Tuesday, February 18, 2014


So here I am not really here...well actually I am here I just mean this isn't going to be long for 3 reasons 1. It's late 2. I'm typeing this on my iPod 3. I've got lots to say :)

⚪ Sooo here's just a few tid bits until I can find time to post the rest ⚪
Alright so those of you who follow my art blog'll know I went skiing on valentines day last Friday...well IT WAS AWESOME!!!
No one broke, tore, or sprained anything though several were quite sore especially the ones who picked snowboarding over skiing (we went with our church) I never fell going down a hill only when I was walking... I would definately go skiing again ❤

Other than that well my birthday is this Sunday (can you guess how old i'll be) and I've got the results of the BEST OF 2013 post so here we go plus I think i'll be finally hosting that art contest veeeery soon.

That's it for now I think. Thanks for being awesome loyal readers I appreciate you guys a lot :)


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