Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Story to Create

Writing Poetry is fun a good way to use it
it to write songs and stories anyone can write
a story whether it's a short one or a long one
so as you read this story I have written go ahead
and think about creating your own fun and creative
story.Oh yeah your story can be any kind of story
you wish it.It could be anything from a novel to a
comedy so have fun using you imagination!!

                              THE DAY EVERYONE ATE  
so anybody hungry said Daniel I'm not everyone said OK said Daniel so he
went out in to the garden and picked nothing but onions and garlic and then
 showed them what he had picked now is everyone hungry he said no were
not said everyone but little Cindy Park so Daniel and Cindy went out to the forest
to go hunting deer and wolves when they had caught 12 they noticed bushes &
trees filled with berries blue berries mulberries raspberries and cherries so they
picked until their baskets were overflowing with berries and headed back to the
house while Daniel skinned the wolf and the deer Cindy was putting the berries
into the berry Jars when they had finished they took the  Berry Jars meat skins garlic & onions to everyone and said now are you hungry no everyone said
again.Not noticing the berries all they saw was the raw meat and skins so Daniel
& Cindy went to the town with 30$ dollars to spend on the desert ingredients so
they went to lots and lots of food booths when they had finished they saw two
signs the 1st  said (lemons for Sale only 50 cents) the second said
(flower and sugar both for 25 cents) so they split up Cindy went to the flour &
sugar store and Daniel went to the lemon store so when they bought the
lemons and the flour & sugar  they met up at the corner of the market and
headed home on the way home Cindy pointed out some wild Tiger Lilies
that were growing  there they stopped to pick 3 and when they reached
home they placed the flowers in a vase and then went back to work they
put the flour and the sugar the onions and the garlic and the Jars of berries
and skins and raw meat and all the desert ingredients in 2 boxes and carried
them out to everyone and showed them what they had and asked if they were
now hungry and as before they said  No were not hungry again not
noticing the berries and only the things that aren't very good alone so they
went to the kitchen and prepared a mouth watering Mixed Berry Cake with mulberries blueberries raspberries & cherries on top it looked like the most
scrumptious delicious thing you ever saw even the fullest person could make
room for this treat and then they made some jerky and cooked the meat till it was
nice and juicy & took the garlic and the onions and the meat and threw it all into a big pot filled with boiling water after that Cindy made some lemonade and put it in a big pitcher and poured some into 11 cups after she finished that   they took the furs and put them in the closet so that  tomorrow Cindy cold make herself a fur coat out of the deer fur and make Daniel a fur coat out of the wolfs fur after that
Cindy placed the vase of Tiger Lillie's in the middle of the table after that
Cindy & Daniel were just about set the table when Cindy noticed a bowl of honey and some bread on the counter so  she picked them up and placed them next to the vase with the Tiger Lillie's after that Daniel and Cindy set the table and went
to the family and then the Family said were is the all the raw meat and things you had earlier well get up from that couch and turn your eyes from that TV and fallow
me so you can find out when Cindy and Daniel had brought them into the dining
room and they saw all the Delicious food they had made and asked did both of
you do all of this and they simply replied are you hungry now and they all said
                                                                   The End 

Goodbye for now 
Poem Girl.


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