Friday, October 29, 2010


for today's post I'm writing
Fruit blossoms I hope you
find it Beautiful.

Baby blossoms white and pink
What should come from a blossom
What should think think think
Oranges apples tasty sweet want some.

Similar looks different metamorphosis
Similar looks different names
Apples of red oranges of orange so many of this
Oranges quenched my thirst Apples to horses there silky manes.

Juicy oranges shiny apples
Blossoms sorted tree by tree
Gifts of plenty to children giggles
Wonderful I hope you see.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Uh Oh Oh No

So sorry I haven't written in a while.
Here is a funny post about
mess ups enjoy.

Uh Oh Oh No
Uh oh oh no
Where did all the dishes go
Dropped them on the floor I guess
Oh my what a mess.

Hey a piece of ham
Meat loaf and a chunk a spam
Oh I guess the dogs will do
Clean up this mess and hurry too.

My my you cleaned up that food
The glass needs to be swept up though
Oh dear melted snow
From last December I'm sure I know.

Oh see it's all clean
Time to make dinner and that's what I mean.
                                                            -Poem Girl

Goodbye for now
 Poem Girl.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Jump Ropes

here is a simple jump rope
rhyme I figured my readers might enjoy
if some of them jump rope here it is.

Jump Rope Cantaloupe
Jump rope cantaloupe 1.2.3
Along hopped a bunny right into me
Jump rope cantaloupe 4.5.6
Here comes my friend taking 100 pic.

Jump rope cantaloupe 7.8.9
Listen to the bells as they play there lovely chime
Jump rope cantaloupe 10.11.12
someone carrying long shelves.

Jump rope  cantaloupe 13.14.15
passing along over the white water stream
Jump rope cantaloupe 16.17.18
Running children  picking teams.

Jump rope cantaloupe 19.20.21
starting now comes our sweet hum
Jump rope cantaloupe 22.23.24
Riding our shiny copper horse.

Jump rope cantaloupe 25.26.27
count back from eleven
and now at this time we are done.
                                 -Poem Girl

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.

A simple Misunderstanding

Here it is again more of those cute kitty's in
"The Adventures of Creamy Grey and Midnight"
hope you enjoy today's episode.

Those Three Guys: Step inside
And get to work we'll check
Up on ya later.

Midnight:Okay some tuna
Milk as well will suite us fine alright
So you guys bring it to us tonight
And we'll sit up straight without a fight.

Creamy Grey:Oh yes please do
I feel quite hungry too.

Those Three Guys;Oh no that's noy our deal
You agreed to catch mice in exchange  for help.

Tiger:Alas he's right
I'm afraid we had false expectation's
Now get to work and catch those mice on sight
You must excuse your actions.

Those Three Guys:Oh no it's fine
We'll compromise you catch 3 mice 
And we'll give you milk and tuna and help as well.
We've been trying to get rid of it.

Midnight:Oh wow that's swell
It's a deal and well
We need to pack more for the trip
Start now and happily we will skip.

Tiger:Alright guys now get to work
We need to please them without a quirk.

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Water Lily's

Today I was recalling how beautiful
Water Lily's are and that inspired
today's post so enjoy.

Water Lily's
White little wishes
Floating with honor
Gentle little kisses 
Beautiful with each hour

Grace with light
Loved by the pond
Delicate sight
As we bond.

Sunsets love
By the mountainside
Pure white Dove
Faith it replies.
                -Poem Girl

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Fun with Calvin and Hobbes

I think that Calvin's imagination is well wild
you never know what he'll think up next
with him and his stuffed tiger Hobbes  where
will there imagination lead them today.

this is Calvin's dance hehehe.


this is a Calvin and Hobbes Poem.

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Kitty's meet Those Three Guys

Hello today readers I hope you enjoy
today's  post on..................................
"The Adventures of Creamy Grey and Midnight" .
Oh and I'd like to thank

Tiger:So here we are
We've come this far.

Creamy Grey:We've made it to the fence of Those Three Guys
It's a fairly reasonable size
Oh wow it's them
Oh no I hope we didn't give them the poem. 

Those Three Guys:Hello back there
Would you please help us?

Midnight:Help you but help we need
It's poems that spread like a weed.

Those Three Guys:We'll help if you help us
You see we have a bit of a mouse problem
If you'll be so kind as to come in and help  us
We'll gladly help you.

 Tiger:Your inviting us to dinner
I suppose it will help us not to get thinner
Okay we'll help you
But don't leave us because that won't do.

Those Three Guys:Come on in
when your done
we'll go with you.

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.

Friday, October 8, 2010


So sorry but I just couldn't resist
to post another day let alone till
Monday So here's another post on
"The Adventure's of Creamy Grey & Midnight".

Pussy cat1:Come one come all
See the scraper 5 feet tall.

Pussy cat2:Come get your steamy hot milk
 Or buy some beautiful Soft silk.

Pussy cat3: Stay at the hotel vest
 Only a dollar and we don't jest.

Midnight:Oh no it's spread
I wonder how far ahead.

Tiger:Come on let's go
Don't walk so slow
It's almost pitch black
And I don't know my way back.

Creamy Grey:Can we rest
In hotel vest
It's to dark to travel now
I just don't see how.

Tiger:Fine but please don't talk
We don't want to spread more to walk
And don't forget We need some food
I hope the inn keeper isn't in a bad mood.

Cremy Grey:How will we ask
We don't want to make this a harder task
How will we not ryme
At this late time.

Tiger:We'll write on paper
And then give to the care taker
He'll give us a bed
Nothing else to be said.

Midnight:Oh how will we leave I think were lost
How much of our time will this cost
3 days more of rhyming  still
How will we ever finish it seems like were  climbing a hill.

Tiger:Get some sleep
You'll need it tomorrow I guarantee
At least the hill won't seem to steep
Hurry now time isn't free..............

don't forget to check out
Those Three Guys

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Runing Poems-Calvin and Hobbes Special

What a day what a day
you know I've been  thinking
a poem can be great if you make it creative
you don't have to be serious when writing a poem I'm
talking pure funny poems the stuff that makes you smile
 I mean The ha ha ha's ya know the guy who writes the Calvin comics can make a poem funny oh yeah I'll include a comic.So here is today's poem.

Running Poems
There goes a poem down the road 
Chasing after a bright blue toad
Does it make sense not at all
But a poem can be crazy tall.

Here comes a poem after me
wait a minute what does it see
A dog colored striped pink 
Falling into a deep sea sink 

there's a poem eating a cake
 you can tell it's not a fake
But poems like this can't be for real 
because how can a poem talk to a seal.

Poems poems run away
Because someone is here to stay
and to run you outa town
hurry now you have ten minutes to astound.

Wacky quacky doodle do
Have some fun with poems too
Be astounded
It's undouted
That your enjoying this
Yes it's true now you are dismissed.


Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Laphter for the Mind 3

I couldn't refuse too do it
just one more time today
so here it is.................

Creamy Grey: Hello Hello
It's poem time
With Those Three Guys 
It's time to rhyme.

Midnight: To Tiger we go we must make haste
We really have no time to waste 
Poems here and poems there
Even poems in your hair.

Creamy Grey: Tiger Tiger were on a mission 
Will you join our expedition
Were stuck with poems we don't why
I really hope that you aren't shy.

Midnight: Mission 1 is  really easy
It's mission two that makes us queasy
Find Those Three Guys that's mission 1
Get The map and RUN RUN RUN!

Tiger: What's mission 2
What's wrong with you
Your making me contagious too.

Creamy Grey: Oh no we did it
We admit it
Just for now you'll have to live with it.

Midnight: Mission 2 we find the cave
Open book  and then were saved
But before we do that we
Have to swim the evil sea.

Tiger: Okay guess I'm in
So just were do we begin
Rivers start or rivers end
These poems I'd be glad to send.

Where do they start?Will
they find who there looking for?
Will they be stuck talking poems
the rest of there lives?Join me and
those crazy cats each week to find out.

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.

Laphter for the Mind 2

HeHeHe Today we have more hahaha's
and more pet talk and more reason's why
you should read " Those Three Guys "
So here you are................................

Midnight: Guess who's opening todays
post your favorite little kitten Midnight!!!

Creamy Grey: Oh no your not you did it last

Midnight: I must refuse to believe you besides
I already did.

Creamy Grey: Well then I get to do it the next 2 times
and I also get to add the Those Three Guys to my sentence

Midnight: not fair not fair as if it isn't bad enough 
that you get the next two times you get to  do it
pick 2 not 3

Creamy Grey: Have it your way I'll introduce the next
time and I get to mention  Those Three Guys .

Midnight: Fine I'm gonna go see Tiger

Creamy Grey: Hey I'll join ya

Midnight: to Tiger to Tiger were off to go see Tiger!

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.