Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sometimes Titles are best left to the Imagination

In other words I couldn't think of anything because even I don't know what I'm posting today..probably poems...maybe something more...I don't know we'll see what comes I GUESS :) 

Here's what I've been doing lately singing...writing...drawing...same as always huh, except I never did tell you guys that I sing  :) yeah I like singing and I like making up songs...but in my opinion I'm just okay hmmm sometimes I wonder...everything these days sounds like I'm bragging ugh I'm not trying too.

Anyways today is the first day of February YAY I love this month :) and it means next month Frozen comes out on DVD I'm sooooo excited!!! Aaaaaand on another random subject me and my sisters are going skiing for the first time ever in our lives soon., we're excited but also nervous so if any of you girls who have been skiing before and have tips please share them, we've already heard a few things but we could always use some more, I'd also like your prayers for it too...Anna's (Storyteller) skiing accident has kind of made me a little on edge about it especially since I've never broken or severely sprained or torn anything in my whole life sooooo...yes prayers for safety would be much appreciated :) 

I've also been memorizing Psalms 45 and really enjoying it :D 

I apologize for the sloppiness of today's post I'm not quite collected today :\ 
Thanks for reading 

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