Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tulips and Dew Drops

Have you ever woke up early
one morning to admire the sunrise
and then find that the ground is wet
it didn't rain the night before
so you must assume it's dew.If you
look closely it does look similar to
rain drops.In order to see dew drops
the grass and plants have to  freeze
the night before.It's so lovely it's hard
not to admire it it's there as lovely as life I just feel compelled to write a
poem about it.Poem Tip:when writing a poem picking a topic like roses
or something beautiful such as rainbows and sunsets can be very helpful
when trying to make a poem beautiful.

Tulips and Dew Drops 
Tulips bulbs in the night
Dew drops in the day
Oh the sparkle of thy light
In the warmth of May. 

I waken to a lovely sight
What has transformed in the night
Dew drops hold there lovely plight
Hold your breath  at the very sight.

Tulips unfold to our delight
 Bringing grace since I started to write
It's quiet I say so polite
What could make such a beautiful sight.
                                         - Poem Girl

Goodbye for now
Poem Girl

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