller's book cover contest and here's my entry...

Let me know what you guys thing of it. See ya lovely people later. 

Until Next Time


Friday, December 21, 2012

Another Drawing

Click on this one to see all the details. I love this drawing because of how simple it is. I've always been inspired by ballerinas though I don't usually attempt to draw them I found this enjoyable yet maybe a little to easy I always like a good challenge! If you readers have any drawings you would like me to do just put in a request and I'll do it trust me I'll enjoy it. More later.

                                                                  Until Next Time

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Marin and Friend

 I mentioned awhile back that I was drawing some pictures for my sisters book here are some more drawings I did for it. The second drawings of a girl named Marin she's the main character.
That's all for now more later....

Until Next Time

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Doors

The Doors

The Doors to places only in dreams
The only doors it seems
That can take you anywhere
But cannot take you home

 The door where light envelopes
And imagination develops
 The door to other worlds
such as those in books

This door that glows with brillant light
Then when you enter takes you out of sight
The KEY to strange and curious travel
And if you have the actual key well
 I'll leave that for later.

A Poem for a Story I've been working on with Storyteller.

Until Next Time

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This is Crazy

To: The Readers
From: Ariella Corden

Here I am and then I'm there
In another time 
Where am I, could be anywhere
For a time the life is mine

I'm a Princess, a Queen, a Servant Girl
or am I none of these
It all goes so fast my minds a whirl 
Could someone explain this please

It's all so very ridiculous and strange
I can't seem to figure it out
I set my sights on all clues in range
I musn't pout
Maybe soon this will all make sence
Though chances are very slim
And who knows the consequence 
My heart is teetering on the rim.
The Tiny in Tears and the Tall in Terror Part 2 

I turned back to the window for what was really only seconds but at once I felt the change again I bit my lip praying this was homeward but when the purple rainbow liquid subsided I was in another castle. I could have screamed I was so angry I was still staring out the turret window....okay more like glaring out the window my grip tightened on whatever it was I was holding. I whirled around and stared at the younger girl who in turn was staring at me.
"I want to go home!" I declared loudly. 
The girl stepped back and stammered, "I....Your can't...Pr-Prince Phillip will be here soon."
I frowned at her.
"I don't care! I don't want to see him, I want to go home"
The girl began to twist the sleeve of her gown like she was wringing out a wash cloth. "But-but your majesty thy parents will be sore mad." I rolled my eyes they weren't actually my parents besides the thought of meeting this Philip gave me shivers and I had no idea why.
"Then we shan't go home we'll go somewhere else where I can find my real home!" 
The girl began to cry.
"I dist know you didn't agree to this and that thy parents forced thee to go but I never would have guessed thee to rebel."  I laughed but it was a sad laugh because I'd had enough and wanted to go back home Time Travel was ridiculous. When I said the tiny in tears you may have guessed the tiny was my little maid and when I said the tall in terror I should have said the tall was a terror I regret most of my snapping now but truly things were not going my way that day. anyways back to the story.
The girl began dabbing her face where the tears had left stains and I closed my eyes and imagined myself home in bed, thankfully when I opened them again it was so. I fell face forward into my pillows for some reason I was terribly tired but I didn't want to go to sleep...after all Sleep is another form of Time Travel. Suddenly something hard appeared at my fingertips I glanced over, it was.... a book? It looked old I opened it up to the first page and written in the fanciest cursive I'd ever seen was this:

To my ancestor Ariella.
To Remember that "Dreams are not Dreams and Reality isn't Real" also "Everything a Time Traver See's That is What She Be" keep on trying my dear soon you may understand.
Yours Truly

What could this new clue be...I could only wait and try to figure it out who knows maybe one of these was the secret to controling it. I flipped through the pages a little more and gasped when I saw a story that was all to famillar
The Princess and Prince Phillip (a true story only I'd call it The Princess and the Crying Maid
Princess Ava Constantine (Ariella)
all ( ) by Marisiella


Thanks for Reading