Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thanksgiving & Pies

When you imagine Thanksgiving
what's the first thing you see
well if your me you'd see pies
lots of pies you know what else
Turkey,Stuffing,Potatoes,Candy Yams,
and just plain togetherness.
When I think of Thanksgiving I feel warm
and that's why I've decided too write my days
poem on Thanksgiving I'm also sharing another
poem on Pies so I do hope you enjoy today's post.
Blessings blessings all around
Family Friends a room full of sound
Food Food turkey found
Give Thanks Give Thanks to God.

How have you been? your kids have grown.
Conversations have certainly sewn
The Turkeys roasting as the children drool & moan
Give Thanks to God to God alone.

The pilgrims sailed across the sea
The children act out the play to the family
Laughter as the curtains close and we go to our meal happily
Give Thanks to God give thanks to him.
                                                                              -Poem Girl

Thanksgiving Pies
Pumpkin Pies still nice and warm
Pecan Pies being crusted
Are you sure you can be trusted
To place the crust without causing harm.

Whipped Creamy pumpkin pie
Apple Pie is just as good with cinnamon
when you smell you have you have to sigh
now it's time to try number one.
                                                     -Poem Girl

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.