Thursday, December 6, 2012

Riddle Number #1

 Hello Readers, I'd just like you to know that my 50's/40's Chapter Writing Contest has begun and I'd really like some entries for that if you could please enter that would be great! Also for those who haven't voted in the polls at the bottom of the blog please do that would mean a lot to me. Now before I get onto today's post I have something to show you...

You see this, this is the door to Christmas Posts
no I shan't open it yet not till this coming Monday
So get ready for it!

A Riddle
Please my friends sit down and hear
My riddle for you to solve
No do not leave so soon I pray
The answer I’m sure you resolve

It speaks in Volumes
Yet it doesn’t always get through
It’s can be cold or warm
Or both at the same time too

It can be fluffed up like pillows
Or hard as a rock
It can skip speedily down
Or tiptoe gently and flock

Though this riddle
Is messily done
Maybe you can still solve it
Maybe you’ll be the one!
~ Poem Girl

Tell me what you think it is the answer will be in the next post.