Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Poem Suggestion

If someone were to ask me what
job is my dream job I would have
to reply writing poetry.I would
describe it as a piece of art that just seems
to flow out of you mouth as if it is something
that you have always known and had
memorized it one hundred times through
it's simply lovely.You can make a poem out
of anything if you had seen a humming bird
you could make a poem out of that if you had seen Blue Bells or Sunflowers
you could make a poem of that perhaps it was just a small child sitting on a bench
that you saw out of the corner of you eye in my opinion that would make a splendid
poem indeed.If I were to go outside right now and write a poem about the first thing
I saw it would still be beautiful.Go for it if your just reading this blog and have nothing
better to do walk outside or open your window and write a poem about the first thing
you see it's as easy as 1.2.3 so get started as someone once said"The Sky's The Limit".

Goodbye for Now
Poem Girl.

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