Saturday, December 22, 2012

Here is a Puzzle Dear Solve it and Do Not Fear

For The Riddle Lovers
 here is another riddle this one may be easier than the last 
so you're more likely to get it but then again maybe you won't,
but it can't hurt to try can it? 

What can be hugged but never hugs back 
Can be hurt but can't attack 
Can be consumed but never consumes 
Can be a home with many rooms
 Stands but can't walk
Squeaks but can't talk 
 Has a bark and can bite

Now solve this Riddle 
Guess, yes please do
It would make so happy 
To hear from you
~Poem Girl

You're friend




  1. Wow I think I know
    I hope I do
    Can't wait to show
    Such fun with you.

    Does it die
    Thus to live?

    Is it weak
    But then quite strong?

    Does it keep me safe from beating sun?
    And provide all the children lots of fun?

    Does it sweet things our mouth to fill?
    But looks almost dead with winters chill?

    Sometime does it serve the maker
    All his creatures a wonderful caretaker?

    Am I on it
    With my answer sonnet?

    1. I think Grandpa has it. He read it just once and told me what he thought. We have taken our grandkids out to gather some up. Just ask your older Siblings (the two oldest anyway) and you will know if we are close.

  2. I'm not sure what it could be, but if I might hazard a guess, I would suppose the Ents know the answer as well as any.

  3. All of you are right!
    Your Friend
    Poem Girl