Friday, June 13, 2014

Chapter 1

Okay, so most people read books and wish if only for a moment that they could enter the adventure too, meet the main character and become an important part to the overall completion of the quest.
 But me...well no, I read books...I read lots of books sure, I like books too don't get me wrong, but...I mean I live in a book, I'm the main protagonist, and I am supposedly important to the completion of the plot, however that was sort of debateable since mine was an unfinished story....
How did I know I was in a book, you ask, well that's kind of hard to explain, let's just say I was born knowing...I was also born knowing what a normal life the real world was like...and I had a feeling there was a reason I'd always never seemed to belong in this incomplete book...I had a feeling maybe the reason it was unfinished was because my story wasn't confined to these pages...maybe the rest of my ending, was waiting for me. Waiting on the outside, and all it would take to get there would be to get somebody to find my story and read up to this point you 

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