Thursday, December 4, 2014


No snow yet, we had some in November but then it I'm ready for some more, I'm in a festive mood you see, that needs to be fueled :j 
I'm craving hot chocolate and cider, cookies and pumpkin soup, and I'm looking forward to snow. 

There is a Christmas party tomorrow and me and Anni are kidsitting for some people who are going, which is great because I love kids :) 

We got a tree today which we'll get to put up soon yay! 

I got to see Big Hero 6 with my sister's it was pretty good, Anni loved it!

I got asked to illustrate a book! 
True it was Anni who asked me and it's a book that only my niece will have, but I'm pretty excited about it just the same, I've always wanted to illustrate a book!

I got to see my first ever Ballet in November, it was The Nutcracker, performed by the Moscow Russian Ballet, it was beautiful and I loved it.

I've filled my iPod with lots of Christmas music which I'm really enjoying one of which it this album ->
Probably one of my favorite Christmas albums ever :) 

Anyways that's all I have for now, until next time.
Au Revoir 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Been Awhile

Well, a brief recap is in order here we go.
1. We went hiking again. This picture was captured by my dad the day we went on trail\off trail hiking. It was gorgeous, this picture doesn't even do it nearly enough justice! 
I was also experimenting with my hair that day, you can't tell from this pic but I was attempting a natural straighten which involved a brush and a hair dryer.
Yeah I know the point of a perm is to get curls but some days you want to go straight.
2. I got new oxfords (and returned the previous ones)
3. Enjoyed the lush fall weather
4. Put together our costumes for our churches upcoming costume party (it's next month) 
5. Drew some more. I found out that makeup contouring guides make great face shading cheat sheets.
6. Went to an awesome friend's birthday party 

And that's it for now, sorry it was short...and not a story...or anything else more know what, how about I leave you with a couple poems.

The World in the Door
There was a crack,
In the middle of the door,
Every time we looked away,
It was bigger than before.

It dazzled our eyes,
With sights so grand,
That enveloped us so,
Till we were in the palm of it's land.

We stood for awhile,
With wide open eyes,
By opalescent waters,
And bluish green skies.

Till slowly it faded
As the woodworks reformed 
And we were as before 
Our stunning venture adjourned.

A Poem Wish
Give me a steady rhyme
So that I can keep the time
As I really ought to do
And not too many nor too few 

Let the subject grow and grow 
Until it has to fly, to go
Because it has to end sometime
As it is with all good rhymes.

Onwards or No 
Choose to discover, choose to forget
What you decide, will affect 
Close your eyes, open wide
A dream or reality, a crazy ride
Think you know? No you don't 
Think you can handle, no you won't 
What you've seen so far doesn't compare 
To danger you'll face, better prepare
If you'll move forward take a step back 
If you'll retreat than pack 
Once you choose, you're stuck
With either choice you'll need pluck 

Leave and you'll wonder;
Stay? Stray asunder?
But better to leap and fall
Than to not leap at all 
And forever wonder,
If you made the right call.

 Done for now like I said before, still gathering my this and that's. I need a bit more time to gather my creativity in a manageable place.

Anyways, Au Revoir my Amis 
Sarah Gracen

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Return of the Procrastinator

...seriously that's gonna be my next book ...yeah B) ...and it'll be so ironic because I'll procrastinate on it too, THAT'LL BE THE SEQUEL! "The Ironic-ness Strikes Back!"
:j all joking aside, I have been putting off posting for a while a long while for various reasons I conjure up whenever I knowI should be posting...I really need to step it up.

Anyways while I gather my creative this and that's I post pictures of what I've been up too,

Fall and winter shopping because I've been putting it off for 3 years and I'm tired of being cold on Sundays (I meant mostly just Sunday, fall and winter shopping I have clothes for weekdays) 

And yeah...those are just the shoes I got I did buy sweaters and tops as well.

Drawing...not so much this past week, I was busy rereading a really great series (leave a comment if you want to know what it was was)

         ... {~S~} ...
      Out of pictures 
I also had several hiking trips with my dad (and sometimes sisters) in the local park...which was just oh, just gorgeous and wonderful, felt like I was in a book or something with all those fall trees and that outdoorsy smell Mmmmm.

Went in Pinterest a lot

Had a long string of late nights where I couldn't fall asleep because of stress (but what do I have to be stressed about? Ugh let me count the things) 

Made plans, changed plans, kept plans 

And interestingly enough, still very busy.
I'll try to get back on here when that cools down.

Anywho really need to go...

Au Revoir my Amis 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Just Chilling

So it's the middle of the afternoon me and my sis Ani just finished with some side work and now, now it's time to blog! To be quite honest with you I've attempted several posts before this one but I've found myself having trouble deciding what to post about...what does one post about when one feels dried up? 
I haven't been drawing much either....not to say I haven't been drawing, just nothing interesting enough to share, mostly I've been so busy and excited with just my every day life it gets hard to come on here ya know. 

But hey I love you guys and I love writing so I thought...who cares if you have nothing to really say...because there's always something to say right! Just like there's aways something to do and always something to draw,
even if it's just chores to do...a half okay poem to write, or a little flowery card.
 I have been contemplating writing about a few other things but I just haven't felt like they were good enough idea's yet...I'm still building on them so yep when they're ready....BOOM! Interesting posts galore!
You know what, I've actually noticed that a lot of people haven't been writing...and some that even have stopped altogether....I'm determined though! I've been blogging just two days shy of four time to slow down now guys!
 If I can get some old projects restarted and some new ones kicked into action, 
it'll be just like old times.
Like Catherine Weatherbane...I really need to get going on the next chapter for that.
It's so funny; I'm at the point where everything is so full of potential  and exciting I should be more ready to write this than I am, guess when you're mind is so filled with other things it's hard to concentrate on that one thing that you started awhile ago, but I like Catherine and I also like a lot of other characters whose stories you guys have probably forgotten by now...but I haven't forgotten them, SO THEY SHOULD RETURN!!!

Got to go, interesting stuff later :j

Au Revoir
Sarah Gracen

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Best Attempt at a Title

Um.....yeah, can anyone say slacker :/
When I said I going to try harder to post more I meant it, this is me trying :j 
but hey, I guess it's easier to read other peoples blogs and pretend I'm posting too. Do you know I actually thought I was even though I wasn't; how's that even possible!?

If any of you are still reading...GREAT, thank you so much! I seriously love you guys like friends! And even if you just read and don't comment, you're still awesome :) and I'm so happy you're here! I know I probably sound like a girl who just loves having a big number on her followers list, but I mean it! 
My 4 year Blog-O-Versary is coming up soon and I can't believe how many new friends I've made through this blog.

I'll have some new things posted soon and hopefully some more chapters to my books, we'll see.
Let me know if there's anything in particular you want me to write about....or maybe you have an idea for something I could draw next (Love that)
Also if anybody's interested in entering writing contest on my blog, please tell me in comments.

Au Revoir 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Updates and Exciting News

Hello There :)
So it's been awhile since I've written anything and I'm not sure what to tell you to expect....however there is one thing....super excited to tell you!!!

Catherine Weatherbane is coming back!!!
That's right I'm coming out of writers block for that one...actually the chapter has been written for a month I've just been to busy to send it to my beta readers...AKA Dad and Liz.
I just need to know if they think it's alright and if they like it....*ding* it'll be posted.

Now explanation for why I haven't been writing.
It's the age old tale. Summer. Yeah, summer you know how crazy summer's are, they hit you like a rocket with things to do...and if you're like me it kinda makes your head spin.
And yeah I know technically even in the busiest times you always have some free time...but you have to ask yourself, "Is this how I want to spend that time?" usually that's a no...and don't deny that you get that way too. 

Anyways back to Catherine Weatherbane...if there's anything you want to know about it, or think would be really cool to see in it, or even maybe want to have a little appearance in it let me know in comments :) 

Oh, and one more thing I remember someone winning a contest a longish time ago and she was going to have an appearance as Ariella's younger sister (you know who you are) please contact me through comments so I know too and can finally do that, Thanks :) 

Au Revoir 


Saturday, June 28, 2014

His "Richness"

               Confused catch up here ->
          Chapter 19
In the Throne Room

His "Richness" slouched on "his" throne smiling an ugly self-satisfied smile, his eyes boring down at on the defiant dirty girl before him, "Thought you could escape from my palace did you Princess." The Brenian glared at him.

"Did you really think I wouldn't try, REGENT Fredric."

His smile disappeared from his face he hated that title now and she knew it, he had bigger plans. He was going to be King! So far he had to settle for His Richness but one day when he had both those so called royals then he would have what he 
"Try all you like, you'll only succeed in making your stay here a longer and more unpleasant one, after all I hardly need you anymore, I've got a better princess in mind now. The only reason your still here living somewhat decently is because I owed a favor to someone, an old thieving friend of mine. He steals for me and I keep his precious daughter living the high life which also happens to help line his very big pockets with silver." 
He chuckled as he said this because at the moment, that daughter wasn't living so high. 
"Ungrateful brat didn't like being a princess though and got away, now HE wants me to ship her back there so the silver will start flowing again.
This actually happens to work in my favor though."

He tapped his fingers on the wood table in front of him as he leaned his head forward. 
"The girl happens to be very close with my lost little princess, so a few messages forged in her hand and a little help from her thief daddy, we'll soon have two princesses in this place...and in return I'll have the thief's girl dragged back to Bren by her hair."

Arillia could hardly say anything she was so angry, she struggled against her guards as they dragged her away, "You'll never be king REGENT! You'll always be a cockroach and one day someone will step on you!"

"Rant all you like, the point is, you're living situations can easily be changed with no one to care, one more misstep and you might find yourself in the pit."

The doors slammed as she was taken from the room. Fredric looked down at his papers proof that everything wasn't going quite as well as he'd planned, a little hitch in his road to royalty if you will.
"Now for the boy...."

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Chapter 2

           (Drawn and Edited by Me) 

I admit I'd picked up the book by accident while looking for a finished but unpublished book by one of my favorite authors Linda Stratus...the manuscript was supposed to be on that shelf but in my hurry I'd picked up, "The Unofficial Official Story of Plee Ames" instead, an unfinished 
Fictional story by some author I'd never even heard of (after some extensive research I'd done much later on I'm not even certain she ever existed) at first I wasn't too upset I'd accidentally purchased the wrong book, the title had peaked my interest and despite it being only a manuscript  it had a very ornate cover...even the couple sentences before the first chapter were kinda cool if a little weird,

"My name is Plee Ames, but being that this book is unfinished that's liable to change by the time it is finished, so I wouldn't grow too attached to it nor would I put any stock in it. Because as far as I know the story has gone and finished itself by now and I already have a different name. Stories are unpredictable especially when they aren't bound within the pages of a book."

I didn't have long to ponder what on earth that meant though because before long I'd realized that only two pages were filled and the rest were...blank.
I felt cheated I'd spent a weeks savings on it and it wasn't  even 10 pages long, who would bother putting such a nice cover on something that was only 2 pages.

I hadn't even wanted to read what it did have at the time...figuring it would be a waste.
But at sometime late that night I'd suddenly had an urge to just...Look at it, Maybe it would be enough to spur me on  to actually write my own book...who knew, maybe those 2 pages had enough in them to fuel my imagination.

So I'd crept over to where it was lying, on the floor by the wastebasket (I hadn't been able to throw it in even if I had been that upset) and carefully opened it...opened more than I'd intended, opened something I wouldn't have even   dreamed were possible...I just sat mouth agape as the words each flew from the two pages as I silently read them, swirling all around me till they began to stick together and take shape... and If my very real screams hadn't pervaded the silence I believe I could have maybe just passed it off as a dream...but it wasn't a dream and if I was right Plee Ames had just slipped out of her book...

Summer Dalton what have you gotten yourself into! 

Note: if you're curious as to what Summer chapter 1


Friday, June 13, 2014

Chapter 1

Okay, so most people read books and wish if only for a moment that they could enter the adventure too, meet the main character and become an important part to the overall completion of the quest.
 But me...well no, I read books...I read lots of books sure, I like books too don't get me wrong, but...I mean I live in a book, I'm the main protagonist, and I am supposedly important to the completion of the plot, however that was sort of debateable since mine was an unfinished story....
How did I know I was in a book, you ask, well that's kind of hard to explain, let's just say I was born knowing...I was also born knowing what a normal life the real world was like...and I had a feeling there was a reason I'd always never seemed to belong in this incomplete book...I had a feeling maybe the reason it was unfinished was because my story wasn't confined to these pages...maybe the rest of my ending, was waiting for me. Waiting on the outside, and all it would take to get there would be to get somebody to find my story and read up to this point you 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A delightful afternoon

That's precisely what it is. I'm lying on a picnic mat, outside with a book in my hands, me and Ani have finished our game of badminton and all is calm and peaceful.  It's just lovely :) 

Sorry for such a short post today. Maybe I'll have a longer one tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cheery Cherry Tree

My Cheery Cherry Tree
Cheery Cherry Tree 
Bend your branches down to me 
I want to pick your cherries red
To lighten your arms of their heavy spread
So I may enjoy your plentiful berries
And you can be free for a time from cumbersome cherries 

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Peculiar Place (part 1 The Poem of Beginnings)

I walked outside to get some air
But was surprised by what I didn't see there.

Nowhere was it to be found
It was gone without a sound.

My eyes bore down at where it should have sat
And saw something else very wide and flat.

What to make of it, I could not decide
So I got on my hands and knees near where it lied.

I pressed my face so close ere I was upon it
Pondering why it was here and why my thing was not.

Suddenly it opened up and in surprise I slid  forward falling in
Tumbling deeper and deeper in an uncontrollable spin!

I hit the ground with grunt and pulled myself to my feet
My entrance closed,worry descended on me, can you feel the heat?

Thursday, June 5, 2014

My Cheery Cherry Tree

Oh, wow, I haven't posted in foreeeeeeeeeeever. 
Can you believe that, I mean it's not that I didn't have things to talk about I had an over abundance actually, but I was never on the lappy (in case you didn't know lappy is my nickname for me and Ani's laptop). But hey I have a blog and when you have a blog you sort of have an obligation to post on it, so I'm going to try and be better at posting regularly alright...and commenting on other peoples blogs too...I can't tell you how many times I've had comments I wanted to leave but didn't get around to it, so yeah that too.

Anyways what's up over here...well currently I'm swatting an IRKSOME fly...but now it's gone...YAYA

My apologies, it was just so, so yeah back to what's up.
Mostly we've been going to graduations parties but we've also been doing other things,
like me and Ani have been playing badminton, perfect weather where we live, awwww it's just lovely....and very very hot...any very very wet...yay for rain! Our lake has recently started falling and we were scared it would disappear has once before and let me tell you it was not a pretty sight...sad time. A sad. Sad. Time. But if we get enough rain maybe we can keep it awhile longer. Oooooookay other than that....we had the day before Memorial Day and yes...Horses were rode :) 

Ani and Babe                                                                                                                                    Molly

And than of course there was Memorial day and that was great too.

 The lake: earlier and current :)

A little more recently I've been chatting with...THE FLY IS BACK....okay it's gone now, I've been chatting with my cousin Em...she's so awesomely awesome, you guys would love her. We're planning a get together sometime this year hopefully sometime this month or the next.

I've started a summer reading plan with the local library, which I highly look forward too!
I'm planning on going to see How to Your Dragon 2 maybe sometime...not next week since that would be like, the day it comes the week after that I'm sooo excited I put the date on my calendar at the beginning of the year...I just hope it's not a let down, because I already plan on buying it 
v  v
By the way, who else thinks the trailers gave waaaaaaay to much away?

Let's see what else....can't think of anything so I guess it's time to log out.

Tootles not Poodles

P.S. Think of the post title as a spoiler for a future poem 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

A "P.S." From Aninimouse and an explanation from Sarah ;)

Hellooooo I forgot sonething, and it's like somthing really BIG too!
I'm sort of in this witness protection thing but it's not actually witness protection it's called something else (also something this "SAFE" (Secure Armed Firewall Electronic) (basically a souped up super computer with a bazillion cool things in it but a million bazillion restrictions) won't let me explain) so I'm not actually allowed to be doing this hehe...this place is crazy I've been here only a week but already things have gotten weird...AWESOME weird.

 Actually I met Libsy,VGal, and Blue here, yep we're all in the same boat...sooo I'm not altogether sure why we're here but we are....and I can't wait to go from M•T•I•I•T(Minor TRECK Initiate in Training) to M•T•I•I•A (Minor TRECK Initiate in Action)  even though they do say that if I ever went M•T•I•I•A I'd soon be M•I•A (Missing in Action) phfft like I'd ever slip up! Anyways, sooo hyped...oh, yeah and I found an access code that let me say TRECK, that's the name of this Organization it's a lame name yeah, but they're cool people...well some of them anyways, HG's kind of a pushover annnnnnn....ack hems back again gotta go.

Aninimouse Out!

       \      \  |  /      /
  ___  -  -  •  -  -  ___
       /     \  |  /      \

Hey guys :)
This is Sarah, just letting you know that yeah all this is made up for fun by me :)
 it was kind of a spur of the moment thing...Aninimouse is a cute name for Anonomous which I thought would be a fun name for my character.

This was actually supposed to be just a one post thing but I enjoyed playing Aninimouse and if you guys liked her too let me know I might continue her story.
 Oh, and one more thing, can you guys come up with some nicknamed for Aninimouse I can't use Ani cause that would be confusing I guess I could call her 53 but that's just part of her fake username and I thought you guys could come up with some better stuff.

Let's Talk :)

Friday, May 16, 2014

Knock Knock :)

Guess who, yep it's me...who am I you ask? 
Well that's funny I was just going to ask you who you all were!
My name is Aninimouse and no I'm not Sarah's sister Ani (I mean really why does everybody think that?) I'm here because Sarah's not....not to say that she doesn't know I'm on here...she totally does!!!!
But seriously um...don't tell her, I mean she probably forgot and stuff and um....oops ah yeah,  she...totally knows.

Anyways I guess since I'm new and posting I should tell you a little more about myself  it's expected right, okay here goes...

I'm ** years old 
I have ***** hair 
My eyes are ***** 
I have a 3 friends named *****, ***, and ******
But I'll call them Libsy, VGal, and Blue here
I live in the northern part of  ****** ******* (it's always rainy too) 
I have a strong distaste for coffee, and all tea's....except chai...Mmmm chai "HEY LADY CAN I GET A CHAI OVER HERE......" Oops sorry I loose it when I think about chai :P

Sorry about all the (*) I'm actually not allowed to tell you that stuff haha um...funny right.
Why can't I? Well it's...,kind of....complicated, I guess you'll understand a little later you can blame the....*******....

333C+\ error, attempt to correct? [Yes] [No]/+C333 

 2234B-error, couldn't correct, attempt diagnostics? [Yes] [No] 

44Df56• diagnostics restricted under order of code 3367B4 bypass code needed to overide

Bypass code: *****
User: Aninimouse53

Incorrect, user Aninimouse53 is not authorized to divulge this information under code of 44B4A1
Would you like to continue trying? [Yes] [No] 

well that didn't work...technically even if I'd used HG's user name it still wouldn't have worked...Ack! I blame these "safe" they must have like a million restrictions....just for one day I'd like a normal computer....aaaaah that's HG now gotta go, 

Aninimouse Out!

       \      \  |  /      /
  ___  -  -  •  -  -  ___
       /     \  |  /      \

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mr. John Doe

I knew too much, so therefore I had to be made to forget, in other words when I woke up covered in the still falling ashes of a broken and burned building I couldn't even remember my own name all I could remember was one thing...a little girls cry for help, and that still lingering voice tore at me though I didn't know who it belonged to, all I knew was that I needed to find that person, and I needed to find her fast!

Chapter 1
Waking Up

I picked myself up and began to brush the ash and soot away meanwhile every muscle in my body was screaming, if you've ever fallen through three floors of house, landing on your back, you can understand just how badly I felt.

I did a quick health check and found no broken bones, fractures, or even sprains....just bruises, lots and lots of bruises, some first degree burns brimming on second, and singed clothing and hair. How I wasn't in worse  shape I couldn't tell you, but for all my sort of good conditions I wasn't fine, losing my memory was almost worse than having broken bones, the not knowing was killing me! 
I had to find her but I had no idea who she was or even if she was alive I could only hope and it was a frail hope indeed.

I stumbled away from the wreckage, holding my hand over the worst of the burns until some nearby stroller noticed me, "Hey kid, are you alright? You look a little banged up there." 
I gave him a wry look which he didn't understand until smokey smells finally reached his nostrils and the burnt building his eyes, his jaw dropped. "Were you in that? Goodness! I've got to get you to the hospital, has the fire department been here yet, how did they miss you?"

"Don't know." I wheezed, "I was right in the middle." 

"Take my arm boy, anything broken, what happened here?"

"No nothing broken....checked, but....can't remember anything."  

"I see?" Suddenly he narrowed his eyes, "I don't suppose you know your name, your age? You couldn't be more than 16.... or 17."

"17, I think but I...don't know my name." 

"Hmm." He continued to eye me suspiciously but then the look was gone and so suddenly I almost doubted it had even been there in the first place, "Listen to me, questioning you as if you'd started the fire and making you talk while your voice is barely a raspy whisper, come with me my car is just around the corner we really should get those burns seen to and maybe we can find out who you are as well.

"Wait...I don't even...know your name."

"Oh, of course, my name is Dooly, James. R. Dooly and now please be quiet, We don't want to loose your voice entirely."

I know I shouldn't have trusted him, a stranger, but there was something about him that just told me I could trust him and something else that told me that fire had been no accident, something that made my skin crawl that made me feel like maybe I wasn’t really out of the fire yet…like I still needed to be cautious and….”WATCH OUT!” I ducked and none to soon for just as I did a huge crowbar surged overhead just barely hitting the very top of my head but it was enough to knock me off my feet, I landed on the ground with a thud my head whirling to catch sight of the one who had thrown it, but he was gone and I was now more certain than ever that I was in over my head already…

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A contest!

That's right girls, the time is upon us! 
I've just glanced at the polls and it seems at least 2 of the prospective contest participants want me to announce three different genre's for them to pick from but 3 would rather I allow them to draw whatever, so since that's what one out that's is what we'll do! However I am a terrible judge when I have to pick between a beautiful portrait of a person or one of an animal to be the maybe we should limit this to people only? I feel like you can't judge them the same since they're different genre's.

So everyone okay with that?

. Only one drawing per person 
. Must post on your blog and link to this post 
. Must leave the link to your post in the comments of this one
. Brownie points for color! (it's not actually a rule, but I do LOVE colors)
. Must turn in your submissions before or by May 3'rd 

OKAY now that we've settled that pull out your pencils, pens, and colors 
The Winning Drawings will be judged by me :) of course, and anyone may enter as long as they follow the previously stated rules. 

Finally Have Fun :D

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Best of 2013

Thought I'd just get this out of the way while I'm on here 

The Best drawing of 2013 as determined by you girls is...

Thanks for voting :) it was fun to see what everyone's favorites were..
Rest assured I will be having the art contest REALLY soon.

Mister Max

Mister Max: Book of Lost Things
By Cynthia Voigt

(Amazon's summary)
Max's parents are missing. They are actors, and thus unpredictable, but sailing away, leaving Max with only a cryptic note, is unusual even for them. Did they intend to leave him behind? Have they been kidnapped? 

Until he can figure it out, Max feels it's safer to keep a low profile. Hiding out is no problem for a child of the theater. Max has played many roles, he can be whoever he needs to be to blend in. But finding a job is tricky, no matter what costume he dons.

Down Points
If there were any I don't remember them 

My thoughts
An amazing book 12 year old Max puts his acting skills and nondescript (or as the book puts it average) features
to use in interesting ways, by fitting himself with costumes and a personality to match.

I found it interesting that with just a quick change of clothes he could become a University Student, A Dog Catcher, A Police Officer, A Fat Detective, ect ect...
And remember Max is just 12 which makes it even more interesting.

I'm definitely going to buy this book and the sequel when it comes out and I would highly encourage those of you who haven't read it to check it out :D



Tuesday, February 18, 2014


So here I am not really here...well actually I am here I just mean this isn't going to be long for 3 reasons 1. It's late 2. I'm typeing this on my iPod 3. I've got lots to say :)

⚪ Sooo here's just a few tid bits until I can find time to post the rest ⚪
Alright so those of you who follow my art blog'll know I went skiing on valentines day last Friday...well IT WAS AWESOME!!!
No one broke, tore, or sprained anything though several were quite sore especially the ones who picked snowboarding over skiing (we went with our church) I never fell going down a hill only when I was walking... I would definately go skiing again ❤

Other than that well my birthday is this Sunday (can you guess how old i'll be) and I've got the results of the BEST OF 2013 post so here we go plus I think i'll be finally hosting that art contest veeeery soon.

That's it for now I think. Thanks for being awesome loyal readers I appreciate you guys a lot :)


Monday, February 3, 2014

Best of 2013

So my sweet sister Liz decided to help me out and color a few of my drawings for me :) she did an awesome job :D While coloring she got the idea to have a sort of contest thing...she said I should put all my art from 2013 up on here and have you guys vote for your favorites (I'm just putting up the colored ones though) 
all in all there are 14 to choose from I'll explain more of how this is going to work after I show the pieces

*all the ones that say, "Sarah and Liz" are drawn by me and colored by her..oh, yeah there wasn't room to sign the first two sooo yeah those are drawn by me and colored by her too*
 (the ones that just say Sarah are completely done by me)

 colored by Liz

Alight so, here's how the voting works in comments rate each picture in  order of favorite to least favorite example: 

1. Pernisia 
2. Lady Elf 
3. Flowerband
4. Sierra
5. Boating (it's the second drawing)
6. Brookeside nap (first drawing)
7. Brittney
8. Hope

rate all 14 (because this is the only way I can get a somewhat accurate conclusion) 
If this is going to work I'm going to need more than one voter (commentator) please do vote, I'd be really grateful :D

I'll try to have a working button on here later if you want to help me get some more voters :) and we'll see what's the best of 2013! Thanks in advance 

Sarah Signing off

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sometimes Titles are best left to the Imagination

In other words I couldn't think of anything because even I don't know what I'm posting today..probably poems...maybe something more...I don't know we'll see what comes I GUESS :) 

Here's what I've been doing lately singing...writing...drawing...same as always huh, except I never did tell you guys that I sing  :) yeah I like singing and I like making up songs...but in my opinion I'm just okay hmmm sometimes I wonder...everything these days sounds like I'm bragging ugh I'm not trying too.

Anyways today is the first day of February YAY I love this month :) and it means next month Frozen comes out on DVD I'm sooooo excited!!! Aaaaaand on another random subject me and my sisters are going skiing for the first time ever in our lives soon., we're excited but also nervous so if any of you girls who have been skiing before and have tips please share them, we've already heard a few things but we could always use some more, I'd also like your prayers for it too...Anna's (Storyteller) skiing accident has kind of made me a little on edge about it especially since I've never broken or severely sprained or torn anything in my whole life sooooo...yes prayers for safety would be much appreciated :) 

I've also been memorizing Psalms 45 and really enjoying it :D 

I apologize for the sloppiness of today's post I'm not quite collected today :\ 
Thanks for reading 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!!!

Well it's here the year I've been waiting for :) 
Why,  you may ask....I don't know I guess it just feels special somehow maybe it's because it's one year I couldn't imagine coming because all the other years seemed to fall naturally but this one felt...distant or some such...I don't know, thoughtful people can sometimes be stumped by their own thoughts, hahaha.

Anyways to commemorate this new year I'm going to be posting my favorite things that happened last year and some things to prepare for the next new years...cute idea's and such. 
Let's begin.

1. Getting Closer to my Savior
This was a big year for my faith...I was going through some dry times but God helped me through them...He feels so close now....and I've never quite felt like this before :) I'm thankful for this most out of everything that happened.

2. Top Movie of the Year 
Totally was surprised I was actually right about this one...the first few early early trailers didn't look too promising but I've wanted to see it so badly since I first found out about...and it really was as good as I hoped it would be :D It's one of my favorites right next to How To Train Your Dragon... it helps that Elsa and Anna remind me of my sisters Liz and Ani haha :D 

3. New Family
How could I not put my niece on here...she's a darling! and I loved spending New Years eve with her and her parents

4. New Friends
I was able to make some new friends this year both in the blogger world and in the real world too. And I got to become closer to some friends I already have :) 

5. More Sister Sister Fun!!!
I love hanging out with my sisters and there was a lot of that in 2013! 

6. Getting done with 70% of the house stuff
That's right House work isn't fun but it sure feels rewarding when it is done...we still have a little more to do but we completed the bulk of it last year (yeah that's right almost the entire year we were working on the house....when you don't fix more than one a year in a house that's oldish you find you have a lot on your plate when you decide to take on all of it! I feel like we moved or something the house is so different.

Things I want to happen next year

1. Continue to get to know my Savior
 and to have a deeper love and understanding. To have a burning to desire to know more.

2. To be less Self oriented
Sometimes I think more about myself and pleasure than anything else...when that happens I hate it, so I hope that the Lord will help me with that this year :) 

3. To Fill up two or more notebooks with drawings
I only finished one last year.

4. To find at least 5 or more awesome books
Because what reader doesn't like to discover new awesome reads!

5. To pick up with my regular writing and blogging schedule 
Because it's dropped considerably 

And that's all I can think of for now....

So here's some idea's to prepare for next year....I only have two for you :\

1. Favorite Word
Every new awesome word you hear you write down, then look up the meaning for that word and write that that for every one and by the end of the year decide which is your favorite....

2. Memory Jar
Find a cute jar and decorate it however you like (I like Mason Jars) 
and then every time a new happy memory happens, write it down on a slip of paper and slip it into that jar...on new years eve you can read all those memories and reminisce :)

How was your new year...what was your number 1 top movie of the year...let me know in comments I'd love to hear from you :)