Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Closed Forest

It was the forest, and it was closed. No one could enter and no one leave, you wouldn't expect there to be anyone  there "to" leave but there was one girl, a girl named Akira Rose and she was a Princess the Wandering Forest Princess.

I closed my eyes and took in the morning air, everything was sweet and fresh and new. My orangish hair was damp with morning dew and I could see drops clinging to my long lashes, exactly how I liked it. Up above the sky was still darkish and an owl hooted from the trees things were silent...and lonely but I couldn't leave I had to wander forever  and ever it was in my blood or so that's what Aggy had said but then again you couldn't believe everything an old tree woman says. (when I say tree woman I mean a woman who lives in a tree not a woman who is a tree or even a woman who lives high in a tree Aggy literally lived inside of a tree.)

I kicked away the dry leaves under my feet and adjusted the moss covered reef that rested on my head then very suddenly a light flashed, at first I had no idea what had happened but then I knew..."The Forest was no longer closed."

Just thought I would post that cause it's winning in the polls.
Hope ya liked it let me know what you thought.
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