Friday, October 8, 2010


So sorry but I just couldn't resist
to post another day let alone till
Monday So here's another post on
"The Adventure's of Creamy Grey & Midnight".

Pussy cat1:Come one come all
See the scraper 5 feet tall.

Pussy cat2:Come get your steamy hot milk
 Or buy some beautiful Soft silk.

Pussy cat3: Stay at the hotel vest
 Only a dollar and we don't jest.

Midnight:Oh no it's spread
I wonder how far ahead.

Tiger:Come on let's go
Don't walk so slow
It's almost pitch black
And I don't know my way back.

Creamy Grey:Can we rest
In hotel vest
It's to dark to travel now
I just don't see how.

Tiger:Fine but please don't talk
We don't want to spread more to walk
And don't forget We need some food
I hope the inn keeper isn't in a bad mood.

Cremy Grey:How will we ask
We don't want to make this a harder task
How will we not ryme
At this late time.

Tiger:We'll write on paper
And then give to the care taker
He'll give us a bed
Nothing else to be said.

Midnight:Oh how will we leave I think were lost
How much of our time will this cost
3 days more of rhyming  still
How will we ever finish it seems like were  climbing a hill.

Tiger:Get some sleep
You'll need it tomorrow I guarantee
At least the hill won't seem to steep
Hurry now time isn't free..............

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Those Three Guys

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.

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