Friday, December 7, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Winter

Dear Reader's, can you guess by this picture what's happening right now...That's right it's snowing! We took pictures too and hopefully Ani will share them soon, maybe really soon if some of you readers cheer her on :D Anyways I bet you guys are waiting for me to tell you the answer to the riddle I wrote yesterday it's...
There now you know it are you surprised Storyteller guessed weather and dad guessed Books which is close but still not quite the right answer...thank you guys for submitting your guesses I was grateful to have them. Do you guys think I should I should do more tell me in comments.

Love Ya


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  2. I always enjoy a good riddle - they are tricky to write.

    Here is a riddle that offers riddles:

    "Would'st thou divert thyself from Melancholy?
    Would'st thou be pleasant, yet be far from folly?
    Would'st thou read Riddles, and their Explanation?
    Or else be drowned in thy Contemplation?
    Dost thou love picking meat? Or would'st thou see
    A man i' th' Clouds, and hear him speak to thee?
    Would'st thou be in a Dream, and yet not sleep?
    Or would'st thou in a moment laugh and weep?
    Wouldest thou lose thyself, and catch no harm,
    And find thyself again without a charm?
    Would'st read thyself, and read thou know'st not what,
    And yet know whether thou art blest or not,
    By reading the same lines? O then come hither,
    And lay my Book, thy Head, and Heart together."