Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mr. John Doe

I knew too much, so therefore I had to be made to forget, in other words when I woke up covered in the still falling ashes of a broken and burned building I couldn't even remember my own name all I could remember was one thing...a little girls cry for help, and that still lingering voice tore at me though I didn't know who it belonged to, all I knew was that I needed to find that person, and I needed to find her fast!

Chapter 1
Waking Up

I picked myself up and began to brush the ash and soot away meanwhile every muscle in my body was screaming, if you've ever fallen through three floors of house, landing on your back, you can understand just how badly I felt.

I did a quick health check and found no broken bones, fractures, or even sprains....just bruises, lots and lots of bruises, some first degree burns brimming on second, and singed clothing and hair. How I wasn't in worse  shape I couldn't tell you, but for all my sort of good conditions I wasn't fine, losing my memory was almost worse than having broken bones, the not knowing was killing me! 
I had to find her but I had no idea who she was or even if she was alive I could only hope and it was a frail hope indeed.

I stumbled away from the wreckage, holding my hand over the worst of the burns until some nearby stroller noticed me, "Hey kid, are you alright? You look a little banged up there." 
I gave him a wry look which he didn't understand until smokey smells finally reached his nostrils and the burnt building his eyes, his jaw dropped. "Were you in that? Goodness! I've got to get you to the hospital, has the fire department been here yet, how did they miss you?"

"Don't know." I wheezed, "I was right in the middle." 

"Take my arm boy, anything broken, what happened here?"

"No nothing broken....checked, but....can't remember anything."  

"I see?" Suddenly he narrowed his eyes, "I don't suppose you know your name, your age? You couldn't be more than 16.... or 17."

"17, I think but I...don't know my name." 

"Hmm." He continued to eye me suspiciously but then the look was gone and so suddenly I almost doubted it had even been there in the first place, "Listen to me, questioning you as if you'd started the fire and making you talk while your voice is barely a raspy whisper, come with me my car is just around the corner we really should get those burns seen to and maybe we can find out who you are as well.

"Wait...I don't even...know your name."

"Oh, of course, my name is Dooly, James. R. Dooly and now please be quiet, We don't want to loose your voice entirely."

I know I shouldn't have trusted him, a stranger, but there was something about him that just told me I could trust him and something else that told me that fire had been no accident, something that made my skin crawl that made me feel like maybe I wasn’t really out of the fire yet…like I still needed to be cautious and….”WATCH OUT!” I ducked and none to soon for just as I did a huge crowbar surged overhead just barely hitting the very top of my head but it was enough to knock me off my feet, I landed on the ground with a thud my head whirling to catch sight of the one who had thrown it, but he was gone and I was now more certain than ever that I was in over my head already…

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