Monday, December 3, 2012

I Didn't Die I Just Lost my Jounnal

To: The Readers
From: Ariella Corden...The Time Traveler

December 3'rd 2012 
Dreams aren't Dreams and Reality isn't Real

Okay so I didn't die I just lost my journal and don't ask where I think I just left it at home last time I time traveled and my mind is always so muddled after I time travel I often forget things. I think I'll tell you about Marisiella ttoday maybe you can figure her out.

It was Sunday I was at the mall with my mom, Rosy was home with dad watching football. We were going into this really neat clothing store where they sold old style clothing to collectors all the stuff was really expensive but we enjoyed looking at it anyways they even let me try on some of the dresses that was when it happened...
I closed my eyes and felt wind rushing up around me, my skirts lapped against my ankles I opened my eyes again before the wind had died down and saw  rainbow colors of almost liquid light all around but soon it faded  replaced by darkness and a chilling breeze then it was over and I was standing in a large room with a huge bed and crystal chandelier. The house was very castle like and it was only when I looked out the window that I realized it was a castle I glanced down at my apparel and was surprised to see it hadn't changed it was the same fancy princess-like dress I'd been wearing in the store I looked at the wall and saw an English flag. So my time travel wasn't restricted to just America.  I was in England and as princess or something else royal, a lady in waiting perhaps? I stared down at my jeweled slippers as someone materialized beside me
 "Oh so I did it again did I? Well that's something I must say!" She was a tall woman in a soft purple dress she had dark brown hair and sea blue eyes, she was quite stunning. 
"Oh, my dear you look like you've seen a ghost." 

"Um..I um you just appeared." 

"What you saw that...hmm you're a time traveler as well I presume?"

"I...uh yes I suppose I am." 

"Tell me dear have you figured out how it works yet?" 


"Oh, well neither have I, but let me tell you now, Dreams are not Dreams and Reality isn't Real think about it someday you may understand what it means.  I'm Marsiella 1600 you?" her eyes bore into mine.
"Ariella Corden 2012."
"Lovely we're related then." 
"Oh, we are."

"Yes, yes." She glanced down out the window a moment and then picked up her skirts and peeked out the door "Good no ones near. I must be going now but I hope I'll see you again!" And just like that she was gone and I was terribly confused. The next thing I new I was in the car with mother sleeping against the window. 
And that's all for now if you have any idea's on what she's about please share I'd love to hear them.
Ariella Corden


  1. Wow! I'd really like to know what that frase means. "Dreams aren't Dreams and Reality isn't Real". Ariella really reminds me of our family. Except for the apartment house part.... And maybe the time traveling too. :p

  2. Hahaha maybe there's a reason for that.