Saturday, June 14, 2014

Chapter 2

           (Drawn and Edited by Me) 

I admit I'd picked up the book by accident while looking for a finished but unpublished book by one of my favorite authors Linda Stratus...the manuscript was supposed to be on that shelf but in my hurry I'd picked up, "The Unofficial Official Story of Plee Ames" instead, an unfinished 
Fictional story by some author I'd never even heard of (after some extensive research I'd done much later on I'm not even certain she ever existed) at first I wasn't too upset I'd accidentally purchased the wrong book, the title had peaked my interest and despite it being only a manuscript  it had a very ornate cover...even the couple sentences before the first chapter were kinda cool if a little weird,

"My name is Plee Ames, but being that this book is unfinished that's liable to change by the time it is finished, so I wouldn't grow too attached to it nor would I put any stock in it. Because as far as I know the story has gone and finished itself by now and I already have a different name. Stories are unpredictable especially when they aren't bound within the pages of a book."

I didn't have long to ponder what on earth that meant though because before long I'd realized that only two pages were filled and the rest were...blank.
I felt cheated I'd spent a weeks savings on it and it wasn't  even 10 pages long, who would bother putting such a nice cover on something that was only 2 pages.

I hadn't even wanted to read what it did have at the time...figuring it would be a waste.
But at sometime late that night I'd suddenly had an urge to just...Look at it, Maybe it would be enough to spur me on  to actually write my own book...who knew, maybe those 2 pages had enough in them to fuel my imagination.

So I'd crept over to where it was lying, on the floor by the wastebasket (I hadn't been able to throw it in even if I had been that upset) and carefully opened it...opened more than I'd intended, opened something I wouldn't have even   dreamed were possible...I just sat mouth agape as the words each flew from the two pages as I silently read them, swirling all around me till they began to stick together and take shape... and If my very real screams hadn't pervaded the silence I believe I could have maybe just passed it off as a dream...but it wasn't a dream and if I was right Plee Ames had just slipped out of her book...

Summer Dalton what have you gotten yourself into! 

Note: if you're curious as to what Summer chapter 1


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