Friday, October 29, 2010


for today's post I'm writing
Fruit blossoms I hope you
find it Beautiful.

Baby blossoms white and pink
What should come from a blossom
What should think think think
Oranges apples tasty sweet want some.

Similar looks different metamorphosis
Similar looks different names
Apples of red oranges of orange so many of this
Oranges quenched my thirst Apples to horses there silky manes.

Juicy oranges shiny apples
Blossoms sorted tree by tree
Gifts of plenty to children giggles
Wonderful I hope you see.


  1. Fruit is definitely one of God's good gifts to us.

    Sometime, when you can find a magnifying glass, take an orange apart and look at the little tiny sacks of juice. Jillions of little sacks of orange juice all in one orange. Pretty cool!

  2. Whitestone, great idea, I gotta make sure Poem Girl gives it try.