Saturday, June 28, 2014

His "Richness"

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          Chapter 19
In the Throne Room

His "Richness" slouched on "his" throne smiling an ugly self-satisfied smile, his eyes boring down at on the defiant dirty girl before him, "Thought you could escape from my palace did you Princess." The Brenian glared at him.

"Did you really think I wouldn't try, REGENT Fredric."

His smile disappeared from his face he hated that title now and she knew it, he had bigger plans. He was going to be King! So far he had to settle for His Richness but one day when he had both those so called royals then he would have what he 
"Try all you like, you'll only succeed in making your stay here a longer and more unpleasant one, after all I hardly need you anymore, I've got a better princess in mind now. The only reason your still here living somewhat decently is because I owed a favor to someone, an old thieving friend of mine. He steals for me and I keep his precious daughter living the high life which also happens to help line his very big pockets with silver." 
He chuckled as he said this because at the moment, that daughter wasn't living so high. 
"Ungrateful brat didn't like being a princess though and got away, now HE wants me to ship her back there so the silver will start flowing again.
This actually happens to work in my favor though."

He tapped his fingers on the wood table in front of him as he leaned his head forward. 
"The girl happens to be very close with my lost little princess, so a few messages forged in her hand and a little help from her thief daddy, we'll soon have two princesses in this place...and in return I'll have the thief's girl dragged back to Bren by her hair."

Arillia could hardly say anything she was so angry, she struggled against her guards as they dragged her away, "You'll never be king REGENT! You'll always be a cockroach and one day someone will step on you!"

"Rant all you like, the point is, you're living situations can easily be changed with no one to care, one more misstep and you might find yourself in the pit."

The doors slammed as she was taken from the room. Fredric looked down at his papers proof that everything wasn't going quite as well as he'd planned, a little hitch in his road to royalty if you will.
"Now for the boy...."

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