Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Runing Poems-Calvin and Hobbes Special

What a day what a day
you know I've been  thinking
a poem can be great if you make it creative
you don't have to be serious when writing a poem I'm
talking pure funny poems the stuff that makes you smile
 I mean The ha ha ha's ya know the guy who writes the Calvin comics can make a poem funny oh yeah I'll include a comic.So here is today's poem.

Running Poems
There goes a poem down the road 
Chasing after a bright blue toad
Does it make sense not at all
But a poem can be crazy tall.

Here comes a poem after me
wait a minute what does it see
A dog colored striped pink 
Falling into a deep sea sink 

there's a poem eating a cake
 you can tell it's not a fake
But poems like this can't be for real 
because how can a poem talk to a seal.

Poems poems run away
Because someone is here to stay
and to run you outa town
hurry now you have ten minutes to astound.

Wacky quacky doodle do
Have some fun with poems too
Be astounded
It's undouted
That your enjoying this
Yes it's true now you are dismissed.


Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.

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