Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cathrine Wonders Why She is Continually Chased

Chapter 16
Crossing the Boarder 

If I had known that leaving Bren would result in us being chased by two dozen masked men with long curved swords I may have considered staying, but as I did not it seemed perfectly natural to want to cross the boarder as soon as possible.

"Cathrine." Rolic whispered, his horse next to mine. 


"When we pass into Perlusha I am allowed to tell more." 

"Does that mean that you didn't choose to come with us on your own; are you acting in response to orders?"

Rolic shook his curly dirt covered hair. "I'm not allowed to tell you that." 

I sighed. "Of course." 

We rode on farther and Rolic fell back while Ariella pushed her horse forward. "I wanted to ask you, do you believe that you're a princess like he says." She pointed her thumb towards Rolic. 

I shrugged. "I have no reason not to." 

"Yes but still."

I turned a shushing look towards her and felt years older. "Must I always tear you guys apart; you're supposed to be my companions, support my decisions, and accept each other." 
I nudged my horse ahead. It had only been a little bit since we'd all been laughing but I was now very tired, having so much worry placed on my shoulders was dragging me to the ground and it didn't help that my companions squabbled with each like little children. 

Finally we reached the boarder, the very boarder of Bren. I felt my heart leap into my mouth as teh ground started to rumble. "Is it an Earth Quake?" Lissie asked wrapping Sweets reigns around her arms and gripping her halter. 

"No!" Ariella shrieked. "Hurry, move! We need to get far and fast!" 

"Ah What?" Lissie asked confusion lining her pale face. 

"No, ride!" I caught on quickly. 

"Lissie, I'm sorry." I smacked Sweets, she neighed and charged forward. 

"Hoooowwwwww Cooooouuuuulllldddd Yoooouuuuuu." Lissie cried her voice shaking as the horse sped forward.

"Wow, just wow. "

"Oh, be quiet Ariella you and I both know she wouldn't have been able to get up the gumption to speed up ." 

She smiled. "Good thing she wrapped herself up so nicely." Ariella kicked her horse and away they flew. I followed after. 

Looking behind I caught the masked horsemen. "Friends of yours!" I hollered at Ariella. 

"Father's Men!" Her voice hollered back. "He's out for money!"


"He probably wants to ransom you!" She gulped up breaths of heavy wind.


"I don't know!"

"Ariella!" Rolic yelled. "I'm going to stall them, I need you to get Cathrine away!" 

"Not happening!" Ariella replied. "These are my fathers men, I'll handle them you watch her!" Before Rolic could argue Ariella had pulled back and unsheathed her two daggers. "If any of them get past me protect her!" 

Rolic could do nothing but nod, she smiled jubilantly. "Till next time." 

Soon I could see neither Ariella nor the masked men. "We'll continue on without her." Rolic said solemnly helping me off Newinta.

 "No we wait for her." I said stubbornly, sitting down to emphasize my resolve. 

Rolic shook his head. "To dangerous I can't allow it. We don't even know if she'll be coming back." He frowned looking back the way we'd come. "Her father is an unpredictable man he may not be lenient with her." 

"Assuming she got captured I pointed out." 

"Cathrine if you want to proceed with this quest and find your mother than we cannot waste time waiting for someone who most likely won't show." He nodded towards Lissie. "Her parents palace is near here, you cannot stop now." 

I saw the sense in his words and reluctantly agreed. 

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