Monday, February 3, 2014

Best of 2013

So my sweet sister Liz decided to help me out and color a few of my drawings for me :) she did an awesome job :D While coloring she got the idea to have a sort of contest thing...she said I should put all my art from 2013 up on here and have you guys vote for your favorites (I'm just putting up the colored ones though) 
all in all there are 14 to choose from I'll explain more of how this is going to work after I show the pieces

*all the ones that say, "Sarah and Liz" are drawn by me and colored by her..oh, yeah there wasn't room to sign the first two sooo yeah those are drawn by me and colored by her too*
 (the ones that just say Sarah are completely done by me)

 colored by Liz

Alight so, here's how the voting works in comments rate each picture in  order of favorite to least favorite example: 

1. Pernisia 
2. Lady Elf 
3. Flowerband
4. Sierra
5. Boating (it's the second drawing)
6. Brookeside nap (first drawing)
7. Brittney
8. Hope

rate all 14 (because this is the only way I can get a somewhat accurate conclusion) 
If this is going to work I'm going to need more than one voter (commentator) please do vote, I'd be really grateful :D

I'll try to have a working button on here later if you want to help me get some more voters :) and we'll see what's the best of 2013! Thanks in advance 

Sarah Signing off


  1. Love the second and seventh. :) Lady Elf and Brittney, I think? Gorgeous work, both of you!
    Tane ♥

  2. I think you mean "Boating and Sierra"
    That examle list I made was an idea for how you could vote.

    Thanks for voting ❤

  3. My fave is Flowerband, boating, and Moon Princess. Good job Sarah and Liz! :D

  4. Oh I can't do this... they're all SO GOOD!

    1. :) you're too nice
      How about top 3 or 5 from greatest to least

    2. I like Sierra and Midnight Dance.

    3. Ooooooh, interesting results here I think I may have found our winner :)

  5. Awesome post! I think my favorites are... the first, second and seventh! You did a great job! :)
    Grace xxx ♥ :)

    1. Thanks Grace :) ❤ :)
      (Love your name)