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A Switch of People

In which we ride ahead of Cathrine and Company to visit Lissie's Daring, Reading, Harpsichord Prodigy sister Ani Belenora Swan

Chapter 17

I played my piece through for what seemed the one hundreth time, normally I loved playing my harpsichord 
but lately my younger sister came to mind Lissie She'd disappeared a month ago and no word. I wondered if she was safe, if she was okay. I must admit sometimes she seemed a spoiled poetic pain but she was still my sister and the heir to our little palace and surrounding lands even if she was the younger and  father found her unsuitable mother would have her way with her favorite daughter. 

"My Lady Ani." Whispered a timid voice from the doorway. I turned upon instinct. 

"Yes Flavia." 

"Your mother would have you downstairs if you please."
I sighed and got up from my seat. "Alright tell her I'll be down presently." 

Flavia bobbed a curtsy and skittered away.  I put my hand to my forehead before descending the row of endless winding stairs. 


"My Daughter." My elegant mother said holding out her arms for me to give her the expected hug, I held back. "Belenora my sweet, when your mother holds out your arms you are to embrace her." reluctantly I did so and she sat down on her velvet chair smiling with the grace she and Lissie both possessed. I sat down on a chair beside the window grabbing my favorite book. "Precious." My mother grit her teeth. "Wouldn't you prefer to do something more ladylike." 

I bent my head back and flung a piece of hair away from my face. "Not really, mother but if it pleases you." I made to put the book back. "You may read for a little while." My mother seemed pleased with her act of generosity. I placed my book on my lap and silently began to  read when something outside caught my attention, I pushed back the curtain for a better look.

"Mother." I said drawing in my breath. "It''s Lissie and two others." 

Mother jumped up in a most unladylike manner clutching at the arm rests of her chair. "Truly!" she lifted up the long train of her skirts and stepped over to the window and seeing my sister she put her hand up to her mouth and smiled, actually smiled a real loving smile. "My daughter my lovely Lissie" she hurried over to the front door. "Harold!" She gestured for the tall manservant to come. "Get the door my daughter has returned." 

My mind instantly flew to the time when Lissie's disappearance had first been made known mother had ordered search parties sent out and blamed father every day for three weeks and even lately she sometimes glared at him believing it was his fault her favorite daughter had been kidnapped . 

Lissie entered in a somewhat quiet fashion with her normally proud head  lowered mother grasped her hands and hugged her and exclaimed about how ragged and dirty she had become. The boy who had come with Lissie whispered something to the girl beside him she nodded and looked out the door he seemed especially eager to get away and there was something familiar about him.

"My daughters rescuers!" She said raising her voice to a louder and merry tone. "You shall be my esteemed guests and have baths and food to befit royalty." The girl blushed and the boy patted her shoulder. "If you'll excuse us, we must be moving." 

"Nonsense!" Mother said beckoning Harold and Flavia to come. "You shall stay." The boy gazed longingly at the door as he and the girl were paraded away.

"Mother, you should have let them go."

Who was this girl and what had she done with my sister; had Lissie really changed that much that she'd say something against mother's wishes?"

"Well I must say that dirty boy probably wasn't a good idea to keep but his friend that girl...she's royalty I'm sure."

"Of course she's royalty." Lissie whispered twisting her skirt. "She's a princess."

Mother gasped. "A princess!" She turned to me. "Get the maids cleaning and get Flavia to bring that girl a gown befitting her station, I'll not have a princess thinking us crude and dirty oh and tell Rachel to use our best dishes at dinner!"

 I rolled my eyes. "Yes mother."

I turned and saw that girl Cathrine staring at me from up above the staircase and just before she was hastened away she dropped something. What could it be?

Cathrine Wonders Why She is Continually Chased

Chapter 16
Crossing the Boarder 

If I had known that leaving Bren would result in us being chased by two dozen masked men with long curved swords I may have considered staying, but as I did not it seemed perfectly natural to want to cross the boarder as soon as possible.

"Cathrine." Rolic whispered, his horse next to mine. 


"When we pass into Perlusha I am allowed to tell more." 

"Does that mean that you didn't choose to come with us on your own; are you acting in response to orders?"

Rolic shook his curly dirt covered hair. "I'm not allowed to tell you that." 

I sighed. "Of course." 

We rode on farther and Rolic fell back while Ariella pushed her horse forward. "I wanted to ask you, do you believe that you're a princess like he says." She pointed her thumb towards Rolic. 

I shrugged. "I have no reason not to." 

"Yes but still."

I turned a shushing look towards her and felt years older. "Must I always tear you guys apart; you're supposed to be my companions, support my decisions, and accept each other." 
I nudged my horse ahead. It had only been a little bit since we'd all been laughing but I was now very tired, having so much worry placed on my shoulders was dragging me to the ground and it didn't help that my companions squabbled with each like little children. 

Finally we reached the boarder, the very boarder of Bren. I felt my heart leap into my mouth as teh ground started to rumble. "Is it an Earth Quake?" Lissie asked wrapping Sweets reigns around her arms and gripping her halter. 

"No!" Ariella shrieked. "Hurry, move! We need to get far and fast!" 

"Ah What?" Lissie asked confusion lining her pale face. 

"No, ride!" I caught on quickly. 

"Lissie, I'm sorry." I smacked Sweets, she neighed and charged forward. 

"Hoooowwwwww Cooooouuuuulllldddd Yoooouuuuuu." Lissie cried her voice shaking as the horse sped forward.

"Wow, just wow. "

"Oh, be quiet Ariella you and I both know she wouldn't have been able to get up the gumption to speed up ." 

She smiled. "Good thing she wrapped herself up so nicely." Ariella kicked her horse and away they flew. I followed after. 

Looking behind I caught the masked horsemen. "Friends of yours!" I hollered at Ariella. 

"Father's Men!" Her voice hollered back. "He's out for money!"


"He probably wants to ransom you!" She gulped up breaths of heavy wind.


"I don't know!"

"Ariella!" Rolic yelled. "I'm going to stall them, I need you to get Cathrine away!" 

"Not happening!" Ariella replied. "These are my fathers men, I'll handle them you watch her!" Before Rolic could argue Ariella had pulled back and unsheathed her two daggers. "If any of them get past me protect her!" 

Rolic could do nothing but nod, she smiled jubilantly. "Till next time." 

Soon I could see neither Ariella nor the masked men. "We'll continue on without her." Rolic said solemnly helping me off Newinta.

 "No we wait for her." I said stubbornly, sitting down to emphasize my resolve. 

Rolic shook his head. "To dangerous I can't allow it. We don't even know if she'll be coming back." He frowned looking back the way we'd come. "Her father is an unpredictable man he may not be lenient with her." 

"Assuming she got captured I pointed out." 

"Cathrine if you want to proceed with this quest and find your mother than we cannot waste time waiting for someone who most likely won't show." He nodded towards Lissie. "Her parents palace is near here, you cannot stop now." 

I saw the sense in his words and reluctantly agreed. 


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Posting Winners

Yeah I'll be gone tomorrow so I'm posting contest winners a day early. The choice was hard but I had to make the decision so I have and the winner is......

Congratulations Brittany your award is a choice between a place in one my books or you can specially request a post!

Second place goes of course to....

Great job Abilaine I really liked yours a ton it was gorgeous!
And your award is you can have me draw anyone you want!
Gotta go now leaving soon.

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Cathrine Belongs

Chapter 15
Rescues, Squabbles, and Other Such Things

Never had a person been more appreciated or more welcome in my eyes then Rolic was right now with Aunt Prune's lovely sword in his hands his eyes flashing with fire, my captor loosed his hold on me momentarily, I thrust myself forward out of his arms. Behind Rolic I felt braver and I glared at the guard gripping Ariella. "Release her you Stumpy Blackguard!" I ordered Rolic emphasized the command by slashing out at the short guards hands he growled letting her go. 

"You have the upper hand now princess but we'll get you back oh yes we will!" The captain yelled at me retreating quickly.

"Catch them you nit!" Ariella shouted at Rolic. "He knows about Cathrine!"

Rolic whirled round to face her. "What!" Then hurled himself after them with such force I thought he might trip and make a fool of himself. 

He came back to us breathless and distraught but mostly empty handed. "I'm sorry Cathrine." He huffed. "They had to much of a head start and they got to their horses before I could stop them." 

"It's okay." I said quietly. "Thank you for saving me." 

"Pleasure highness." he said as he sat himself on the cold cobbled stoned street. 



"Am I really a Princess?"

He hesitated before answering. "Yes." 


"Alright!" Ariella said plopping herself down next to him. "Truth time, who are you really and what do you know." 

Rolic started but then composed himself. "Before I say anything why don't you tell Cathrine that tiny little detail you skipped earlier." 

Now it was Ariella turn to start. "A...I don't know what you're talking about." 

"Hmm maybe I'm wrong but if I'm not mistaken your are the daughter of the Master Thief." 

"What!!!" screeched a high pitched voice from the corner we all turned and faced Lissie whom I hadn't noticed until now she held the horses reigns in an iron grip. "I always knew she was trouble." 

Ariella glared at Lissie. "Yes I am the daughter of the Master Thief but that doesn't mean that I'm a thief." 

I patted her shoulder. "Of course it doesn't, but why didn't you tell me this earlier." 

She breathed a sigh of sadness. "I thought you would loose all trust in me those people in Perlusha aren't my real parents they just took care of me but I loved them like parents I barely ever saw my father and my mother, she died when I was born." 

"I'm sorry." I whispered.

"It's okay." She perked right up and turned towards Rolic again. "Awe now that she knows all about me it's time for you to spill!" She grinned mischievously.  "Don't think I'd forgotten." 

"I...I still can't tell you, it's not time yet." 

"Oh, really." Ariella snorted sarcastically. "Okay then little missy!" She turned to Lissie. "You have a part in this somewhere tell us about Rolic here."

Lissie flushed as Rolic shook his head and mouthed the words "Nooooo" I giggled in spite of myself and they all turned to me. "What's so funny?" Rolic Ventured to ask.

"I just realized what a comical scene this is." I started laughing again and soon we we all laughing together even the tight Lissie who had always seemed above that before. When we were all done I turned to Rolic and asked. "So when the time comes you will tell us everything won't you." 

"Not everything." Rolic said mysteriously. "There's a time for everything but I promise when those times come I will tell you."

"I'll hold you to that." Ariella said fixing her dark eyes on him.

I nodded absently and gazed over our little group and realized with a tinge of surprise and pleasure that they we where somewhat like family now and for the first time in centuries I actually felt like I belonged. I indulged in the feeling, it was wonderful.

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Write Anna's Story

Yep my Contest to write Anna's story!
You can either write a short story or a chapter of her story. I'd like it to have something to do with the moon and stars use the pictures above for idea's other than that be creative!

1. Write it on your blog with a link to this post.
2. Post the link in the comments of this post

Also for those of you interested you can make a cover for your story as well I can't wait to see the entries!!!

A little later I'll post another chapter and story contest one where you can write whatever you want. 
 Have fun!


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Back to my Life

A closer look at how things have been going so basically "A Closer Look" is just what I'll be calling my personal posts where I write about my life and feelings and such so I just wanted to update you guys.

So I shall get started with the current events of the house here.

Today I went shopping with my mum we stopped at a special frozen yogurt place that's one of my favorites we chatted a lot and I enjoyed myself. When we got home my sisters hurriedly told me to put on my best dress, we were going to take a photo shoot you see, so I hurried fast as I could to get dressed my sisters helped with the makeup and hair. So Liz, Ani, and I rushed outside eager to get in as much daylight as we could mum took contol of the camera and the pictures turned out great after viewing each one I proclaimed the theme princess I being Cinderella in a Blue dress, Ani Belle her hair gorgeously arranged and with a pink dress, and Liz Sleeping Beauty in a cream dress with pink and gold laced embroidery, in a word stunning.

Tomorrow is my birthday but by the time you guys read this it'll probably already be my birthday *smile*
Gotta go now.

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A Tale to a Song ~ The Lad and the Lass

A minstrel strolls merrily down the dusty path humming a forgotten song, he stops seeing a fellow minstrel a lovely maiden with flowing black hair, she holds a harp in one hand and a flute in the other. She nods recognizing one of the same trade he nods back. They fall into step and chat awhile then they stop having agreed to play a duet she lays down her flute and grasps her harp and the other minstrel in turn pulls out his lute from it place and they begin to sing...

The Lad and the Lass
Once Upon a time long ago 
In a land all covered with snow
There lives a lad and a lass
Who were destined to change the past

Years went by and time did pass
Still nothing became of the lad and the lass
Break the rock stop the clock
The Lad and the Lass would change the past 

Still more time flew 
But change would still come fresh, anew 
For in second the clock would halt
And the memories of the present would lock in the valt

The Lad and the Lass were to change the past 
In moments soon and the change would last
Though they knew not what they're acts would do 
What will happen, the answer is up to you.

The song ends and the maiden minstrel laughs a tinkling laugh. She curtsies to him and he bows politely to her. She asks him what did happen and the lad minstrel whispers in her ear his answer she laughs again and they shake hands and once again part ways. 

So what do you think happened? 

Princess Cathrine

Chapter 14
Cathrine and Ariella are Ambushed

"Oh, no not now." Arillia groaned grasping at my hand. "Please for my sake, lets just run!" 
I nodded and away we ran. 
"Arillia, wait the horses!" I huffed. 
"Stop it just call me Ariella and I saw Rolic and Lissie leading them away. Don't worry I told them to meet us at the boarder and we're close enough if we outrun them we'll be fine."

But just as she said that two guards blocked our only exit. "Lookee here." Sneered the short one. "It's the princess and her litt'el friend." I backed away and Arillia ooh, I mean Ariella (she needs to quite doing that it confuses me) Ariella instinctively grabbed at her daggers only to be jabbed in the stomach.  "Haha she thought she could get away with that!" the short but still muscley guard laughed maliciously. "Yes ma-princess we've found you at last and ma'Lord Fredic'll be so pleased." His beady eyes bore into mine. "Mayhaps he'll give us a pretty penny for her." 

"Excuse me!" Ariella spat. "I'm not going anywhere with you!" 

"Har, har, har!" The short guard laughed hysterically. 
"We could care less about you little girl, we really only need the princess but we'll be taking ye just the same." The tall guard growled grabbing my arm and squeezing. "And if ye try anything funny we'll break her arm. My Lord Fredric said do whatever is necessary to secure the prize." He stared down at me and squeezed again for good measure I cried out in spite of myself. "Drayden!" He barked to the short guard. "Grab the dark gal, we need to get moving!" 

"You...You're." I stuttered. "You're from Perlusha and your Fredic's royal guard?" 

"Yes, little Princess."

"Why are you calling me...princess." 

"That's what ye are and when we get you're mother we'll be set for life!" "Har, Har." Drayden laughed. "Good un' Captain!" 

"Quiet!" He barked again. "Get the gal now or I'll leave you behind!" Drayden obeyed muttering under his breath. 

"I'd have thought Fredric would have better guards." Ariella said sounding bored. "I mean you to have the poorest accents I've ever heard and the poorest manners I might add." 

"Drayden, you'd better gag her."
 I glared at him my courage returning to me. "Don't you dare!"

"Ah, you'd better be quiet too little Princess we've a gag for you as well." 

Just then something flashed and two guards flabbergasted turned around scowling and that was when I saw Rolic.

Hope that thrilling sequence gets you excited for more!

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Entry For Rachel's Contest

Yep you saw right I have not abandoned my promise to do this, and boy was I happy with the result!
I'm sorry I couldn't get this done sooner but I had tried several times but failed because I was trying for the wrong style so then I decided to try an entirely new approach and I came up with The Girl in Sunglasses and it just seemed right!
So what about you, the contest is still going will you enter?
The contest is over at Designed to Inspire check it out!

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Another Revised Post

Another sloppy piece from 3 years ago

Look how much more alive it is now. It was fun to do this and I like tweaking the clothes to look more fun and exciting this Anna must have a story behind her...maybe you girls would like to have a go at it eh? 
Tell me if I did a "Write Anna's Story" contest would you enter it?

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Girl in Winter Revised

This drawing was done on the laptop 3 years ago my first attempt at computerized painting 
*click pic to get a better look* 

This is the revised editon of the above and was done just today as you can see I've had much more practice
and I have the shapes down better also I fancied it up a bit by adding more to her apparel.

Let me know if you'd like to see more before and after computer drawings or just a few I did last year; your opinions are greatly appreciated! 

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Cathrine Likes to Know Her Companions

Chapter 13
Ariella's Tale 

"My true name is....Arillia Lorelai."
I opened my mouth to comment but she held up her hand. "I know that's the name of the princess, please let me finish. As I was saying my name is Arillia Lorelai and I'm "not" the princess we share looks and a  name and that's all, however the real princess of Bren went missing and the guards began to scour the country at the time I hadn't known that we looked alike or had the same name (we were a very isolated farm family) anyways they found our farm and accused my parents of kidnapping me, I tried to tell them I was no princess and I belonged here but they didn't listen to me...they shipped my parents to Perlusha and I was sent to the castle I didn't like it they were certain I was suffering from memory loss and tried to teach me to be like the real princess, that was four years ago. Finally I met a Lord named Blades (I doubt that was his real name) he taught me to use daggers and was like an uncle to me I told him my story and he believed it. He helped me to escape."

I nodded solemnly. "So if they were to find you now, with us?"

"They would probably assume you had kidnapped me and throw you into the deepest dungeons...honestly they're so rash!"

"You would know." I said quietly.

"So you see, I must go to Perlusha and find my parents and then together we can find the princess and prove they're innocent.

"By the way you make it sound...perhaps the princess ran away and does not wish to be found, then how will you get her to come back?"

"We will consider that when the time comes if necessary."

I saw that she was set firm upon this notion and I knew she would go to great lengths to prove her parents innocence I only hoped that in doing so she wouldn't do anything to harm her own reputation. "So when you told me that a Lord gave you the daggers and horse, you were telling the truth?"

She nodded "Yes."

I turned to Rolic. "And you, how did you know about her?"

He shrugged "I've been to the palace once or twice and seen her and..." he stopped for a second as if pondering if he should really say this then he seemed to decide it was all right and began again. "I've seen her parents in Perlusha."

Ariella...excuse me I mean Arillia looked at him aghast. "You have are they well, are they okay." her eyes were hungry for information.

"Yes they were well but I don't think they're so well now times have been hard in Perlusha and I heard Fredrics men had taken them to do service for the kingdom and I'm sorry to say that means he means to make slaves of them."

Arillia wiped away a tear and got up into a determined position. "Right! Then we haven't a moment to loose, Cathrine I will help you as far as I can but then we must part ways."

"Wait!" I yelled out. "Would anyone else like to share some information about themselves?" Lissie glanced over at Rolic and he shook his head, she too said nothing; I sighed. "Well then maybe you'll open up later. Shall we be off?"

Then the guards came....

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Stuff, Question Answers, Questions, Nominee's, Stuff

I've been awarded the Liebster Award by Piano Bookworm, Thanks PB I appreciate it! 
(Liebster means Dearest in German for those of you who don't know)

The Rules
List eleven facts about yourself
Answer the eleven questions you were asked
Award another eleven bloggers with less than 200 followers
Go to each bloggers page and let them know you awarded them
Thank the person who awarded you (I did that at the top but I will also thank her on her blog)

Lets get started then.

Facts About Me

1. I like math
2. I think my moms the best cook I've ever seen
3. I like to read....a whole totally lot! (but then you probably already knew that)
4. I have four fantastic siblings
5. I'm writing a book with my younger sister Ani (She's only a year and a half younger, not that much)
6. My older sister Liz has the most gorgeous long hair I've ever seen!
7. I like to think out plot scenarios before bed.
8. I think memorizing song lyrics is sporty hahaha
9. I like soft, very soft things
10. In me and Ani's book my characters name is Hazel
11. I never celebrated my first year of blogging or my one hundredth post, because at the time it hadn't seemed like that big of a deal.

Now onto Piano's Questions

1. Do you eat meals with your family?
Yes and I love it!

2. Are you musical in any way? If so, which?
Well I sing

3. Would you rather go somewhere where there's a forest, or an open plain?
A field of flowers in a green grassy plain

4. What time period of history are you most interested in?
I just can't seem to remember hmmm?

5. Do you like practical books better, or stories?

6. What do you think about creationism vs. evolution?
I'm not sure what you mean, I think evolution is absolutely wrong and God creating everything is absolutely right

7. Do you ever have that annoying moment when you are sure you've seen this person before, but you can't remember where?
Yes, that is really annoying isn't it.

8. Would you like homemade bread or store-bought bread better?
Homemade I'm sure

9. Have you ever had homemade ice-cream?
Weeelllll I've had homemade Snow Ice Cream does that count?

10. Horses or cats?

11. Algebra or Geometry?
Well I haven't done Algebra so lets just say math shall we, I like math much better than geometry.

 My Questions
1. You're in a book, what is your name?
2. You're at your introduction chapter what's happening?
3. We're describing you as a character what do you look like?
4. The Story type is revealed is it a Fantasy, a Mystery, a Sci Fi, ect...
5. We're leaving your home what is the scenery?
6. We meet some of your friend and family who are they what are they like?
7. You're at a turn point in your story where you're somewhat normal life is disrupted what happened?
8. You meet your enemy who is it and what do they want?
9. Your enemy leaves before you get the chance to ask any questions what do you do now/
10. You are confronted with the enemy in the final trial what do you do?
11. The enemy is gone now you are surrounded with friends and family, you know your life will never be normal again and yet somehow you're okay with that. How do you celebrate your ending?
Now my nominee's are actually going to be the blogs dearest to me so if you've already received  

My Nominee's

Okay so my nominee's are going to be those blogs and bloggers actually dearest to me  or you could say the ones I enjoy reading the most minus a few that I know won'y react to this, if you've already been awarded this you don't have to do it and if you'd rather just answer the questions in comments and ignore the rest of the stuff that's great too!

1. Storyteller
2. Piano Bookworm
3. Ireland
4. Alexandra
5. Abilaine
6. Lena 
7. Marrisa
8. Delvalina
9. Jenna
10. Maddie May
11. Noelle 

Since I'm pressed for time consider this rule
Go to each bloggers page and let them know you awarded them

is officially scratched out I'll leave it up to you girls to find this post and seek out your names.

Now remember girls you can either post your answers in comments or do the whole thing like I did on your blog rules and all :D and none of you are obligated to do this if you don't want to.

Thanks for reading!

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Random Questions (Please Read and Comment)

Okay so today since I'm just feeling like it I'm going to do a random post full of randomness questions because I'm weird like and I think it's something easy to write when all creativity has left you and also I think you may inspire some more creativity in me.

For starters I've been reading a lot lately and I was thinking about making of list of things I want to read and the things I have read starting say last week and anyways I was thinking maybe a few of you would have some great books to recommend if you could leave an answer in comments I'd greatly appreciate it.

Second, I've been meaning to have a drawing every morning thing but I just haven't been having any inspirations I thought maybe if any of you have any ideas for like drawings and such, say a picture of a girl in a french restaurant, a picture of Ariella Corden, stuff like that if you girls have any idea's or art requests that would also be greatly appreciated and if you do please leave them in comments.

Now if at anytime I so choose to have another chapter writing contest what kind should it be? Should I give a name and plot or leave that to you, should I assign a genre or a theme? Leave your answer also in comments.

Thank you so much for reading this and if you leave a comment thanks again!


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An Interview

I got to interview Bessie Lark and here it is.

1. What do you want to be when you grow up and if you're already grown up what do you do?
I'll be a homeschooling mom, possibly a math teacher and a writer.

2. What inspires you?
Water, friends, and my backyard.

3. Hobbies?
Reading, writing, piano playing, singing, school.

4. You're favorite kind of story/book?
Fantasy and historical fiction...and romance makes any book better. :)

5. Favorite Food?
Hmmmmmmmm..... No clue, but I like cheese and bacon and spicy things. :)

6. What do you think I look like?
Your header probably influenced this, but I think you're blond and cute, maybe freckled and petite.

8. What are a few of your dreams?
To be meet my best go to Middle have an LOTR see the Hobbit parts two and three.

9. Are you writing anything if so what's it about? And if not what would you like to write?
I just finished a novel, so now I'm planning another about selkies.

10. If you were a book character who would be and how would the plot go?
I'd be an Elf girl in Middle Earth and Legolas and I would fall in love. :)

11. You're ideal pet, down to the last detail.
A pegasus...creamy colored with a blond mane.

12. You're favorite book so far. (besides the Bible)
Lord of the Rings and Mara Daughter of the Nile.

13. Favorite Bible Verse.
Deuteronomy 27:33a

14. Favorite hairstyle. (only answer this if you're a girl)
Shoulder-length, left free and slightly layered. :)

15. What is the coolest name you can make up?
Ilisa...Reisha...Niralla (all girls)
16. How did you like this interview?
It was fun. I love interviews. :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Short Chapter AKA Cliff Hanger

Chapter 12

"Ariella....isn't a thief." I told myself uncertainly as I glanced back at the guards. Rolic caught my attention he was jerking his head to back where she'd disappeared, I nodded and motioned for Lissie to follow she looked bewildered I took that to mean she hadn't seen any of the prier events. 

When we were far enough away from the guards Rolic began to speak. "I know things don't look good for our friend, but I for one know that she is not a thief if that's what you are thinking?

"How do you know that?" I asked him suspiciously?

"I  can't disclose that it's not completely my secret and I'd have to tell the tales of many others that would probably prefer to be left alone." 

I shook my head at him. "Well than do you "know" who she really is?"

"Yes, but she doesn't know who I am...well I mean she doesn't know who I "really" am."

"Who is she then?" 

Rolic folded his arms. "It's not my place to tell."

I sighed, well if I wasn't going to get an answer out of him I'd get one out of her. I told the others to follow.

Finally we found her far away from the town center stroking Jotsies soft nose. She smiled when I approached. "So sorry for abandoning you all, can't have the guards on me you know.

"No I don't know, in fact I don't really "know" anything about any of my companions, and I thought shouldn't a person know something about at least one of her fellow travelers. So may I ask, Who are you?

"'s a long story"

"We have "some" time and I can stretch that." I sat down on a nearby bench. "Begin."

"Well I suppose I should start with my real name........