Saturday, May 17, 2014

A "P.S." From Aninimouse and an explanation from Sarah ;)

Hellooooo I forgot sonething, and it's like somthing really BIG too!
I'm sort of in this witness protection thing but it's not actually witness protection it's called something else (also something this "SAFE" (Secure Armed Firewall Electronic) (basically a souped up super computer with a bazillion cool things in it but a million bazillion restrictions) won't let me explain) so I'm not actually allowed to be doing this hehe...this place is crazy I've been here only a week but already things have gotten weird...AWESOME weird.

 Actually I met Libsy,VGal, and Blue here, yep we're all in the same boat...sooo I'm not altogether sure why we're here but we are....and I can't wait to go from M•T•I•I•T(Minor TRECK Initiate in Training) to M•T•I•I•A (Minor TRECK Initiate in Action)  even though they do say that if I ever went M•T•I•I•A I'd soon be M•I•A (Missing in Action) phfft like I'd ever slip up! Anyways, sooo hyped...oh, yeah and I found an access code that let me say TRECK, that's the name of this Organization it's a lame name yeah, but they're cool people...well some of them anyways, HG's kind of a pushover annnnnnn....ack hems back again gotta go.

Aninimouse Out!

       \      \  |  /      /
  ___  -  -  •  -  -  ___
       /     \  |  /      \

Hey guys :)
This is Sarah, just letting you know that yeah all this is made up for fun by me :)
 it was kind of a spur of the moment thing...Aninimouse is a cute name for Anonomous which I thought would be a fun name for my character.

This was actually supposed to be just a one post thing but I enjoyed playing Aninimouse and if you guys liked her too let me know I might continue her story.
 Oh, and one more thing, can you guys come up with some nicknamed for Aninimouse I can't use Ani cause that would be confusing I guess I could call her 53 but that's just part of her fake username and I thought you guys could come up with some better stuff.

Let's Talk :)

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