Monday, October 11, 2010

Kitty's meet Those Three Guys

Hello today readers I hope you enjoy
today's  post on..................................
"The Adventures of Creamy Grey and Midnight" .
Oh and I'd like to thank

Tiger:So here we are
We've come this far.

Creamy Grey:We've made it to the fence of Those Three Guys
It's a fairly reasonable size
Oh wow it's them
Oh no I hope we didn't give them the poem. 

Those Three Guys:Hello back there
Would you please help us?

Midnight:Help you but help we need
It's poems that spread like a weed.

Those Three Guys:We'll help if you help us
You see we have a bit of a mouse problem
If you'll be so kind as to come in and help  us
We'll gladly help you.

 Tiger:Your inviting us to dinner
I suppose it will help us not to get thinner
Okay we'll help you
But don't leave us because that won't do.

Those Three Guys:Come on in
when your done
we'll go with you.

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.


  1. The suspense builds.....

    Thanks Poem girl. And special thanks to Whitestone.

  2. Heehee. This was a fun exchange. And Those Three Guys will get rid of the mouse in their house.