Saturday, November 6, 2010


This is to make up for
last weeks episode of.......
The Adventures of Creamy Grey and Midnight.
By the way I Drew this picture.

Tiger:Well it's time to go
lets head down the path like so.

Midnight and Creamy Grey together:Oh No Dog's
Run jump over the log's

let's run before one strikes                                                            

Those 3 Guys:Come back here!
we need to keep our end of the deal still!

Tiger:What did they say?

Midnight:you mean a loud thumping 
all I can hear is my heart pumping.

Meg:Hark let's bark

Hank:Why are you rhyming
ya know this is bad timing

Meg:Your doing it to
what shall we do!

Oh no look at the party Creamy Grey and Midnight have
now and 2 dog's wow I hope they get out of this one safely
there's one way of finding out join us next Monday as they refind there way
to the evil sea and will Those 3 Guys  find them?              

Goodbye for now                    
Poem Girl.

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