Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A contest!

That's right girls, the time is upon us! 
I've just glanced at the polls and it seems at least 2 of the prospective contest participants want me to announce three different genre's for them to pick from but 3 would rather I allow them to draw whatever, so since that's what one out that's is what we'll do! However I am a terrible judge when I have to pick between a beautiful portrait of a person or one of an animal to be the maybe we should limit this to people only? I feel like you can't judge them the same since they're different genre's.

So everyone okay with that?

. Only one drawing per person 
. Must post on your blog and link to this post 
. Must leave the link to your post in the comments of this one
. Brownie points for color! (it's not actually a rule, but I do LOVE colors)
. Must turn in your submissions before or by May 3'rd 

OKAY now that we've settled that pull out your pencils, pens, and colors 
The Winning Drawings will be judged by me :) of course, and anyone may enter as long as they follow the previously stated rules. 

Finally Have Fun :D