Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Switch of People

In which we ride ahead of Cathrine and Company to visit Lissie's Daring, Reading, Harpsichord Prodigy sister Ani Belenora Swan

Chapter 17

I played my piece through for what seemed the one hundreth time, normally I loved playing my harpsichord 
but lately my younger sister came to mind Lissie She'd disappeared a month ago and no word. I wondered if she was safe, if she was okay. I must admit sometimes she seemed a spoiled poetic pain but she was still my sister and the heir to our little palace and surrounding lands even if she was the younger and  father found her unsuitable mother would have her way with her favorite daughter. 

"My Lady Ani." Whispered a timid voice from the doorway. I turned upon instinct. 

"Yes Flavia." 

"Your mother would have you downstairs if you please."
I sighed and got up from my seat. "Alright tell her I'll be down presently." 

Flavia bobbed a curtsy and skittered away.  I put my hand to my forehead before descending the row of endless winding stairs. 


"My Daughter." My elegant mother said holding out her arms for me to give her the expected hug, I held back. "Belenora my sweet, when your mother holds out your arms you are to embrace her." reluctantly I did so and she sat down on her velvet chair smiling with the grace she and Lissie both possessed. I sat down on a chair beside the window grabbing my favorite book. "Precious." My mother grit her teeth. "Wouldn't you prefer to do something more ladylike." 

I bent my head back and flung a piece of hair away from my face. "Not really, mother but if it pleases you." I made to put the book back. "You may read for a little while." My mother seemed pleased with her act of generosity. I placed my book on my lap and silently began to  read when something outside caught my attention, I pushed back the curtain for a better look.

"Mother." I said drawing in my breath. "It''s Lissie and two others." 

Mother jumped up in a most unladylike manner clutching at the arm rests of her chair. "Truly!" she lifted up the long train of her skirts and stepped over to the window and seeing my sister she put her hand up to her mouth and smiled, actually smiled a real loving smile. "My daughter my lovely Lissie" she hurried over to the front door. "Harold!" She gestured for the tall manservant to come. "Get the door my daughter has returned." 

My mind instantly flew to the time when Lissie's disappearance had first been made known mother had ordered search parties sent out and blamed father every day for three weeks and even lately she sometimes glared at him believing it was his fault her favorite daughter had been kidnapped . 

Lissie entered in a somewhat quiet fashion with her normally proud head  lowered mother grasped her hands and hugged her and exclaimed about how ragged and dirty she had become. The boy who had come with Lissie whispered something to the girl beside him she nodded and looked out the door he seemed especially eager to get away and there was something familiar about him.

"My daughters rescuers!" She said raising her voice to a louder and merry tone. "You shall be my esteemed guests and have baths and food to befit royalty." The girl blushed and the boy patted her shoulder. "If you'll excuse us, we must be moving." 

"Nonsense!" Mother said beckoning Harold and Flavia to come. "You shall stay." The boy gazed longingly at the door as he and the girl were paraded away.

"Mother, you should have let them go."

Who was this girl and what had she done with my sister; had Lissie really changed that much that she'd say something against mother's wishes?"

"Well I must say that dirty boy probably wasn't a good idea to keep but his friend that girl...she's royalty I'm sure."

"Of course she's royalty." Lissie whispered twisting her skirt. "She's a princess."

Mother gasped. "A princess!" She turned to me. "Get the maids cleaning and get Flavia to bring that girl a gown befitting her station, I'll not have a princess thinking us crude and dirty oh and tell Rachel to use our best dishes at dinner!"

 I rolled my eyes. "Yes mother."

I turned and saw that girl Cathrine staring at me from up above the staircase and just before she was hastened away she dropped something. What could it be?

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  1. Ooooh! I really liked this chapter. It was so fun to read. I can't wait until you write the next! What did Cathrine drop?! What's going to happen now!?

    Write some more!!