Wednesday, November 18, 2015

She's Alive!

Well hello again, it's been a long time since we last talked, seems I've been avoiding using this clunky old laptop for the last two years huh. I can't quite recall when the last time I posted on here was and that's pretty inexcusable but I guess it's just really hard typing on an iPod and really annoying booting up the internet on this ol' thing.

So life has been pretty exciting I feel like I've grown a lot in the Lord these past few years, I'm finding I can be very difficult to deal with and I thank my family for putting up with that for so long, I am trying to get better though and the Lord is helping me with that.
I've recently started reading through my Bible (all of it) and I'm really enjoying it, it helps to have understanding and knowledgeable parents who can explain some of the harder concepts to me, there's a lot of meat to chew on in the Bible, but I want to actually chew on it and get as much as I possibly can rather then just cramming it down as fast as possible, so I plan on going back to study and memorize certain books and passages when I'm done with my read through.

My drawing has continued as at good pace, you can't get better if you don't keep going and it helps when you watch a few tutorials on YouTube and find interesting reference picks on Pinterest (yes I'm on Pinterest now) I've recently being wearing my prismacolors to stubs, so I had to take the plunge and use my own money to invest in some new ones (I'm trying Prismacolor Scholars and I love them!). Since I plan on being an illustrator one day I need to get the best art supplies to work with.

Anyways that's it for just this moment, I reeeeeaaaallly want to finish Catherine Weatherbane even though it's an ocean of ups and downs and due for a total rewrite (cause goodness knows I'm not dropping it) I still plan on finishing up the full-of-flaws version before giving it the overhaul of my newer (and hopefully better) writing style. But here's the question, I'm finishing Catherine Weatherbane up no matter what, but how many of you actually want to see these upcoming chapters, who wants this story to go on and be completed? Let me know in comments :)

Stay Classy
Sarah Gracen (PG)