Wednesday, November 27, 2013


My dad was reading off some haiku so I told him I'd write two about tonight, (but it's really like few word stories) 

Mom made homemade hot chocolate, my sisters had just come in from skating on the lake, had pork chop sandwiches whilst sharing haiku and funny things :)  

Hot Chocolate on the table
rosy cheeked sisters 
Skates at the door

Family round the table
Stories shared

What do you think? Did I do alright?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Please Look At...

I've got a new page for art suggestions <3 
You can still make suggestions in comments on here but can also do it there (my official place for it) and make me very happy, so when finished they'll be posted on my other blog mostly and I'll just leave links to them on this blog or if you want on your blog in your comment box :) Go over there it kinda explains things with making it sound like I want to do them because I'm "something special" blah, yeah I don't do it for that so yeah, check that page out :) 

Oh, and Thanksgiving it coming up yay! I'll be posting thanksgiving posts soon yay! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay...yaya! :D

Pegasus for S.

Okay so me and Growly have finally completed S.'s second request...also if you follow my other blog "The Artistic Writer" than you can skip this post because it's virtually the same :) 

*Hers* {Growly}
NAME: Emberwing
TYPE: Caelestis (rare)
SKILL: Warrior

GENDER: Female
NAME: Lorelei 
TYPE:  Cloudsdale 
(In the Clydesdale family of horses, slightly stockier, don't fly for long periods of time and make their homes in hidden fields far away from roadsides and populated villages and towns.)
SKILL:  Unknown 

What are your idea's? What would your Pegasus be like? This'll kinda be like Storyteller's Dragonmaster Linkup. So you can make up a story to go along with it if you like (COOL PEGASUS STORY LINKUP) ....and if you guys do this send me the link and I'll....maybe make my own little story

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Slipper Socks

For lack of a better title.
No I haven't done anything to fix the lappy all I did was give it some many days of rest...which seems to have paid off, I thought I'd let you know that was going good and than I thought I'd just share some things I've been enjoying recently.


1. My thinking spot (AKA the backyard swing) it's a great place to relax, listen to music, think, and plot out stories. 

2. My cozy slipper socks

3. The Autumn Sunsets *sigh*

4. Future Photo Shoots! (we haven't done them yet but we're planning to)

5. Pilgrims Progress (part 2 Christiana) study (is that spelled right?)

6. Beautiful Eulogy songs like this one :)
and this one
Listen to them they're awesome! Its free on noisetrade right now :) 

Annnnnnnnd that's all. What have you guys been up to?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


So you guys aware that I've been having technical difficulties with the laptop (rather serious difficulties) 
which means it's an unpredictable mess and I can't be sure it won't suddenly turn off...and if that happens while I'm writing a story well....I won't be very happy so as you can see we are at an impass here, me and Ani are looking at buying a new one but well it will take some time to raise the necessary amount, especially with baby showers, Christmas, and Operation Christmas Child coming up. So I'm writing this to tell you that you probably won't be seeing stories on here for awhile at least not until I the big computer get's plugged back in and maybe I can get that done soon. So basically just be patient and don't expect a lot of posts as much as I'm in a real writing mood I can't quite quench it yet, not until the mac gets plugged I guess we'll see how things turn out. I will try to post as much as I can even if I can only do it on my iPod :] so there you have it :) 

hope to write you all again soon :D


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dragon Battle!

Per request by S. thanks we really had fun with it :D I hope you like them :)

Mine :)
My knights name is Derrik, Derrik is a young knight so the elder knights sent him on a long quest to prove that his skills were beyond his youth (he was young for a graduated knight), Derrik accepted heartily since he had very much wanted to go out and have adventures and slaying dragons was by no means the only thing on his to do list :D the dragon's name is Salaven the red, and he was known for burning down villages and stealing cattle and sheep. In this picture Derrik has caught the dragon on his way to pillage another town and hoping to take him by surprise he silently lept from the ground bringing his bow out to shoot the creature unfortunately the bow made a slight noise while he was putting the arrow to it and Salaven heard him...and so the battle ensues :)

Growley's :) 
This mysterious knight is often known by the alias Shattering Sword.  Shattering Sword is often silent, receiving mockery from opponents without reaction.  Shattering Sword's true identity is almost always hidden by the helm.  Whenever the helm is off, no one is around to see.  However, this Shattering Sword has a surprising identity:  Shattering Sword is actually a girl!  Her real name is Ethelgyth.  Ethelgyth is fairly strong and is a formidable knight.  However, she has one problem: she is easily frightened.  Because of her cowardice, she wanted to become a brave warrior, rather than a frightened little girl.  But, she had a better reason to become a knight:  Darkness spreads over her home, and an evil named Hyrytth is the source.  Evil creatures like dragons, wraiths, and hobgoblins appear suddenly throughout the land.  The darkness devours those who she cares about--her friends and her uncle--and thus she thought that the pains her home was suffering from was enough.  So, she sought out the wisdom of an old hero named Peter and was mentored by him.  Ethelgyth is shown in the picture battling the evil dragon Morrtroff, a dark servant of Hyrytth.  

So what do you guys think? Any more requests for our future challenges?

Friday, November 1, 2013

New Polls :)

Well guys here I am again...well actually not really...I'm just
Here for a second to say I've some new polls up for you guys
I also thought I'd let you know I have a new post ready there have just
Been a few hiccups along the way hindering it's progress...mainly an old
Computer not doing what it's supposed to, oh well we'll have it up when we can
In the meanwhile Growley (Samantha) should be posting soon on "the Artistic Writer"
So if you get impatient for me to post go over there she should have some nice stuff coming :)

Au Revoir