Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Poems, Oh How I've Missed You

I realized today that I need to write some more poetry before I go bonkers. I never knew how many ideas could ball up in my head during such a short period. It was quite the discovery I assure you.
Now onto Poems :D 

My eyes beheld a sight so strange
That one queer afternoon
Lights of many colors
Floating in the room

My eyes widened in wonder I stood
And my stomach felt like to burst   
You'd never believe it but,
I was standing there wanting to see it first 

I ran forward with the speed of a car
My eyes set firmly ahead
Yet never I noticed the man in the way
And I ran into him instead 

My eyes teared up as I watched them go
And soon in my tears did I swim
Twas quite a strange experience
    Even for a whim
So you see in my head was this all concocted
Merely a silly dream
Yet never in my life have I felt so queer
As I did in that one strange dream.  
~Poem Girl

Like to see more crazy poems like this let me know    



  1. That was a good peom. :D You should do some more. :D

  2. Silly girl of course I will.
    That's another sort of poem there
    the one that sounds like it rhymes but
    it's not even really spelled the same ;)
    Your Sister
    Poem Girl