Monday, October 4, 2010

Laphter for the Mind 3

I couldn't refuse too do it
just one more time today
so here it is.................

Creamy Grey: Hello Hello
It's poem time
With Those Three Guys 
It's time to rhyme.

Midnight: To Tiger we go we must make haste
We really have no time to waste 
Poems here and poems there
Even poems in your hair.

Creamy Grey: Tiger Tiger were on a mission 
Will you join our expedition
Were stuck with poems we don't why
I really hope that you aren't shy.

Midnight: Mission 1 is  really easy
It's mission two that makes us queasy
Find Those Three Guys that's mission 1
Get The map and RUN RUN RUN!

Tiger: What's mission 2
What's wrong with you
Your making me contagious too.

Creamy Grey: Oh no we did it
We admit it
Just for now you'll have to live with it.

Midnight: Mission 2 we find the cave
Open book  and then were saved
But before we do that we
Have to swim the evil sea.

Tiger: Okay guess I'm in
So just were do we begin
Rivers start or rivers end
These poems I'd be glad to send.

Where do they start?Will
they find who there looking for?
Will they be stuck talking poems
the rest of there lives?Join me and
those crazy cats each week to find out.

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.


  1. pretty funny cats not withstanding.

  2. Those Three Guys are very excited to think of a kitty visit. They'll be contacting you soon.