Thursday, December 27, 2012

Travels of the Red Umbrella Girl

My entry  to Maddie May's story contest go check it out and maybe enter!

Chapter 1
I walk low I walk high
I'm the Red Umbrella girl
One step forward, destination nigh
I'm the Red Umbrella Girl
I travel from England, to Italy, and Paris
I'm the Red Umbrella Girl
I've walked the beaches below the golden Terrace
I'm the Red Umbrella Girl
Follow me on my travels through Europe 
For I'm the Traveling Red Umbrella Girl

It is snowing, and snowing hard in London  this chilly afternoon and I feel glad of my red umbrella. It seems almost that I am the only one out this chilling afternoon and I am rather upset about it for I had wanted to report the happenings to you jolly good people. Yes indeed today my travels take me to London England and my fingers are so frozen that I can barely write, oh haha no actually it isn't very cold but it is snowing dreadfully hard so I can barely see the white paper I am writing on *smile*  I've just ordered a steaming cup of coffee  and am now setting down my pen to drink it.

The Girl With the Red Umbrella


  1. I thought maybe in England all you could find would be "tea" no coffee - and then probably tea brewed maybe with milk.

    Maybe its just that Red Umbrella being an American herself would rather drink coffee than conform.

    I like the "Red Umbrella Girl." I'll be interested to see where her travels take her.

  2. Yes she's not a big tea fan luckily for her though
    Coffee can be found in England. Thanks dad I thought
    it would be fun to do it.
    Your Daughter
    Poem Girl

  3. Wonderful entry! Thank you for entering<3
    Maddie May

  4. Your Welcome it was a pleasure.
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl