Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This is Crazy

To: The Readers
From: Ariella Corden

Here I am and then I'm there
In another time 
Where am I, could be anywhere
For a time the life is mine

I'm a Princess, a Queen, a Servant Girl
or am I none of these
It all goes so fast my minds a whirl 
Could someone explain this please

It's all so very ridiculous and strange
I can't seem to figure it out
I set my sights on all clues in range
I musn't pout
Maybe soon this will all make sence
Though chances are very slim
And who knows the consequence 
My heart is teetering on the rim.
The Tiny in Tears and the Tall in Terror Part 2 

I turned back to the window for what was really only seconds but at once I felt the change again I bit my lip praying this was homeward but when the purple rainbow liquid subsided I was in another castle. I could have screamed I was so angry I was still staring out the turret window....okay more like glaring out the window my grip tightened on whatever it was I was holding. I whirled around and stared at the younger girl who in turn was staring at me.
"I want to go home!" I declared loudly. 
The girl stepped back and stammered, "I....Your Highness...you can't...Pr-Prince Phillip will be here soon."
I frowned at her.
"I don't care! I don't want to see him, I want to go home"
The girl began to twist the sleeve of her gown like she was wringing out a wash cloth. "But-but your majesty thy parents will be sore mad." I rolled my eyes they weren't actually my parents besides the thought of meeting this Philip gave me shivers and I had no idea why.
"Then we shan't go home we'll go somewhere else where I can find my real home!" 
The girl began to cry.
"I dist know you didn't agree to this and that thy parents forced thee to go but I never would have guessed thee to rebel."  I laughed but it was a sad laugh because I'd had enough and wanted to go back home Time Travel was ridiculous. When I said the tiny in tears you may have guessed the tiny was my little maid and when I said the tall in terror I should have said the tall was a terror I regret most of my snapping now but truly things were not going my way that day. anyways back to the story.
The girl began dabbing her face where the tears had left stains and I closed my eyes and imagined myself home in bed, thankfully when I opened them again it was so. I fell face forward into my pillows for some reason I was terribly tired but I didn't want to go to sleep...after all Sleep is another form of Time Travel. Suddenly something hard appeared at my fingertips I glanced over, it was.... a book? It looked old I opened it up to the first page and written in the fanciest cursive I'd ever seen was this:

To my ancestor Ariella.
To Remember that "Dreams are not Dreams and Reality isn't Real" also "Everything a Time Traver See's That is What She Be" keep on trying my dear soon you may understand.
Yours Truly

What could this new clue be...I could only wait and try to figure it out who knows maybe one of these was the secret to controling it. I flipped through the pages a little more and gasped when I saw a story that was all to famillar
The Princess and Prince Phillip (a true story only I'd call it The Princess and the Crying Maid
Princess Ava Constantine (Ariella)
all ( ) by Marisiella


Thanks for Reading


  1. Hola! Just wondering if you were planning on posting Jessie's interview. ;)

    1. I already did, awhile ago in fact here's the link to it


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      P.S. love the new profile pic!

  2. This is really getting interesting. Like the pictures that go along with it. Kind of reminds me journeyman - but of course quite different also. Especially now that Marisiella has been introduced.

    1. Yes a plot is forming! We gotta watch Journeyman when it's available again cause it sounds interesting. Yeah I have a whole storyline for her :D
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  3. Wow! I really love reading this story. Plus, the first two picks seem to fit so well and give me a great picture for what the purple/pink rainbow stuff looks like. And her looking out the window seems to describe what you were saying, even up to her holding on to something. Really, truly, excited to read more! :)

  4. Good, I only hope I can keep thinking of new adventures for her.