Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Yay, Whoo hoo, Awwwwwwww, Yippe!

Toodles 2012 you were a great year and welcome 2013 may you bring many more blessings and teach me many more lessons. 

My 2012

1. I got to know some really cool blogger girls
2. I restarted my blog
3. Got serious about writing
4. Saw the Hobbit
5. Learned Badminton
6. Reopened old projects
7. Got a purity ring

that's all I could think of but I know there's lots more I just can't think very well right now.

Now lets celebrate in the new year 

Starting with a poem

Tick Tock goes the clock counting down the hours
Time flies by
So do I 
wrapping up this year
Tick Tock goes the clock counting down the minutes 
I'm jumping
and smiling 
And getting ready
Tick Tock goes the clock counting down the seconds
It's time it's time
To sing and rhyme
 In a moment the we'll be there
Ding Dong goes the clock it is now the new year
No longer wait
We celebrate
Happy new year to you all! 

And now a 2013 challenge 

I challenge you all to write a short piece (part of a story) about a girl who writes herself into her book and after you've done that make a collage that best represents your story.

Winner of the 40's/50's chapter writing contest 

You can have whatever you would like for an award just ask :) of course if you don't want an award that's fine too.

Thank you all for reading it's been a great year!



  1. I really liked that poem. I thought it was cool how you went down from hours to seconds. Very fun to read. :). Yours truly, Lizard