Monday, October 4, 2010

Laphter for the Mind 2

HeHeHe Today we have more hahaha's
and more pet talk and more reason's why
you should read " Those Three Guys "
So here you are................................

Midnight: Guess who's opening todays
post your favorite little kitten Midnight!!!

Creamy Grey: Oh no your not you did it last

Midnight: I must refuse to believe you besides
I already did.

Creamy Grey: Well then I get to do it the next 2 times
and I also get to add the Those Three Guys to my sentence

Midnight: not fair not fair as if it isn't bad enough 
that you get the next two times you get to  do it
pick 2 not 3

Creamy Grey: Have it your way I'll introduce the next
time and I get to mention  Those Three Guys .

Midnight: Fine I'm gonna go see Tiger

Creamy Grey: Hey I'll join ya

Midnight: to Tiger to Tiger were off to go see Tiger!

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.

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