Friday, May 16, 2014

Knock Knock :)

Guess who, yep it's me...who am I you ask? 
Well that's funny I was just going to ask you who you all were!
My name is Aninimouse and no I'm not Sarah's sister Ani (I mean really why does everybody think that?) I'm here because Sarah's not....not to say that she doesn't know I'm on here...she totally does!!!!
But seriously um...don't tell her, I mean she probably forgot and stuff and um....oops ah yeah,  she...totally knows.

Anyways I guess since I'm new and posting I should tell you a little more about myself  it's expected right, okay here goes...

I'm ** years old 
I have ***** hair 
My eyes are ***** 
I have a 3 friends named *****, ***, and ******
But I'll call them Libsy, VGal, and Blue here
I live in the northern part of  ****** ******* (it's always rainy too) 
I have a strong distaste for coffee, and all tea's....except chai...Mmmm chai "HEY LADY CAN I GET A CHAI OVER HERE......" Oops sorry I loose it when I think about chai :P

Sorry about all the (*) I'm actually not allowed to tell you that stuff haha um...funny right.
Why can't I? Well it's...,kind of....complicated, I guess you'll understand a little later you can blame the....*******....

333C+\ error, attempt to correct? [Yes] [No]/+C333 

 2234B-error, couldn't correct, attempt diagnostics? [Yes] [No] 

44Df56• diagnostics restricted under order of code 3367B4 bypass code needed to overide

Bypass code: *****
User: Aninimouse53

Incorrect, user Aninimouse53 is not authorized to divulge this information under code of 44B4A1
Would you like to continue trying? [Yes] [No] 

well that didn't work...technically even if I'd used HG's user name it still wouldn't have worked...Ack! I blame these "safe" they must have like a million restrictions....just for one day I'd like a normal computer....aaaaah that's HG now gotta go, 

Aninimouse Out!

       \      \  |  /      /
  ___  -  -  •  -  -  ___
       /     \  |  /      \

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