Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mathew Henry Study Bible

There is one thing I thought
I should really post today I think
The (Mathew Henry study Bible) is
a great one it comes in King James Version.
It's just started being printed in leather back recenly
there are seven Hardcovers and 3 leather backs so if your
interested here are the prices  for the leather back it's $50.36
for the hardcover it's $28.76.If you want one click on this link and
give them a peek (Mathew Henry Study

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl.


  1. Impressive your first link to another url. Interestingly the Hardcover has dropped a $1 from when you bought yours but the black flexisoft leather has gone up $3.

  2. I hope you find it a true treasure as did your brother and sister before you. I had almost given up on the idea that you and your sisters would one day own your own copy of the Matthew Henry study Bible as only a few days ago the only ones to be found were well used and over $400.

    So praise the Lord and may our deal old Friend Matthew Henry prove a good and worthy teacher to you, knowing that it is God who as given some to be teachers to the few who are saved.