Monday, November 8, 2010

Those Three Guys find Creamy Grey and Midnight.

Get ready for another episode of ......
The Adventures Creamy Grey and Midnight.

Those 3 Guys :were did they go
we made a deal so now we gotta find them.
I think we should keep running towards town
I think they ran that way let's go.

Tiger: I think we lost them
maybe it was around that last Bend.

Creamy Grey: Oh no are we lost again?
No we're not see there's Hotel Vest oh wait it's them!

Meg: wait a second we don't want to hurt you
we just wanted to know if we could help too.

Hank: yeah we live across from Those 3 Guys 
by the way we keep rhyming  so therein the problem lies.

Tiger: I guess it spread
did you hear us talking as we fled?

Meg: we don't know why we're rhyming do you
it would be helpful was it something we said was it a who?

Tiger: no we don't know but there's a book
it may tell why it should help to get rid of the rhyming if we look.

Those 3 Guys: there you are where have you been.

Tiger: Well it's a long story but I was wondering
why aren't you rhyming or blundering?

Midnight Maybe there the cure
they are they are I'm sure I'm sure!

Creamy Grey: But how can they help us
the book will tell us how  we can it's just.

Tiger: Just so hard we need to hurry
we need to go without the furry.

What will happen next when
they have life long choices to make
join us next Monday for the Final Chapter of.....
The Adventures of Creamy Grey and Midnight!

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.

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