Thursday, February 21, 2013

Princess Cathrine

Chapter 14
Cathrine and Ariella are Ambushed

"Oh, no not now." Arillia groaned grasping at my hand. "Please for my sake, lets just run!" 
I nodded and away we ran. 
"Arillia, wait the horses!" I huffed. 
"Stop it just call me Ariella and I saw Rolic and Lissie leading them away. Don't worry I told them to meet us at the boarder and we're close enough if we outrun them we'll be fine."

But just as she said that two guards blocked our only exit. "Lookee here." Sneered the short one. "It's the princess and her litt'el friend." I backed away and Arillia ooh, I mean Ariella (she needs to quite doing that it confuses me) Ariella instinctively grabbed at her daggers only to be jabbed in the stomach.  "Haha she thought she could get away with that!" the short but still muscley guard laughed maliciously. "Yes ma-princess we've found you at last and ma'Lord Fredic'll be so pleased." His beady eyes bore into mine. "Mayhaps he'll give us a pretty penny for her." 

"Excuse me!" Ariella spat. "I'm not going anywhere with you!" 

"Har, har, har!" The short guard laughed hysterically. 
"We could care less about you little girl, we really only need the princess but we'll be taking ye just the same." The tall guard growled grabbing my arm and squeezing. "And if ye try anything funny we'll break her arm. My Lord Fredric said do whatever is necessary to secure the prize." He stared down at me and squeezed again for good measure I cried out in spite of myself. "Drayden!" He barked to the short guard. "Grab the dark gal, we need to get moving!" 

"You...You're." I stuttered. "You're from Perlusha and your Fredic's royal guard?" 

"Yes, little Princess."

"Why are you calling me...princess." 

"That's what ye are and when we get you're mother we'll be set for life!" "Har, Har." Drayden laughed. "Good un' Captain!" 

"Quiet!" He barked again. "Get the gal now or I'll leave you behind!" Drayden obeyed muttering under his breath. 

"I'd have thought Fredric would have better guards." Ariella said sounding bored. "I mean you to have the poorest accents I've ever heard and the poorest manners I might add." 

"Drayden, you'd better gag her."
 I glared at him my courage returning to me. "Don't you dare!"

"Ah, you'd better be quiet too little Princess we've a gag for you as well." 

Just then something flashed and two guards flabbergasted turned around scowling and that was when I saw Rolic.

Hope that thrilling sequence gets you excited for more!

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