Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!!!

Well it's here the year I've been waiting for :) 
Why,  you may ask....I don't know I guess it just feels special somehow maybe it's because it's one year I couldn't imagine coming because all the other years seemed to fall naturally but this one felt...distant or some such...I don't know, thoughtful people can sometimes be stumped by their own thoughts, hahaha.

Anyways to commemorate this new year I'm going to be posting my favorite things that happened last year and some things to prepare for the next new years...cute idea's and such. 
Let's begin.

1. Getting Closer to my Savior
This was a big year for my faith...I was going through some dry times but God helped me through them...He feels so close now....and I've never quite felt like this before :) I'm thankful for this most out of everything that happened.

2. Top Movie of the Year 
Totally was surprised I was actually right about this one...the first few early early trailers didn't look too promising but I've wanted to see it so badly since I first found out about...and it really was as good as I hoped it would be :D It's one of my favorites right next to How To Train Your Dragon... it helps that Elsa and Anna remind me of my sisters Liz and Ani haha :D 

3. New Family
How could I not put my niece on here...she's a darling! and I loved spending New Years eve with her and her parents

4. New Friends
I was able to make some new friends this year both in the blogger world and in the real world too. And I got to become closer to some friends I already have :) 

5. More Sister Sister Fun!!!
I love hanging out with my sisters and there was a lot of that in 2013! 

6. Getting done with 70% of the house stuff
That's right House work isn't fun but it sure feels rewarding when it is done...we still have a little more to do but we completed the bulk of it last year (yeah that's right almost the entire year we were working on the house....when you don't fix more than one a year in a house that's oldish you find you have a lot on your plate when you decide to take on all of it! I feel like we moved or something the house is so different.

Things I want to happen next year

1. Continue to get to know my Savior
 and to have a deeper love and understanding. To have a burning to desire to know more.

2. To be less Self oriented
Sometimes I think more about myself and pleasure than anything else...when that happens I hate it, so I hope that the Lord will help me with that this year :) 

3. To Fill up two or more notebooks with drawings
I only finished one last year.

4. To find at least 5 or more awesome books
Because what reader doesn't like to discover new awesome reads!

5. To pick up with my regular writing and blogging schedule 
Because it's dropped considerably 

And that's all I can think of for now....

So here's some idea's to prepare for next year....I only have two for you :\

1. Favorite Word
Every new awesome word you hear you write down, then look up the meaning for that word and write that that for every one and by the end of the year decide which is your favorite....

2. Memory Jar
Find a cute jar and decorate it however you like (I like Mason Jars) 
and then every time a new happy memory happens, write it down on a slip of paper and slip it into that jar...on new years eve you can read all those memories and reminisce :)

How was your new year...what was your number 1 top movie of the year...let me know in comments I'd love to hear from you :) 


  1. Great post! The memory jar idea is a good one =D I should start doing that!

  2. Fun idea to pick a favorite word. :) I like writing down words I like and dictionaries are just so nice!

    Have a wonderful new year!