Thursday, December 4, 2014


No snow yet, we had some in November but then it I'm ready for some more, I'm in a festive mood you see, that needs to be fueled :j 
I'm craving hot chocolate and cider, cookies and pumpkin soup, and I'm looking forward to snow. 

There is a Christmas party tomorrow and me and Anni are kidsitting for some people who are going, which is great because I love kids :) 

We got a tree today which we'll get to put up soon yay! 

I got to see Big Hero 6 with my sister's it was pretty good, Anni loved it!

I got asked to illustrate a book! 
True it was Anni who asked me and it's a book that only my niece will have, but I'm pretty excited about it just the same, I've always wanted to illustrate a book!

I got to see my first ever Ballet in November, it was The Nutcracker, performed by the Moscow Russian Ballet, it was beautiful and I loved it.

I've filled my iPod with lots of Christmas music which I'm really enjoying one of which it this album ->
Probably one of my favorite Christmas albums ever :) 

Anyways that's all I have for now, until next time.
Au Revoir 

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